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European Portuguese Native w/ a Bachelor in Languages
 (2 reviews)
 12, Rua Manuel Teixeira Gomes

Private Portuguese tutor online

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Gabriel Antunes has a degree in Languages, Literatures and Cultures from the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. Since 2017, he has dedicated his free time to teaching his mother tongue to foreign students who want to learn Portuguese. After completing his Master degree in Business Administration in 2021, he decided to go ahead with full-time Portuguese lessons. With a teaching method different from the traditional one, Gabriel seeks to customize portuguese lessons according to the needs of each student, providing the necessary tools so that students can reach a conversational level in their daily lives as quickly as possible. Gabriel also likes to teach through entertaining and interesting content, like music, books, movies, etc.

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Portuguese for English and Spanish Speakers
 Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Improve your Portuguese with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

Hey there. I'm Laísa and I'm thrilled to connect with you. As a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil, I've been sharing my love for the language since 2009. What's more, I'm fluent in two languages: Portuguese and English, and I'm working my way through Spanish! Teaching isn't just my job; it's my passion. Whether you're a beginner or looking to fine-tune your skills, my approach is all about friendly conversations. Together, we'll dive into topics that interest you, making learning both enjoyable and effective. Expect a relaxed atmosphere where you can practice speaking with confidence. Through our classes, you'll learn about grammar, expand your vocabulary, perfect your pronunciation, and most importantly, have fun along the way. I love connecting with enthusiastic learners like you. So, if you're ready to embark on this language-learning journey, I'm here to support and encourage you every step of the way. Let's make learning Portuguese an exciting adventure together! Can't wait to meet you!

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English/Portuguese Tutor
 Camps Bay, 8005, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Portuguese course online near you

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

I teach Portuguese, English (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and other subjects online. I teach children from 11 years old and adults. I can also teach in English. Education, experience: Faculty of Economics, 120-hour TEFL certificate. I studied Bachelor and Master in English. I am a native Portuguese speaker. I have been tutoring for 7 years. My teaching style is differentiated teaching where I focus on the individual needs of students and interactive teaching where I actively involve students in the process. My natural abilities: Empathy, organization and flexibility. I will be happy if you contact me and we can arrange a lesson 😊.

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Polyglot teacher - Spanish, Portuguese, English
 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Learn Portuguese with private classes

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

I started learning languages because I was a world traveler. I have lived in many countries. The most important thing is to communicate with others. On the road, I learned Portuguese, English, and German. My love for languages and teaching mixed 5 years ago and I´ve teaching since then. The more you learn and the more you grow, you will understand the world and the cultures around the globe. Languages are not only a key to a work, but also a key to knowledge. I hope to see you in my class to learn.

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Portuguese as a Foreign Language
 Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Private Portuguese lessons online

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

I have a degree in Literature - Portuguese Language from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) and I have been teaching Portuguese as a foreign language since 2017. I started teaching Portuguese to foreigners at the Ágora Institute of UFRN when I was an undergraduate student and now I give private classes in Portuguese to foreigners in my hometown. I lived in France and Belgium for a year and had many foreign friends. I am familiar with the English, French, Spanish, and Italian languages, but I have also ventured into learning a little German, Arabic, and Hebrew. I am passionate about learning languages ​​and the study of historical linguistics. I believe in education as a transformative practice, through dialogue and the collective construction of knowledge.

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Conversation class in Portuguese
 Dublin, República da Irlanda

Improve your Portuguese with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

My name is Dandara, I came from Salvador, Brazil. I´m a journalist and I also work as a home carer and I´ve been living in Dublin for over a year. Because of my current job, my english is level upper intermediate, so don't you worry about the barrier of language. As a journalist, my background is mostly as a copywriter and English teacher as well. You will learn all the hidden gems that Portuguese can offer and much more. For more information, send me an email and lets discuss how to improve

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Brazilian Portuguese in an easy and fun way!
 Budapest, Rottenbiller Utca, 1077, Hungary

Portuguese teacher online near you

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

I am a certified Portuguese teacher, with BA and Teaching Degree in the language, who's ready to help you reach your language goals. From basics to advanced, I can take you there. I already have fun and useful planned classes to use with you, but I can funnily adjust the course depending on your needs. Portuguese can be really easy to learn, especially if you already know English. It will take you 4 months to get to a conversational level and 1 year to be intermediate, depending on your dedication

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Portuguese Classes
 Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Austrália

