You control your own time.

Ever gotten annoyed with bosses controlling your schedule? More people today are looking for flexible hours. By becoming a private English teacher, you control your own schedule. You get to decide when you work and how many hours a day you'll spend teaching English classes. There is no need to answer to anybody when you become a private English teacher. You don’t even have to look for students who want to learn English if you sign up with a company that matches students for you.

You get to teach your native tongue.

There are lots of people who want to learn English. Some for work, others for the added skill and self-confidence. Whatever their reason may be, you can easily teach people who are willing to learn your native tongue with little to no experience at all. As long as you’re confident enough to teach - you can do it. Students who want to learn English also learn faster through private sessions.

It’s a challenge, but it’s also fun!

If you enjoy activities that keep you on your toes, try teaching English classes! Having an English teaching job means you get to meet all different kinds of people. Each student is unique, and a plan for one student might not work for another. You will need to find ways to keep your students engaged as you journey through learning a new language together. 

Make a difference.

Providing English language lessons can have its ups and downs, but nothing beats the fulfillment of seeing your students becoming more proficient as you go through lessons together. When teaching English lessons, you can impart some of your knowledge to another person who is willing and excited to learn. 

Meet new people.

Becoming a language teacher offers you the opportunity to meet more people from all around the world. Oftentimes, you’ll meet students from different walks of life and being able to talk and teach them a language will give you a broader perspective on life. Giving private English lessons and becoming an English language tutor entails you conversing with your student in English, allowing them to practice both their comprehension and oral skills. You will hear other people’s stories and share your own, exchanging knowledge and building cultural bridges.

You can easily give private English lessons from the comfort of your own home, online, but also in-person, thanks to platforms like TUTOROO.

Companies like TUTOROO are always looking for candidates that can offer their services and provide English classes to students in need. What’s great is that they help you find tutoring jobs, especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, as well as provide you with the flexibility of coming up with your own schedule as an English tutor. 

Excited to teach and touch other people’s lives? Sign up with TUTOROO as a private English teacher, all within the comfort of your own home.