If you are an anime or manga lover, you probably want to learn the Japanese language so that you can watch those cartoons without having to look at those subtitles. But if you find the Japanese language too difficult to tackle and animes just aren’t enough motivation for you to try learning it, here are some other reasons you should consider learning this Asian language.

1. It will be easier to communicate when you travel there

There is so much to see in Japan! Aside from Disneyland and Universal Studios, Japan has a lot to offer tourists in terms of culture and technology. Visit their temples, walk their famous Shibuya crossing, and take their state of the art trains.

So what does all these have to do with learning Japanese? Well, it would be much easier for you to get around the country if you know how to communicate with the locals. They will even appreciate your effort for it. You don’t have to be fluent, a simple conversational knowledge would be enough to help you make some small talk with the locals.

2. It can help advance your career

As globalization becomes an increasing trend in today’s world, being equipped with a second language is becoming a huge advantage. Your career options will widen and you won’t have to look for opportunities only in your home country. We know how the economy in Japan is and how many businesses consider taking their businesses or back office there, so you can’t go wrong with learning the language and looking for opportunities there. Plus, a lot of big companies have already put up satellite offices in Japan. You’d have more chances of bagging a position there if you already know how to speak Japanese.

Oh, and if you think you’d be better off learning French or Spanish to be more globally competitive, you may want to give that a second thought. Since the Japanese language is less frequently used or studied compared to the other two, chances are you’d have less competition in getting Japan-based positions.

3. You'll learn more about their culture

Learning the language opens you up for more opportunities to learn more about a country’s culture. It can be a gateway to learning the differences between their regions, their history, and the customs.

4. It will inspire you to learn other Asian languages

A lot of people who learned the Japanese language was inspired and moved on to learning Chinese, Thai, Korean, or other Asian languages. The more languages you learn, the more your brain gets that mental workout it needs to avoid memory-related illnesses. Plus, that also means more credentials on your resume which adds to your market value.

Plus, you’ll learn to be more language sensitive. Think all East Asian languages sound alike? Well, you’ll learn exactly how wrong you were.

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