Learn Portuguese with a private course

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

I am a Brazilian girl, I am available to provide Portuguese classes and personalized travel projects to go visit Brazil. Let's study and speak Portuguese with an outgoing way of teaching/learning. I can also speak Spanish and English and I can give online or face-to-face classes. I'm now in Gold Coast - Australia, but I can give classes to everyone and everywhere by online classes. I'm very reliable and punctual, I want to give you a rare experience with the Portuguese language and talk about my experiences in Brazil

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Over 10 years experience
 São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, Brasil

Private Portuguese classes online

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

Hi! I'm Jennifer. I have over 10 years of teaching experience in-person and online. If you want to learn from a native speaker (Brazilian Portuguese language with a University degree) please contact me. If you are looking for a dynamic class may you enjoy my style of teaching. I speak Japanese, English, and a bit of Spanish, french, and Italian. I am available for online classes (Portuguese and Japanese language). I have large experience teaching kids, teens, and adults. My classes are personalized based on your level, interests, and goals.

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Learn Portuguese with Renato
 Porto, Porto, Portugal

Improve your Portuguese with private lessons

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Vamos fazer isto de forma divertida e tornar a tua aprendizagem mais fácil. Terei todo gosto em ensinar-te. Sou Poeta da Editora Cordel D’Prata onde fui premiado como melhor obra do ano de 2023. Conheço muito bem a cidade do Porto e os costumes portugueses. Ao aprenderes comigo vais conhecer não só a língua portuguesa, como o melhor da nossa cultura, vais-te apaixonar verdadeiramente por Portugal. Este canto do mundo fala uma língua derivada do latim tal como milhões de pessoas no mundo que são latinas como eu. Let's do this in a fun way and make your learning easier. I'll be happy to teach you. I am a Poet from Editora Cordel D’Prata where I was awarded best work of the year 2023. I know the city of Porto and Portuguese customs very well. By learning with me you will not only get to know the Portuguese language but also the best of our culture, you will truly fall in love with Portugal. This corner of the world speaks a language derived from Latin just like millions of people in the world who are Latin like me.

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Learn Portuguese with a native Brazilian
 (1 review)
 Perth, Austrália Ocidental, Austrália

Portuguese tutor online near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

I have two Degrees, Social Communication and Law. Certainly, I have many communicative skills. I love sharing my knowledge, I used to make my parents listen to my explanations and my arguments since I was very young. My friends used to ask me to teach them at school. Now, my favorite student is my son, whom I teach and learn with every day. I like to talk a lot, make mental maps, and do fixing exercises. I am very happy in Perth, and it would be a pleasure to teach my mother language to you. Please, contact me.

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Learn Portuguese, an exquisite and romantic language
 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Learn Portuguese with a private teacher

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

I will teach you how to communicate in Portuguese so you can talk to that Brazilian or Portuguese friend. Or maybe you want to explore Brazil's amazing destinations, or Portugal's history and cuisine. Portuguese isn't as difficult to learn as most people think. I have taught several friends who are english native speakers and I'm excited to teach you too. I have countless stories, experiences, and subjects to talk about. I can help you to master this romantic and exquisite language.

 Tutor available for 4 more students

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Awaken your passion: immerse yourself in Portuguese classes!
 Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

Private Portuguese course online

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Hello, my name is Nayara. I'm a 22-year-old Brazilian currently studying in the United States. I am dedicated to my studies in Exercise Science, continually seeking to enhance my knowledge in this fascinating field. A passion for learning serves as a foundational pillar in my life. Beyond academic pursuits, I find balance within the pages of enriching literature and valuing quality time with family and friends—essential cornerstones that fortify my journey. I enthusiastically engage in movies, appreciating diverse narratives that enrich my understanding of the world. During leisure moments, I am a dedicated volleyball player, exploring my passion for the sport. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, my multilingual capabilities broaden my communication and intercultural understanding. I am committed to creating a dynamic and collaborative learning environment, where every challenge becomes an opportunity for personal and professional growth. I am eager to explore new perspectives and positively contribute to all forthcoming experiences.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Fluent Spanish / English teaching Portuguese
 Rowlett, Texas, United States

Improve your Portuguese with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Learn this amazing rich language that will enchant you! Start planning your travel to Brazil, one of the most beautiful places on earth with the most happy and generous people and amazing food! Brazil it’s an experience everybody should have! That said, Portuguese is a Latin-based language, similar to Spanish to Italian! If you don’t have a background in any of those similar languages it can be a challenge. But if you have a Brazilian spirit you will get there. As we used to say in Brazil: I’m Brazilian, We never gave up!

