Are you interested in teaching English online? You can work as an English teacher if you are a native English speaker. However, if you are not a native English speaker but speak English fluently enough, it may be difficult finding places to allow you to teach English online as a non-native speaker, but it is not impossible.

Teaching English online could be a highly lucrative and enjoyable way to earn a full-time income anywhere around the globe from the comfort of your own home, which would have been thought of as impossible just a few years ago. This is especially beneficial in these uncertain times when many people have lost their employment.

Teaching English online means that you will be teaching those interested in learning the language from scratch or those who want to improve their English grammar and vocabulary or practise their English in general. It is a fantastic method to pass on vital language skills to people during these trying times when people are seeking more online activities than before. 

Right now, going into the profession of an online English tutor as a freelancer is extremely easy as many freelance online private tutor platforms provide tutors with students - All from the comfort of their homes!

So, if you are planning to teach English online with no experience at all, here are 5 English teaching tips to help you kick start your journey!

Know The “Why” To Teaching English Online

It is critical to understand the "Why" before embarking on your journey to teach English online - Why do you want to teach English? Is it because you enjoy teaching? Or perhaps you would like to earn extra money? Maybe it's simply a desire to inspire people by teaching the language you grew up speaking or another reason.

After understanding the "Why", you can begin planning how to start teaching English to students and the tools you will require as a tutor. All you need is proper equipment, teaching materials, a lesson plan, and you're ready to start!

If you are afraid that your lack of experience may affect your teaching quality, we promise that you'll do just fine!

Be Confident In Your Abilities

If you grew up speaking English, then be confident that you are more than able to teach English online to others. Don't cave into 'impostor syndrome' - It is alright to teach English even if you do not have a proper teaching certificate. As a native English speaker, you already have a considerable advantage in the English teaching industry since many people prefer to learn from native speakers. This is because learning from a native speaker is the most effective approach to learning a new language. Therefore, if you are still wondering whether you can "teach English online with no prior teaching experience" is a resounding YES if you are a native speaker!

You Do Not Need Certification to Teach English Online

Teaching English online does not require you to have a Degree or Certificate. Firstly, there is absolutely no shame in not having a degree, and students often do not specifically search for teachers who have a certification. Learners often don't mind it as long as their tutor is honest about it from the get-go. They often have little expectation of finding a professional English teacher online who is well-certified and has prestigious qualifications. If that were what they wanted, they would have gone to a school. So, don't worry too much about it!

Be Authentic About Your Life As An English Speaker

Everyone enjoys hearing stories and firsthand experiences. Storytelling is also an excellent method of teaching English! Tell your students all about your personal experiences speaking English - the advantages it provided, your life experiences, how you learned English at an early age, and how you overcame the obstacles of the language. Then, strike up a conversation with them to ease them into conversing in English.

Inform them ahead of time about your strengths as an English speaker and how you can assist them in improving and learning English. Your English-speaking life is your résumé for this job.

Learn To Teach English Through Others’ Experiences

Are you still having doubts about becoming an English language tutor successfully? Then, the internet is at your service - Through searching the internet, you will be able to learn from the experiences of others. 

Watch videos and read blogs to learn how others teach English and prepare lesson materials. Then, practice by teaching a friend or yourself until you feel you've taught English online to students a million times. As you progress in your online English teaching career, remember to update your knowledge and abilities continually. In time to come, you will be a veteran sharing your teaching experiences with others who are uncertain about teaching English online with no experience.

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