Most people want or need to "learn a new language" and that appears on most bucket lists, even in 2019!

While some want to learn a foreign language for new or better job prospectives, others simply are driven by their passion for linguistics.

Various online language teaching platforms now exist and one has plenty of options to learn a new language as there are new apps and websites coming up every year.

While many language learning apps and free YouTube tutorials are available to anyone, opting for private offline lessons might still be one of the best ways to learn a foreign language such as English, Malay, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, or even Korean!

Why Private Lessons are Better than Language Learning Apps and Free Tutorials

Before we proceed any further, we're totally not saying that language apps or YouTube tutorials are inefficient when it comes to learning new languages. It’s just that other intricacies can help make the experience of learning English, for example, more effective.

You may know a lot of people who downloaded several popular language apps and were even making progress until they weren’t.

Language apps don’t have that human touch that makes us more involved while learning new skills. They won’t succeed in motivating us as much as a real private tutor would!