 Tutor available for 2 more students

USD 30 / hour  Contact now
Learn Brazilian Portuguese with me!
 Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Portuguese lessons online near you

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Want to learn Portuguese? I can help you in your journey! We will focus more on conversation and we can use music, movies, memes, and Brazilian culture as part of our lessons! I don't have professional teaching experience, but I've helped friends learn my mother tongue :) I would teach you not only the formal way to say things, but also very common slang to actually be able to talk, and most importantly, understand native speakers. If you feel we would be a good match, write me a message! Beijo, Beatriz

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Portuguese language teacher
 (1 review)
 Sydney, Nova Gales do Sul, Austrália

Learn Portuguese with a private tutor

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

I have a degree in literature with an emphasis on Portuguese. I have a master's degree in literature. My goal is to teach Portuguese. I have time available. I can come to you and teach you. I have experience teaching any age. It can be done individually or in a group. I have the necessary attributes, such as availability, willingness, attention, experience, and qualifications.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Brazilian Portuguese Lessons

Private Portuguese teacher online

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

(Only available for Online lessons) My name is Fernanda, I'm Brazilian and I've been a Portuguese teacher for over 15 years, I have a degree in linguistics, I have experience in group and private classes, preparation for CELPE-BRÁS, basic to conversation. I use my own material and personalize classes according to the student's goals. Now classes are online because I'm traveling the world. I've lived in South Korea, the Philippines, Poland, Thailand, among others. Come take a trial class, I’ll analize your level of Portuguese and personalize the classes for you.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

SGD 50 / hour  Contact now
Portuguese Tutor in The Hague 🇵🇹🇳🇱
 Haia, Holanda do Sul, Países Baixos

Improve your Portuguese with a private course

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

I am a 19 year old international student in The Hague, available for in-person or online classes. I was born and raised in Porto, Portugal, and I am a native Portuguese speaker (European variant). I am excited to help you get started with my language, or improve your skills! Portuguese is an intuitive language, and there are many strategies that can help with learning grammar and vocabulary. My sessions are tailored to your needs and learning journey. I can create a more conversational, beginner-friendly approach, or focus on business/professional vocabulary and interactions. Send me a message, and let’s get started!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

EUR 12 / hour  Contact now
Aleeka- your generation z teacher who loves to read and talk
 Rua Cidade De Mindelo, 3000-446 Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal

Portuguese classes online near you

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

Hello there, I am Aleka, a charismatic and dependable Teacher with just a year of experience delivering educational assistance and instruction to various levels of learners. I am committed to providing students with the necessary tools to achieve knowledge in Portuguese, instilling the love of learning and cooperative teamwork. Adept in the application of excellent communication and problem-solving skills. I have always worked with customer service so it’s always a pleasure interacting with people. Can’t wait to meet you :)

 Tutor available for 3 more students

EUR 50 / hour  Contact now
Portuguese or Spanish languages
 Melbourne, Vitória, Austrália

Learn Portuguese with private lessons

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

Hi, my name is Adriano and I would be happy to help you to learn Portuguese or Spanish languages and share our culture ;) I'm an Industrial Engineer with 15+ years in the field of mechanical systems, developing and building machinery, tools, and innovations. I have worked on the design, development, simulation, installation, testing, and maintenance of products and processes with strong problem-solving skills. I also hold a Master's in Innovation Engineering and an Industrial-Academic-PhD in Energy. I've taught engineering projects based on collaboration between industry and academia, solving technical problems with human solutions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. I've authored over 10+ papers which have attracted 100+ citations within the field of industrial engineering, innovation, energy efficiency, and STEAM. I also love traveling (+35 nations), running marathons (14x), dancing, and discovering nature.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Portuguese tutor
 Oslo, Norge

Private Portuguese tutor online

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

Native speaker and translator. Portuguese is quite similar to Spanish although with a more complex grammar. I’ve had both oral and written exams and passed with top grades. I’ve also done teaching practice and apprenticeship in Lisbon. My goal is to help you learn to communicate and express yourself correctly in Portuguese within 1 year. My method of teaching is through text books, literature, and movies as a way to be more interactive. I also like to do weekly assessments to evaluate the progress through the improvements and reassess the less mastered subjects

