In a world where the Queen's language serves as a primary conduit for transactions in professional and personal situations, it makes sense to achieve fluency in the language. 

If you find yourself at a loss for words or tongue-tied in interviews or on that special date on Bumble, we can help you on the path of learning impeccable English in a step-by-step manner. 

Finding yourself the perfect English tutor, enrolling yourself in an English class, or regularly conversing with a native English language speaker are some pointers off the bucket list that can help you in your quest of speaking flawlessly replete with the accents, pronunciation, and word usage.

Let's get cracking on five fun and easy ways to learn English like a pro.

Get The Feel Of The Language By Conversing In English

In a parallel universe where the language was taught in Hogwarts, you could probably just wave a wand, say some gobbledegook words, and voila, speaking fluent English would come as easily to you as changing colors to a chameleon!

In our world of quill and paper, you need to flex those cranial muscles to achieve excellence in any language you wish to learn. Let's look at some innovative ways to speak in English as much as possible:

Scour your socials and team up with a native English language speaker to get your basics right.

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Find yourself another person sailing in the same boat as you. You can also enroll in an English class to achieve common goals.

Attend “how to learn the English language” webinars. The internet is your best friend in this quest.

Watch English series on Netflix or YouTube.

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Capitalize On Resources For Your Current Level Of English Proficiency

Once you are on the road to achieving proficiency in the English language, it can be tempting to skip certain milestones. Refrain from indulging in such preemptive measures. Each step on the ladder to ultimate fluency in any language of your choice, not just the English language, holds significance. 

The first step to speaking fluent English is to decipher your current level of proficiency. Skipping to resources crafted for intermediate learners or those who have achieved native proficiency can get overwhelming for beginners and result in a weaker foundation. If you are at the beginner level, choose resources concurrently. Proceed systematically, and the world is yours to conquer.

So take your time, and enjoy the process of learning the language. The ultimate result will be worth the efforts invested.

Learn The Pronunciation And Usage of New Words

Some people limit themselves to learning new words and their meanings. This is not a holistic approach to learning a foreign language. If you ever get the chance to read Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, you will see the relevance of what the author has to say.

Begin with ideating the concept behind the new word, its etymology, pronunciation, and usage in a sentence. Skipping any part of this will result in half-baked knowledge, which won't serve your ultimate goal.

Nailing the perfect pronunciation of any word will help you converse freely with a native speaker sans any frustration or chances of misunderstanding. For example, learn the difference between pronouncing chores and chaos. Many people also tend to mispronounce the word epitome. The examples listed indicate the scope of improving your pronunciation and getting it right in the native speaker style.

Pepper Your Speech With Idioms And Phrases

At the cost of sounding didactic, I will design to emphasize the importance of peppering your speech with common and rarely used idioms and phrases. 

But remember not to put the apple cart before the horse; that is, know the meaning and the relevance of the idiom or phrase you intend to use in the given context.

Partner with your English teacher and pick up commonly used phrases like missing the wood for the trees, being under the weather, crossing my heart and hoping to die, etc.

Once you are done, remember to pat yourself on the back because, hey, you are getting on the ball! Achieving proficiency in this segment will help you effortlessly strike a casual and smooth banter with native English speakers.

Sing-Along To Some Classic English Songs

They say that enjoying music and falling in love are universal phenomena. Capitalize on your love for music and shake a leg to classic English melodies. Croon, along with Elvis Presley to "Wise men say, only fools rush in…" May we suggest that you serenade your partner on this melody?

Romantic insinuations apart, cultivating a love for the language you intend to learn will always help you better understand its quirks and nuances. And there is no better way than indulging in some fun-filled karaoke sessions with fellow English language learners.

So plugin that sound machine, scroll up your favorite English songs playlist, turn up the volume and get crooning. Even if you sing off-key, this will be an experience to remember.

TUTOROO Tutors Are Here To Help You To Be Proficient In The New Language

Often, in our quest to achieve proficiency in any foreign language, be it English, Spanish, German, or French, we tend to begin seeing it as a chore that must be accomplished. If you have read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, you will preemptively know what I will be referring to next. Yes, he facetiously and famously said, play is fun, work isn't.

So remember to have fun and enjoy the journey towards speaking fluent English. View it as play, and it wouldn't seem like a chore anymore.

My father imparted pearls of wisdom to me that I remember to date, the day you start thinking in English is the day you begin speaking fluently.

Have fun!