It doesn’t take just intellect to become a good tutor or teacher. You can be really knowledgeable about something yet still be unable to share the information or teach it in a way others would understand the way you do.

Teaching English isn’t just about getting your students to memorize the words or sentences. A good tutor makes sure that the student understands just how the language works and not just translate the vocabulary.

Here are some of the things that makes a good English tutor:

1. Able to evaluate the needs of the student

A good tutor will start off by knowing how much the student already knows. Can the student already speak basic English or not at all? The tutor would then know how to start teaching from there. Not only should a good tutor gauge how much a student knows, s/he should also be able to find out how a student learns. People have unique learning styles. A good tutor should be observant and find out the best way his/her student learns as the sessions progress and incorporate this in their sessions.

2. Should be encouraging and inspiring

A good tutor encourages the student and inspires him/her to continue learning. Learning a language is tough, but a good tutor would know how to encourage the student when s/he feels like giving up. Also, many students can be anxious in the first few sessions especially when they feel they have a hard time keeping up with lessons. A good tutor should be able to assure a student that they can learn despite the initial hardships and help them gain confidence.

3. Tracks progress and gives honest feedback

Students will be more motivated if they know how much they’ve progressed since the first session. A good tutor knows how to keep track of a student’s progress and give feedback. Progress is important for students, no matter how small. And a tutor should properly give a feedback that would not only encourage the student to keep going, but also let him/her know areas that needs to be improved on.

Do you practice all of the above as a tutor? What else do you think are the best practices for English tutors? Share them in comments for other tutors to know!

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