The first in our series of interviews is Morena, an Italian tutor in Perth.

Born in Bari, Italy. Raised in Carovigno, she has worked as a waitress from 12 in her sister’s restaurant.

At 18, she left Bari with the desire to see and do bigger things. Morena moved to Rome, and after two years moved to Florence where she was educated in ‘International Co-operation’ as well as a which included and transcended a combination of Political and Education Science.

She lived 2 years in Rome, the she moved to Florence.

Studying ‘International Cooperation’ a blend of a blend of the Political and Education Sciences, Morena deeply enjoyed her time and studies.

Known formally as an ‘operator of Peace’, Morena moved into a field that she defines as Semi-law . Certified by the UN, Morena applied to work in South America. She was selected, and proceeded towards a two month installation from February to April. 

From, Nov. 2009 to February of 2010, Morena spent time in Havana, Cuba. Her thesis (later presented in 2011) had the fortunate title of ‘Political Transformation and Urban Changes in Cuba : the case of a historical building in Plaza Vieja, Havana’. 

It was received to rapturous acclaim and applause. 

After graduating, Morena felt the need for a change of space and place. 

Morena applied for a one year in South America. She was promptly selected.

Her destination?


Morena spent time volunteering in Cusco, Peru. She was there for one year. 

Working there for an NGO, she provided free psychological and legal assistance to people indigenous peoples with little or no money. She traveled from town to town in installations of one to two weeks depending on necessity. Morena and others worked as mediators for legal disputes for those who could not afford to do so. Many of the indigenous people thought that the result of legal dispute could not be altered, or fought due to expense. Morena introduced what she called the third method.Through volunteerism provided by her organization (a blend between the UN and the Catholic Church) the local populace was provided legal advice and assistance free of charge.

 When passing by a school “Instituto Di Cultura Italiana : Antonio Raimondi.” they were hiring, and she was hired at the end of the service. For five months she taught Italian in Peru. A deeply rewarding experience, but not a permanent one. Morena returned home to Italy. She didn’t know where to go next. The excitement and terror of an open, blank page lay before her. She left her house in Florence.

She returned to hometown “just to do something”. She worked as a waitress and barista in her family restaurant. A job that she enjoyed and “has done on and off all of my life”. Morena met her partner in her hometown, he was living in Bologna. She left with him. 

Morena spent two years in Bologna, teaching Italian during day in school for languages.

Always working in languages schools - day. Working nights - waitressing. 

During the day she taught students from over the world. Morena had a one-on-one student from Russia, Natalyan, she stayed with Morena for a year and a half. 

There was also Marco from NY, stayed for three or four months. He was half Italian. 

Morena, had many students from all over. Canada, Turkey, many other places. 

But it was all work, however

“Once you have the travel bag, you cannot stop.”

Morena moved to Australia, out of a sense of adventure. She Arrived in Melbourne, with working holiday visa. “It allows you to work full time, but you can only work do certain things." Morena found Farm work for 88 days, means you can apply for second working holiday visa, she then found herself in Perth. 

She drove around looking for work and finally “found a guy at a farm filled with great people”. 

They had a picturesque orange field, and told her she could start work the next day.

They gave Morena and her friends all the days they needed to apply for the second visa.

In Perth, Morena worked one year in hospitality, then one year in an education agency - handling education visas. While there, Morena found a place called Multicultural center of languages, The work was not constant but it proved to Morena that her deepest love was, is, and alway shall be - teaching Italian.

Since last year she has been with TUTOROO, and now hopes to teach as many people as she can.

As a private tutor of Italian, she accompanies many other private tutors

Passions : Photography. Aerial Yoga (performed with a hammock). Avid reader.

Favorite books : 

The Little Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Aleph - Paulo Coelho

If - Rudyard Kipling. 

1984, Orwell (just finished in English). 

Frida Kahlo - Barbara Mujica, 

Carlos Castañeda.

Favorite movies : 

Pulp Fiction

American History X.