Most people are aware that learning a second language is critical in this day and age. Having the ability to speak two or more languages enhances your résumé as people in many nations are monolingual.

On the other hand, countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, South Africa, and the Netherlands traditionally study their Mother Tongue alongside English.

Some people believe that it is only necessary to know one language. For example, Asians who grew up outside of their home nations may believe that their Mother Tongue is unimportant, especially if they had migrated to a western country.

However, as they grow older, they may realize that their bilingual friends who grew up speaking English and their native language at home now lead more enriched lives and may have more job opportunities. Hence, they are now seeking assistance from tutors to master their native language.

Why Is Our Mother-Tongue Important?

According to research, improving one's Mother Tongue is a crucial stage in learning a second language. You might be wondering how having strong proficiency in one's Mother Tongue helps you to learn another language more easily - It has also been demonstrated that to acquire good language abilities later in life, a person should continuously cultivate their mother tongue from childhood to maturity. 

Many abilities gained in your first language may be applied to other languages. Literacy, social skills, critical thinking abilities, and communication skills are among some of them. We should speak our Mother Tongue at home because it promotes the development of expressive language, which allows us to articulate our emotions healthily.

Therefore, to improve one’s Mother-Tongue, the greatest thing s/he can do is to practice it by reading, writing and speaking the language.

Now that you understand why people may want to brush up on their Mother Tongue languages, here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Native Language Abroad. Let’s start with…

You Help To Provide Career Advantages

This applies to both you and your students. By being a Mother Tongue language tutor, you are giving yourself more career advantages by building your resume and broadening your skillset.

Your student, on the other hand, will now have an advantage over monolingual people as they can speak one more language, giving them more career opportunities.

You Help Train Your Students With Social & Global Skills

When you teach students your Mother Tongue, you are helping them to enhance their social position as it allows them to communicate with a group of individuals they would never have been able to understand otherwise.

Socializing is a powerful tool that should never be underestimated - even newborns learn that screaming communicates distress from the moment they are born. Socializing skills may mean the difference between gaining a fantastic job and never getting past the interview stage; you must ‘talk' your way through.

You Cultivate Your Traditional Culture

A growing number of institutions and cultural organizations are now offering programs to help people improve their Mother Tongue or learn a second language. Take advantage of these opportunities to teach your Mother Tongue from the comfort of your own home.

Languages make up big portions of cultures. Teaching your Mother Tongue allows you to teach your students how to communicate in your native language, spreading it to people who may have never learnt the language otherwise. It also allows you to immerse yourself into your culture, heritage, and roots.

You Help People Connect To Their Grandparents & Relatives

Some of your students may be looking for a teacher to teach them their Mother-Tongue so they can eradicate the language barrier between them and their grandparents or older relatives to connect to them. 

Their improved language skills will be a great icebreaker and a wonderful experience for both parties. The ease with which they may communicate in their Mother-Tongue with their grandparents and relatives will undoubtedly improve their bond. It would be delightful to know that you were the one who helped them break through the language barrier and connect more deeply.

You Help To Connect People To Different Countries

By teaching your Mother Tongue language to others, you help to make your country more accessible to them. Instead of feeling like outsiders on a vacation, they will be able to roam freely and interact with the locals who live there after mastering your Mother Tongue through lessons with you. This experience cannot be replicated by staying in five-star hotels and speaking English to the few individuals who understand them.

Aside from that, their ability to speak your Mother Tongue means that they will be able to strike a bargain on the prices of goods from locals, and the locals will generally also be more welcoming and impressed by foreigners who have a good command of their native language.

You Create Potential For Students To Become Multilingual

Learning a foreign language is dependent on how well one understands one's native language. When learning another language, concepts and literacy abilities gained from learning their Mother Tongue can be utilized to learn another language easily.

The development of the abilities needed for an individual to easily learn additional languages and dialects is aided by honing this fundamental linguistic aptitude at a young age.

You Help People To Boost Their Self-esteem

Teaching your Mother Tongue to others may provide your students with positive influence, and helps to mold their personality. It relieves them of having the pressure to take additional foreign language lessons and cope with the stress. As a consequence, one's overall performance in any field will vastly increase.

It is easier for those who are fluent in a second language or their Mother Tongue to be active. They communicate more easily with their clients, professors, and anybody else for that matter. Academic studies suggest that people should acquire or improve on their second language by practicing it often at home and passing it on to the next generation.

In conclusion, don’t belittle your ability to speak your Mother Tongue well. You could help someone reconnect with their culture and family, and that is invaluable.

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