Today, every sphere of life has taken a new shape, or as the lingo goes, a ‘new normal’. Life has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, with severe disruptions on our routines, lifestyles, and relationships. Parents have transformed their homes into virtual workplaces, while children have had to  resort to the realities and thrills of  e-learning. We've all been forced to take charge of our lives now more than ever as lockdown measures and social distancing protocols have constituted huge barriers to our routine access and lifestyle.

But in the midst of these, we have some good news. According to a study, 55% of parents attested to the fact that the lockdown brought them closer to their children, and relationships generally have witnessed significant improvements. Realizing how fast society is evolving and considering the exigencies of the new normal, there is a need for peoples and families to adjust to the new roles and routines necessitated by the pandemic. In short, here lies an opportunity for you to switch up your experience, and what's our advice? Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language has proven to be helpful and serves a great option for families looking for a mental escape from the realities of the pandemic. It is a perfect hobby for both parents and children, and helps to  keep the family connected. Imagine how fun and goofy it would be to converse with your family and friends in the language you are learning! 

According to a British Council survey, 64% of United Kingdom (UK) adults wished they had  neglected the language they were studying while in school. This is probably what led 10% of them to study a foreign language during the first lockdown. There was a spike in the number of people wanting to learn a foreign language during the lockdown. A language learning app saw a 300% increase in the number of its users since the start of the lockdown. This translates to 30 million people learning languages such as French, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, Korean on the app.

Learning a foreign language is a part of the new normal. It is no longer about whether you

acquire a second language or not. It is about what language you should adopt as your second language. According to ilanguages, 43% of the world’s population are bilingual. The implication is as simple as it sounds - you are in the minority if you only speak one language. But you don't have to be, do you? 

Let's talk about the benefits of learning a second language. 

Benefits of learning a Second Language

Bilingualism has a positive effect on your brain as it builds your cognitive skills, multitasking skills, problem-solving skills and makes you more focused. According to a report by the British Academy on the cognitive benefits of language learning, learning a new language helps to stimulate the brain and enhances one’s creative ability. 

Here are some benefits of learning a second language:

Good for your Health

It is medically advisable to learn a second language. Yes, you read right. Bilingualism prolongs the likelihood of having dementia. According to a research carried out by a psycholinguist, bilinguals showed signs of dementia four to five years after monolinguals had shown symptoms of the disease.

Helps advance your Career

A second language has also proven useful in the professional setting. Indeed’s job postings in the United Kingdom showed that some sectors demanded people with foreign language skills. Generally, it gives you an advantage in the labor market as employers are looking for applicants who stand out. A second language makes you stand out!

Employers are also aware that knowing a second language comes with added skills; Bilinguals are known to be problem solvers and more creative, and therefore explains why demand for bilinguals is rising.

An opportunity to explore the World

Learning a second language is an opportunity to explore the world. You get acquainted with the culture, literature, art, history, religion, and cuisine of the native speakers. It also gives you a super cool travel experience in that country. You get to relate with locals and places in a way that a monolingual won’t be able to.

TUTOROO to the rescue! 

Language learners make use of language apps as a starting point to achieve their goals. However, the learning experience on apps doesn't come close to having your own private tutor.  This is why learning from an in-person language tutor should be at the top of your considerations. 

TUTOROO is a platform that offers in-person tutorials. With us, you can hire a private language tutor near you and learn any language of your choice, at your own pace and at your own convenience. The advantages of hiring a private tutor are numerous, and TUTOROO is committed to help you find the perfect language tutor. See what one of our students, Leila Zhing, is saying:

At TUTOROO, we understand that self-learning can be overwhelming at times. It may be difficult to understand a particular grammar or even know how a particular word is pronounced. Every language has its learning style, and with a private tutor from TUTOROO, you get to enjoy well-structured lessons that will help you make progress in your language journey. Our tutors are experts in their trade, so you can rest assured that you'd learn good pronunciation habits, accurate grammar and rich vocabulary. See what another student, Andrew Güney, is saying:

The pandemic has introduced a new, interesting dimension into our lives, so why not take charge and switch things up with a private language tutor near you

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