Watching anime movies can speed up how fast you learn a new language. So if you're taking our private Japanese lessons or just prospecting the idea, you definitely will love Japanese anime!

Whether you're a romance anime fan or love action, there's always an anime that ticks you off. If you're looking for ways to switch your Japanese lessons with a private tutor, we'll be sharing 5 anime movies that are super fun and effective!

So, let's jump right into it then - five anime movies to improve your Japanese!

1. SKET Dance –スケット・ダンス

Image credit: IMDb
Sket Dance is full of energy! This anime is centred on School Club: high school students that do all sorts of odd jobs for their peers. The consequences of the jobs they take on are hilarious, making this anime fun to watch.

The vocabulary used in Sket Dance is standard school level and can help your Japanese speaking skills, especially if you're taking Japanese lessons for beginners.

Another way to enjoy Sket Dance is to read the manga series on which the anime is based. Reading manga series can help hone your reading skills if you're taking private Japanese classes.

2. Death Note– デスノート

Image credit: Slash Film
If you love the thrill of watching a horror movie, you'll love Death Note. The anime focuses on teen genius Light Yagami, who comes across Death Note. Anyone whose name is on the pages of the Death Note will be eliminated. An absolutely amazing anime for people taking advanced Japanese classes!

Light envisions a utopia free of crime and evil and kills those coming in the way of his vision – the bad guys. After that, Light is hunted by an elite Japanese force to halt his mission. Death Note is full of many plot twists and turns that you'll love. However, the vocabulary is for advanced learners of Japanese.

So, if you have been taking Japanese lessons online for a while, you'll find the vocabulary easy to grasp. Preferably, watch Death Note with subtitles so you can pick up new kanji.

3. Your Name– 君の名は。

Image credit: Film Affinity
Your Name is undoubtedly one of the most loved and watched Japanese anime series after the 2000s. For advanced learners of Japanese, this series is easy to understand. The anime, which Makoto Shinkai created, illustrates how teenagers in Japan live their daily lives. You'd definitely want to take Japanese lessons after watching this anime.

In this fantasy anime, you can hear the characters use everyday Japanese words making it an ideal way to learn Japanese. Although the vocabulary and speed in the anime aren't accessible to beginners, if you keep watching the series, you can attain proficiency in no time. Therefore, you can watch this anime alongside your Japanese online lessons for better understanding.

4. Shirokuma Cafe–しろくまカフェ

Image credit: Lawless Star
Popularly known as Polar Bear Cafe, this anime is great if you just started private Japanese classes. Shirokuma Cafe, a comedy anime, was initially produced as a manga, having 50 episodes.

The anime focuses on different topics and conversations between a Panda, Penguin, and Polar Bear. If you want to learn practical Japanese, watch Shirokuma Cafe. You can ask your private Japanese tutor if this anime is ideal for your proficiency level.

5. Lovely Muuuuuuuco!-- 「いとしのムーコ」(いとしの むーこ –

Image credit: Animanga
Lovely Muco is a comedy anime about a Shiba Inu that adores her owner. Muco's owner, Komatsu, is a glassblower struggling to make ends meet. Komatsu struggles to keep Muco from stretching his towels as he juggles work and other things. As the anime progresses, Komatsu meets some of his old friends that Muco hates. This comedy anime will definitely boost your zeal to learn Japanese.

You can find varieties in how each character speaks, which will help you understand the Japanese language better. You'll notice both polite and casual Japanese speech.

Also, the sentences in Lovely Muco are structured in a simple manner to aid easy understanding hence it's often recommended by private Japanese tutors. Looking for a fun anime to add to your list of resources while taking private Japanese classes online? You'll enjoy Lovely Muco.

Anime movies are not just fun but educational; they stir the zeal to learn a new language. Japanese animes like the ones discussed above, not only improve your listening skills but also help you learn new kanji.

Moreover, since most anime movies are manga adaptations, you can pick up your favourite anime manga in Japanese to read. Doing so will help boost your Japanese proficiency if you're taking Japanese lessons on Tutoroo.