There's no better way to combine fun and learning than watching your favourite TV show in a different language. For sure, you don't need to go abroad to learn a foreign language. You can take an adult language course and accelerate your learning from by watching movies in your chosen language. For example, shows like Money Heist offer the best of both worlds if you're taking Spanish lessons online.

There is a whole repository of resources online that can aid your assimilation of language lessons and boost your confidence. For instance, if you're taking private Korean lessons, you'll have a great time watching culturally-flavored Korean dramas on Netflix.

So let's get to it then - 8 multilingual Netflix shows to add some fun to your learning!

1. Twogether (Mandarin Chinese, English, and Korean)

Image credit: Variety
Korean actor Lee Seung-gi and Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu star in the comedy movie, Twogether. From different countries and speaking different languages, both actors journey around Asia and complete challenges together. The movie involves the use of Mandarin Chinese, Korean and English and is excellent if you want to learn Chinese online. Also if you learn Korean with a tutor, Twogether can help you improve your Korean.

2. Gentefied (Spanish and English, Spanglish)

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Gentefied is centered on a family and their taco shop. Due to the area's gentrification, the taco shop is in trouble. The movie explores how the family's younger generation works hand-in-hand to bring the taco shop back to life. Gentefied is good if you're Spanish and taking English lessons online. Also, if you're taking Spanish lessons, the blend between Spanish and English makes the movie enthralling.

3. Unorthodox (German, English, and Yiddish)

Image credit: Netflix
Unorthodox is a series on Netflix that is bound to keep you glued due to its fantastic script and blend of languages. This series is a masterpiece centered on an Orthodox Jewish woman who refused to be held down by her conservative Brooklyn life. In a bid to find a path of her own, she goes to Berlin, seeking out her estranged mother. The series is a must-watch for people taking German classes with a private tutor who wants to improve their proficiency.

4. Undercover (Dutch)

Image credit: Netflix
If you intend to learn Dutch on Tutoroo, you will love Undercover. Undercover, a crime thriller set in Belgium and Netherlands, was inspired by a real-life story. The series is about two agents that are undercover to expose a drug lord. To get dirt on him, they disguise themselves as a couple vacationing at the campground where the drug lord is on vacation. Other seasons of the series have different tasks for these agents. Undercover can help you fall in love with and learn Dutch.

5. Street Food (Malay, Japanese, Tagalog, English, Taiwanese, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese

Image credit: Documentary Notes
If you love food as much as you love to learn a new language, you'll fall in love with Street Food. Street Food is a show that explores different food traditions across the world. So what better way to learn a new language than by learning their traditions, right? If you want to learn Japanese, watch Street Food.

Season one of Street Food focused on different food traditions across the Asian continent. The stories behind each food, the passion poured into making food for people, and everything about street food is captivating. Also, it allows you to improve your language learning skills as each episode is in a particular language.

For instance, if you're taking Vietnamese classes in Singapore, you'll find Street Food interesting. Also, Street Food is a great choice if you're taking Malay lessons.

6. Cable Girls (Spanish)

Image credit: TMDb
Cable Girls is Netflix's most extended-running international series with five episodes. It's a great show if you want to take your Spanish-speaking skills up a notch or you want to learn Spanish online.

Cable Girls is a historical series based in Madrid in 1928, surrounding the careers and lives of four phone operators. Around that time, many women were bound by a society dominated by men, although women's independence was increasing. You can add the show to your resources when taking private Spanish lessons.

7. Call My Agent! (French)

Image credit: Netflix
Who knew the French had a great sense of humor? This French comedy will laugh until your cheeks hurt as four talent agents try to appease their clients. The show, which is great if you take French lessons, is focused on the things we don't see in show business and the personal lives of the talent agents. Add Call My Agent to your French resource list if you take French classes with a private tutor.

8. Elite (English, Arabic, and Spanish)

Image credit: Elite
Elite is centered on three working-class teenagers that enroll in a private Spanish school. It has lots of drama that'll keep you on edge, wanting more, and help you learn Spanish while at it. In the series, a murder ensues due to the clash between the working teens and the wealthy. If you love drama and Spanish, watch Elite. Also, the bits of Arabic are excellent if you're learning Arabic online.

To Wrap It Up
Learning spiced with entertainment is a highway way to mastery. As an expat taking English classes, you can find lots of fun English movies on Netflix. The best part is, learning a new language helps your language memory. So why not?

And sure, you will have a great time learning Korean, Vietnamese, or Spanish with the Netflix shows we discussed in this article. But while learning on your own via movies or other material may be fun, there's still a need for private language classes. At Tutoroo, you can learn several languages online and physically. Join the family of multilingual today and begin your language-learning journey at Tutoroo!