Singapore is a multicultural country. It would comes as no surprise, then, that they are a number of languages spoken in the country. To foster national unity and identity, the government promoted four official languages, which are: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. While Malay is the country’s national language, English is the language of the administration. Mandarin is the lingua-franca for the Chinese, while Tamil is used by Indian communities.

Singapore has also become a home to many expats from around the globe. With the country becoming a flourishing business hub, many overseas workers travel and stay in Singapore either to grow their business or to work there for international companies.

A nation filled with diverse nationalities makes Singapore a great place to practice languages! We have listed here some of the benefits of learning a new language:

1. Building new friendships

Learning a new language can be a tough and takes time and perseverance. Without the pressure of being in a school and being graded, private tutors must remain honest with their students and let them know their weaknesses and how they can improve. In the end, we noticed that most learners will share a strong bond with their private tutor.

2. Learning a different culture

Spending a lot of time with a person from a different culture, in-person, can help you learn more about the language you want to learn. The time you spend with your language tutor won’t be purely spent on teaching. You’ll be bound to have some few small talks here and there about the country where the tutor is from, and the reasons why they moved here in Singapore to teach their mother tongue. You will get to learn more about your tutor’s country as well as their local customs. Isn’t it better than learning a language through Skype?

3. Getting new perspectives

People from different cultures can see things in different ways. Learning a new language will definitely help you think in a different way. It’s like adding a dimension to your usual thinking process! It will enrich your views and opinions, and make you less biased than when you started learning.

Now, what are you waiting for to start learning?

TUTOROO connects native speakers with people who want to enhance their conversational skills in any language at their preferred place and time in Singapore.