Nobody has ever learned a language without a teacher! Yes, someone was always there to teach.

And the fact of the matter is, we did not learn our first language from flashcards, nursery rhymes, books or lectures but from the people around us, our parents, siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunts. They were the first teachers, we learned to listen, imitate and speak in our language.

Then when the time came to learn a second language, we turned to books, listened to audios and enrolled in courses because there was no one around us who could teach us the language we were interested in.

But internet has become a major game changer. It has altered our possibilities for learning our favorite second languages. We can find great second language teachers in our own city. TUTOROO is Asia’s largest marketplace that connects students with qualified tutors nearby. It helps students find a great tutor who matches their availabilities and location for private classes, and helps tutors expand their businesses, staying organized and focused.

TUTOROO brings native speakers and qualified teachers to your door to learn your favorite second language.

Learning a second language is not an easy task, finding a great language teacher is as important as learning the second language. Because if the teacher is boring or not encouraging, you might lose interest in learning the new language. Below are a few tips for selecting a great language teacher.

1. A Good Language Teacher Engages You

The first thing you should look for when pick up a teacher is his enthusiasm to teach you and how you engages you in learning the language. When you are engaged, you are able to pay attention and take great interest in learning and understanding a whole new language.

If you are dragging yourself to a language exercise, know that your teacher is not inspiring you to put in your best. It takes an exceptional teacher who can keep track of your learning and progress.

2. A Good Language Teacher Is Available And Encourages You

The next characteristic that a great language teacher possesses is his availability and encouragement for you to learn the language. He makes his students feel comfortable as he takes them on their language learning journey. If he is does not motivate you or discourage you, you will feel discomfort, and will not be able to learn as fast as you can. A great teacher will use humour to help you overcome your language hurdles and encourage you to keep making progress.

3. A Good Language Teacher Recognizes Your Latent Power And Abilities As A Language Learner

A great language teacher will help you recognize and implement your latent powers as a language learner. We are all gifted with innate talents and our teachers reveal them to us. The exercises tutors give us make us challenge us and make us think about the possible and help us learn and understand a second language.

If you are looking for a great language teacher, register yourself at TUTOROO today and pick the teacher who is truly qualified and ready to help you learn the language you are interested in.