Technology has opened the world to so many possibilities! Imagine the ability to retrieve information stored halfway across the world, the ease of talking and video calling a loved-one even when they’re in another continent, and just how much faster it is now to receive a mail in contrast to the days when only snail mail was available.

Now, even tutoring is possible with a tutor teaching a student from the other side of the globe. But does this mean that the opportunities of in-person tutoring should be ignored? We don’t think so! Here are some of the reasons you should still consider in-person tutoring:

1. Build a better relationship

Meeting another person through a screen doesn’t really give much room for rapport. When a student and a teacher only meet online, it’s hard to build a friendlier relationship which can make the tutoring experience less exciting or interesting. And when a student doesn’t feel much connection with his/her tutor, it might make him/her uncomfortable to ask for question or feedback and might just go with the flow.

2. Allows better communication

Even in language tutoring, non-verbal communication is very important. Gestures like high-five, thumbs up, and pat on the back can be great motivators especially to insecure learners. These non-verbal communication gestures are difficult to achieve through a screen. A high-five in the air just really isn’t the same as the real thing, after all.

3. There are less distractions

Many people love the idea of online tutoring because of the convenience. Sure, it’s nice to just have the tutoring done inside the house, but there can be a lot of distraction inside one’s home. There’s the temptation to get sleepy or grab a snack without really being hungry, or to even daydream! When a screen comes between a teacher and a learner, these things are difficult to control. But with in-person tutoring, a teacher can get a student’s attention back more quickly.

Sure there are convenience of online tutoring, and it’s a great option for when there are no available tutors nearby. But it will be even better to still opt for in-person tutoring when there’s an opportunity.

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