 Tutor available for 4 more students

NOK 200 / hour  Contact now
Learn real Portuguese acent not Brazilian
 ASAKUSA, 西浅草1-6-16, Tóquio, Tóquio 111-0035, Japão

Private Portuguese teacher online

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

I'm 39 years native Portuguese speaker from a town near Lisbon, real Portuguese accent from the capital, I don't have Brazilian pronunciation or vocabulary, Brazilian is very different from Portuguese, don't believe otherwise, many words, meanings and especially the many accents, I can also speak Japanese, English, Spanish and French conversational levels, so it's easy talking to me in any level of understanding, don't be shy, try your best at a new language your friends don't know, go on holiday and make many new friendships.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

JPY 2000 / hour  Contact now
Olá! I'm Yuri Medeiros, your friendly Portuguese tutor
 Miyazaki, Miyazaki, Japan

Improve your Portuguese with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

While I may be new to tutoring, I bring a passion for language and a love for activities like watching movies, playing sports, and diving into books. I believe that learning a language should be enjoyable and relatable, just like our favorite films or the thrill of a good game. Together, we'll explore Portuguese in a fun and interactive way. Let's embark on this language journey together, combining learning with our shared interests. With such a dynamic blend of experiences and interests, brings a unique and worldly perspective to pursuits. Whether it's discussing time abroad, sharing sporting anecdotes, or recommending a captivating book, [he/she] is sure to infuse every interaction with enthusiasm and insight."

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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About me
 Coimbra, Portugal

Portuguese course online near you

Teacher joined in Oct, 2023

I'm currently in the final stages of completing my degree in Secretarial of Dirección and Administration. In addition to my studies, I work part-time, which keeps me busy and helps me develop a strong work ethic. One of my greatest passions in life is cinema. I've nurtured this love by watching movies and TV shows, which also helped me learn English. It's amazing how something I enjoy so much has become a valuable tool for language acquisition. Aside from my academic and work commitments, I'm actively involved in several social inclusion projects as a volunteer. These experiences have taught me the importance of giving back to the community and have broadened my perspective on various social issues.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Portuguese Students Reviews


"I've studied with a native tutor for two months because I'm traveling this week. These classes helped me a lot! I loved TUTOROO and am already recommending it to my friends."

- Mark Bariche


"I found the perfect tutor for me, I became able to speak in another language and enjoyed meeting new people from other cultures. I've improved my language skills, without traveling abroad. Thanks TUTOROO!"

Leila Zhing


"Speaking in another language is no longer difficult with the help of a teacher. Getting corrections for your mistakes helps you continue to improve in each lesson."

Andrew Guney


Is Portuguese hard to learn?

Whether you find Portuguese hard or easy to learn lies in your confidence, motivation, and commitment. Any language can prove difficult to master if you're not learning it the right way, i.e., by taking private Portuguese lessons.

If you'll learn Portuguese, don't start with the mindset that achieving fluency is impossible. Although some people grasp new languages faster than others, learning Portuguese isn't rocket science. Also, remember that you can reach any level of fluency that you want as long as you're enthusiastic.

How Long Does It Take to Achieve Fluency in Portuguese?

In ranking the most difficult languages to learn, the US State Department states that Portuguese takes 24 weeks to learn. That's about 600 hours. Also, the report places Portuguese in the 'Category 1' of the ranking alongside Afrikaans, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, and French.

The category one status means that Portuguese is relatively easy to learn to fluency. An average learner can pick up the language and grow to speak fluently in just the space of six months. However, it depends on a few factors, like your natural ability to learn a new language. Also, your enthusiasm to learn Portuguese with a tutor has a role to play in your learning journey.

How Can I Learn Portuguese Fast?

Learning new languages can be challenging regardless if you're learning it online or taking an online language lesson. For example, some words in Portuguese with different meanings can pose problems when using and pronouncing them in conversations. However, to get rid of this problem, learn Portuguese with a private tutor.

When you learn a new language with a private tutor, you can practice conversations with your tutor. Also, if you live where Portuguese isn't commonly spoken, taking private Portuguese classes can serve as a partial immersion.

Below are fast ways to learn Portuguese and feel confident when having conversations in Portuguese.

Start learning Portuguese with the best tutors available

Taking Portuguese lessons with a private Portuguese tutor is one of the fastest ways to learn Portuguese besides full immersion. Your private tutor will create a customized teaching plan to suit your needs. Also, you get to practice with your tutor and ask questions.

