My name is Nicolas, I'm 30 and I'm from France! 4 years ago I travelled to Hong Kong where I have taught French for almost one year to toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults.

Back then there were already a ton of ways to learn a new language ONLINE. I was surprised because there were not any platform actually connecting people to native speaking tutors nearby. Everything that existed was made to get people to learn/teach languages online. But who really wants to learn a new language in front of a screen? 

The Hong Kongers I taught French to valued the time we spent together and wouldn’t have traded it for some online lessons instead. I was not a teacher when I offered my classes, and I have always been a believer in the fact that anyone, like absolutely, anyone can teach their mother tongue to others as long as they have the time and the confidence to do it.

As I was teaching French to over 100 Hong Kongers, I soon understood what most of them wanted: learning a language on a conversational basis with a foreigner from the country of origin where that language is widely spoken. 

So I created TUTOROO, the first global platform connecting people to nearby and native speaking tutors.

We are now a community of over 48,000 English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, Italian, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Portuguese, Japanese tutors... worldwide! Feel free to also be part of this amazing journey by signing up at and start getting paid for teaching your mother tongue while meeting with locals!

Everyday hundreds of people who want to teach or learn are in touch with our amazing team. There are so many messages that's sometimes it takes us several days to catch up with the demand. We are trying our best to match successfully every request with the best available tutor nearby, so thank you for your patience and remember that we won't let you down!

Keep on learning everywhere, and keep on teaching anywhere.


Nicolas and the TUTOROO Team