There is more to learning a new language than just mere recreation. For some who grew up in a multilingual home, they find it an ordinary thing. However, when you include the fact that you know more than one language in your resume, you end up being shortlisted almost instantly. So, why miss out on the chance to learn an easily available language near your area? Like learning Chinese by getting yourself a native Chinese or a native Mandarin speaker as your teacher. Same goes with easily and effectively learning Japanese from a native Japanese speaker in your area!

What exactly are the perks of learning a second language?

Major Job Boost

Many businesses now are conducting businesses online and thus serve an expansive global market. Most businesses would resort to improving business relations with the use of modern technology and with that being said, most companies who are hiring employees would look at a broader perspective. They would prefer applicants who would fit in a global scene and more than likely, as a bilingual applicant, you easily become one of the people shortlisted in amongst the pool of applicants.

Many companies hire people who are bilingual because of the following reasons:

  • One bilingual employee can expand the borders of a company to a global market and more bilingual employees mean expansion to the entire world.
  • It is easier for the company to localize a certain product, project or service with the help of a bilingual employee.
  • BIlingual employees are more effective multitaskers and communicators

Improved Working Ethics for Various Employer

Being bilingual means that you have two sets of language rules already engraved in your brain. That is why your manner of interpreting information is different from those who only grew up learning one language. With that being said, you end up having a brain wired to being open-minded and thus you can practically work with any employee or employer much easier compared to others.

Higher Salary Prospects

If you’re still in college and you’re already digging through the prospect of getting a high paying job right after graduation, you might want to take this chance to get an elective in learning a second language. Proficiency in a second language will land you high paying jobs even with barely any experience on your resume. Even if you lack the skills to be employed but your talents cannot be replaced by present skill sets that you can eventually learn on the job.

It’s surprising that bilinguals or multilinguals get a higher starting pay than an ordinary citizen. Surveys show that bilinguals earn more ranging from 5 to 20% higher hourly rate than the base rate. 

Larger Possibility of Working Abroad

Being bilingual (more so if you are multilingual), opens broader doors especially in sending you to overseas opportunities. You already have an upper-hand when it comes to promotions and other vast opportunities when it comes to work because you have a skill that not a lot can easily acquire due to a busy schedule.

Ease in Reaching for High Caliber Jobs

Haven’t you noticed that most high paid jobs like being a high-ranking employee in a company are either bilingual or a polyglot? Knowing how to communicate effectively in a foreign language helps the company build ties and expand towards a global market. With this being said, you become an asset that ties the bond of the company to other sources and even partners. So, even if you do not have any experience at work at all, your proficiency in speaking a second language can make up for the lack thereof.

A recent poll survey by Korn/Ferry International website as reported by AOL Finance shows that out of more than 12,000 executive guests, a third of company executives are bilingual. This does not include executive who know more than two languages which comprise an additional 31% of multilingual executives. This number is not exaggerated since it does show that in order to engage in international partnerships and business relations, effective communication should take place. And knowing a second language can break that barrier.

That’s exactly why you should grab the chance to hire a native private language tutor, moreso, a native experienced language teacher, to help boost your resume with a second language.