Learning apps

Learning apps are also a proven way to learn Portuguese fast. Many of the apps come with user-friendly features like daily lessons and artificial conversations that help improve your vocabulary. They also come with a daily reminder that alerts you when it's to learn. However, there are some drawbacks to using learning apps, like apps not providing tailored learning.

Additionally, most learning apps won't start teaching you large Portuguese vocabulary immediately. However, they will teach you how to learn by following some programmed instructions and examples. By this, we mean you will practice 'learning by doing.'

Read simple Children's storybooks and textbooks in Portuguese

It's good that you have decided to take Portuguese lessons. However, learning on your own can go a long way too. It will help you digest Portuguese words faster.

And what more exciting way to do it than from children's storybooks and textbooks?

As surprising as it seems, reading Portuguese children's books speeds up your learning. This is because your mind will be challenged just like a child, open to learning and questioning new things.

You can start with books that teach you to identify the Portuguese alphabet. Then you can move to those that teach you to identify and pronounce common things in the home and environment in Portuguese. Afterward, you can move to those that make syllables and morphemes. Finally to storybooks, Aventuras de Dona Redonda”( Adventures of Dona Redonda) by Virgínia de Castro E Almeida is an example of such books.

Use flashcards for words that are difficult to learn

When you learn Portuguese with a private tutor, you may find some words difficult. When this happens, you're not alone. Several millions of people have experienced the same. Luckily, flashcards have proven to be able to work in this instance.

Write the words on your sticky notes, then paste them where you can wake up to see them every day. You can write as many as 15 words that are giving you problems. Before long, you will notice that they no longer give you problems. You can then remove those whose problems you've solved and replace them with new difficult words.


Listening to CDs, DVDs, and Portuguese voice recordings is an effective way to learn Portuguese fast. It makes you learn on the go. Wherever you are, in your car, on your bike, with your phone or iPod and earphones, learning Portuguese becomes easy. You can also practice listening and reading together.

Watching DVDs and shows in Portuguese can also make you learn fast. Some subtitles can make you master tones only until you're good without them. This method can also help train your ears.

Learning and Speaking among native Portuguese speakers

Engaging in interesting conversations with native speakers of the Portuguese language is another way to learn it fast. You can start by learning to say sorry, greet, and exchange pleasantries. Going to markets where Portuguese speakers dominate will give you a feel of the language tone, meaning, and culture.

Also, it will aid in developing the right tonal pitch and good accent of the language. Thankfully, people in the market are always ready to help, so asking them questions about difficult words is easy.

Speak Portuguese with yourself

There are times you will not be able to find someone to share your progress with by speaking. However, you can start to speak to yourself. Funny right? But you can give it a try. It works.

After your private Portuguese lessons, you can practice conversing in Portuguese with yourself. It'll help you store words and learn how to use them better. In addition, you can check for corrections from other places you learn from. If you're committed to doing this, you'll soon become a master of the language.

How Many People Speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is ranked ninth among the world's most spoken languages. In addition, it is ranked second among the Romance languages.

Interestingly, there are about 232 million native Portuguese speakers and over 26 million non-native speakers.

The above figure pegs the total number of Portuguese speakers around the world at about 260 million. Brazil has the largest speaking population, with about 211.2 million speakers. Also, about 12 million Portuguese speakers live in Sao Paulo.

Besides Portugal and Brazil, speakers of the Portuguese language spread across the world. In the US, there are about 693,000 speakers. Likewise, Canada is home to 220,000. Other countries in the Americas also have native Portuguese speakers. Argentina has 58,000; Paraguay, 235,000; Venezuela, 254,000; Uruguay claims about 30,600 speakers.

In Europe, France has the largest number (behind Portugal), with 959,000 native speakers. Switzerland and Spain have about 200,000 speakers, while the United Kingdom has 135,000. These figures are more than enough reason to learn Portuguese online.

In the rest of the world, Angola has about 18 million native Portuguese speakers. Mozambique claims about 13 million. In addition, there are a considerable number of Portuguese speakers in South Africa and Guinea-Bissau.

Also, there are about 300,000 speakers in both Japan and India and around 49,000 speakers in Australia.

How Many Countries Employ Portuguese as their Official Language?

Portuguese is the language of Portugal. This means that it is the national and first language of the people. Therefore, nearly all Portuguese residents speak this language.

