Are you a language tutor looking to improve the quality of your online English classesItalian lessonsJapanese classes, or any language lessons at all? This article highlights the most resourceful apps designed to help you become a better teacher!

Usually, conventional teaching methods can be monotonous and as a teacher, you have a duty to be effective, relatable, and fun. Particularly for culturally stimulating Spanish lessons and the extraordinary Mandarin classes, you sure need a diverse set of tools to help you deliver.

So, what are these tools? Let's get to it!

1.  Study Flash
With Study Flash, you get to create flashcards and use them in your German classes, for instance, to improve students' understanding of new topics and specific aspects of the language. The cards work like conventional study cards. They have two sides: one with the word for study and the other with an explanation for that word.

For example, if you're teaching tenses at beginner French classes, you can create cards for each tense with an explanation and examples of the tense on the back. This will help familiarize your student with the various verb tenses. This feature is perfect for teaching grammar rules and vocabulary building.

2. Class Dojo
For effective class communication and management, choose Class Dojo. The app helps you maintain contact with your students outside the regular class periods. You can also monitor how well they do on your course through the app's features.

Imagine having online Russian lessons where your student can ask questions and leave comments about the subject, helping you personalise your style of teaching. Class Dojo makes this a reality!

With the private messaging feature, you could seamlessly interact with your students. There are also reward points for performing tasks accurately and you can bet that's a great way to keep your students interested.

The app is free and works on Android and iOS devices.

3. Memrise
Memrise is a great teaching aid, especially for West Germanic language teachers. So whether you're a Norwegian, German, Dutch, or English tutor,  you'll find this tool especially effective for teaching vocabulary and idioms.

The main feature is the card deck you can create for your topics. You can put new words and idiomatic expressions with their meanings on such cards. The cards will help your students memorize them effectively. Memrise is a free app you can use on both Android and iOS devices.

Whether you are already an experienced Swahili, Italian or French tutor or just venturing into the field, you will find most of these apps helpful in getting prospective students and stimulating an engaging environment.

4. Chegg Prep
Sometimes, flashcards can get super boring and uninspiring, and as a language teacher, you’ll have to explore better tools to switch things up. Chegg offers that advantage as it allows students to memorize phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts while helping them cultivate language tools.

For example, if you’re teaching Spanish classes or German lessons from a textbook, you get to upload phrases, vocabulary, and grammatical concepts to the app. Students who have classworks can then create and use the in-app flashcards based on the notes uploaded to the app.

For pronunciation-intensive tasks from Mandarin lessons and Japanese classes, teachers get to apprise the students’ pronunciation of every word in the app as it has audio capabilities.

5. Evernote
Evernote is best for organizing language courses content on digital mediums. As a language teacher, it helps you through the entire teaching process - from planning the course content to delivering lesson plans and capturing students’ feedback. Evernote tags assist in structuring your classes, be it daily, weekly, or biweekly.

For instance, if you’re looking to organize your Vietnamese classes for different weeks, course content may be curated and matched against their weekly tags. This keeps you organized and makes for a structured study for everyone to follow.

Also, Evernote allows you to share digit notebooks with students so that once you create a course note, it automatically uploads to the app. Whether you’re a German, Spanish, or French tutor, a tool that allows you to share content in real-time makes it easy to sustain the students’ attention.

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