FAQ for Tutors

Frequently asked questions for tutors.

TUTOROO is a teaching platform that links up students with potential tutors. We will coordinate and facilitate the entire recruitment process to ensure that each student is suitably paired with an ideal tutor that best matches their wants and needs. For tutors, we provide a large database of students that your profile will be exposed to, as well as directly matching you to a student that we feel is the right fit. It will then be up to you to pursue or decline the job offer once it is on the table.

No qualifications or certifications are needed. At TUTOROO we firmly believe that if the language that you want to teach is your native tongue and/or you possess the passion and confidence to teach it and inspire others to learn it, then we would love to have you as one of our tutors. Simply signup to become a tutor! The TUTOROO team will be in touch with you within 24 hours. We aim to empower any native speaker to teach their mother tongue to people near them who are looking for a tutor in their language.

As of 2024, TUTOROO is operating in Singapore, in Hong Kong, in Australia, in Europe, in Africa, in the Philippines, in Japan, in Thailand, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in Qatar, in Saudi Arabi and in the United Arab Emirates. We are continuously expanding to other regions across several continents. We are currently looking for additional language tutors in Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, Osaka, Kyoto, Bandung, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Wellington, Christchurch, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Nairobi, Paris, Luxembourg, Monaco, Rome, Milan, London, Amsterdam...

As a tutor you do not have to pay any agency or registration fees upfront. The first two weeks of lessons will be paid to TUTOROO by the student directly. That means that as a tutor, you will agree to give TUTOROO the earnings from your first 2 weeks of classes. It is usually equivalent to the first 2 classes if the student hires you once a week, or to the first 4 classes if the student decides on twice a week for lessons. Once that 2-week period is completed, you then start collecting your payments directly from the students via cash or bank transfer, whichever has been agreed on.

Should the student choose to terminate or discontinue lessons after two weeks, all our tutors are protected under TUTOROO’s guarantee that they will receive 50% of the total amount of fees generated from the two weeks of lessons. This rarely happens as our policy is to let students screen tutors prior to agreeing to a job to ensure that the best match between the two parties is achieved. Join TUTOROO as a private teacher now.

We need tutors for any language under the sun! So if you are monolingual, bilingual or multilingual, contact us by filling out this form. We are currently looking for native English, French, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Bahasa, Hindi, Dutch, Cantonese, Italian, Tamil, Russian, Greek, Bahasa Indonesian, Bahasa Malay and Vietnamese speakers to join the TUTOROO community of tutors.

TUTOROO is expecting every tutor to represent the company to the best of their abilities and to uphold basic professionalism, consistency and punctuality in their dealings with students. We encourage tutors to share their knowledge; not only of the language they teach but also regarding the culture of their home country.

Yes, your schedule will be designed around your own personal and professional obligations so you can choose your own hours and decide if you would like to pursue a full-time career with us or do it on a part-time basis. Many of our tutors are teaching in their spare time only.

As a tutor, you can choose where you want to meet your students. Tutors are encouraged to specify their preferred teaching locations should they possess any and we will try to assign you jobs within the vicinity of your address while adult students love to meet up in coffee shops, parents usually prefer to have home lessons for their kids. Private classes are normally conducted at the home of the student or on occasion in the home of the tutor depending on the arrangement.

We advise our tutors to assess the needs of their students during the first lesson. You may take advantage of the first class to make an assessment of their current grasp of the language. Spend the first half an hour of the first lesson getting to know the student and their parents (for school-aged students) to gauge and find out what exactly they are looking to learn and get out of the lesson in order to further their proficiency in the selected language.

TUTOROO allows tutors to teach according to their own methods as long as it is agreeable for the student and their parents if applicable. For school-aged children, it is advised to follow their school syllabus and the various allocated materials that their school provides them. For adult students, there are many online resources that offer free language explanations and exercises for various levels of proficiency that follow a good progression from grammar to vocabulary and so on. A Google search based on the language that you are teaching should bring these resources up. If needed, feel free to contact our team for any further guidance before your first class.

There is no limit to the number of languages one can teach as a tutor with TUTOROO. As long as you feel comfortable, passionate and proficient enough in the language such that you can teach it, then the world is your oyster!

Once you have registered with TUTOROO, we will contact you in order to validate your profile as a private tutor. Our team will send you proposals for potential jobs and if you agree with the language level, location, rates and timing then introduce yourself to the student in the group chat we will be creating and start scheduling your first classes. In the event you must reject the offer, please notify us and the student in the group chat too.