Brazil is also a Portuguese-speaking nation. Interestingly, Brazil has the largest number of Portuguese speakers in the world.

In total, eight countries in the world employ Portuguese as their official language. Five of these are from Africa, with over 14 million speakers. The African countries include São Tomé and Príncipe, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, and Cape Verde. These countries in Africa are called PALOP (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa).

Generally, all these countries are called The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPCL). CPCL is an intergovernmental organization that ensures diplomatic cooperation among countries that employ Portuguese as their official language. Portuguese is also employed among Macau's Special Administrative Region's official languages in China.

Minority speakers of Portuguese are also found in Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia.

Several organizations also employ or recognize Portuguese as one of their official languages. They include:

Why Learn Portuguese?

As learning new skills can help express your creativity, it can also help you discover a part of yourself you never knew. Learning to speak Portuguese is not exempt. Here are a few benefits of learning Portuguese.

Learning for limitless exploration

There are limitless opportunities in the world we live in. These opportunities can come when we least expect them, and when they come, you should be ready. It may be a job or a university application in a Portuguese-speaking country. However, when you learn Portuguese beyond knowing how to read train tickets and road signs offers limitless connections with new people.

It helps build business skills

The tides of the economic connection of the world have and are changing more than ever. Business organizations and companies are expanding in boundaries on an international scale. There are many viable market potentials in South America and Western Europe, and learning Portuguese makes you stay competitive in the global market. It also allows you to connect with several other Portuguese colleagues and investors in your field all over the world.

Helps to Improve Your Memory

Another good reason to learn Portuguese online is that it can improve your memory. Learning a new language means you'll know how the words are connected and the deep meaning of those words. You'll also have to learn to form Portuguese grammatical structures and speak and write them. All these challenging tasks put your brain muscles on an exercise and, in turn, improve your mental health.

What are the popular Portuguese Proficiency Tests?

The Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira (CAPLE), translated as Centre for Evaluation of Portuguese as a Foreign Language, is the only major Portuguese proficiency test. The test is organized by the Faculty of Letters at the University of Lisbon. If you register for this exam, you'll demonstrate your level of mastery of the language in different phases. You can write this either in Portugal or in 45 other nations.

There are five levels in the CAPLE exam, and they're as follows:

The A2 Level:
The A2 level is referred to as Certificado inicial de Português Língua estrangeira(CIPLE), meaning Initial Certificate of Portuguese Foreign Language

The B1 Level:
Called the Diploma Elementar de Portugues Língua Estrangeira (DEPLE) and translated Elementary Diploma of Portuguese Language.

The B2 Level:
Titled Diploma Intermédio de Português Língua estrangeira (DIPLE) and interpreted as Intermediate Diploma of Portuguese Language. You can prepare for your Portuguese proficiency test with a Portuguese tutor.

The C1 Level:
Diploma Avançado de portugues Língua estrangeira (DAPLE) and translated as Advanced Diploma of Portuguese Language.

The C2 Level:
Diploma universitário de portugues língua estrangeira (DUPLE) translated as University Diploma of Portuguese Language.

There are similarities between the exam levels of CAPLE and CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

You must reach a pass level of A2 or higher if you intend to secure Portuguese citizenship. Therefore it's important that you enroll for private Portuguese lessons.

To be eligible for CAPLE:

You must be at least 14 years old and above.
You must be from a country whose official language is not Portuguese.

If you do not satisfy the above, then you must meet the following:

Your primary communication language must not be Portuguese.
Your learned first language must not be Portuguese
Your parents' first language must not be Portuguese
You must not have had Portuguese as the language of study in your basic and secondary education.

How Can I Become a Portuguese Tutor at TUTOROO?

Becoming a Portuguese tutor at TUTOROO is super easy, whether for physical or online classes. While we don't particularly request certifications or qualifications to show your level of proficiency in Portuguese, our team will test your proficiency prior to onboarding you.

One unique benefit of being a tutor on TUTOROO is that your work schedule is flexible, and there's a steady flow of jobs as many people are signing up to learn Portuguese. Frequently asked questions about how to become a Tutor at TUTOROO may be found here.

Successful tutors at TUTOROO make as much as $8000 monthly only by being available to tutor. As a tutor, you can get full weekly schedules, and you also have the option of choosing when you'd be available. For instance, you can decide to take classes during the week and not on weekends.

To begin the journey of tutoring at TUTOROO, sign up here. You can expect to receive a message from you in about three working days.