FAQ for Students

Frequently asked questions for students.

TUTOROO is a teaching platform that links up students with potential language tutors. The TUTOROO team will coordinate and facilitate the entire recruitment process to ensure that each student is suitably paired with an ideal tutor who best matches their wants, needs and budget. For students, we provide a large database of tutors for you to choose from and directly match you to a tutor that we are confident is the right fit.

TUTOROO is highly affordable as we eliminate any registration or agency costs. As a student, you do not incur any additional costs outside the agreed fee that you would pay your tutor for lessons. We are also highly efficient and quick in assigning you with a tutor that fits your needs. Simply conduct a search on our website, pick a private tutor and chat with the teacher immediately through TUTOROO Messenger! Our database is made up of genuine native speakers, most of whom have been speaking their mother tongue since birth making them the best tutors to learn languages from. They are truly passionate in sharing their knowledge and culture with others and most have previously taught students. (You can read their reviews to find out more.) For international school students or foreigners, we would also like to point out the fact that most of our tutors are expats themselves and therefore can relate to your experiences and the challenges you may face a bit better.

Conduct a search for the tutor you require based on the language you want to learn, your availability and your location. You will then hear back from our team via TUTOROO Messenger or email shortly with a more detailed introduction to the tutor and also to confirm that the tutor you have selected matches your availability. It is then up to you to proceed with the assigned tutor or request for another one should you feel their profile is not a suitable fit for you. You may also meet them for a first class and decide after whether or not you want to stick with them. It's as simple as that!

TUTOROO asks for no minimum time commitment from you when it comes to lessons. You are at liberty to book a tutor for however short or long you will be requiring lessons for. If after the first lesson you have your reservations about the tutor - whether it's a matter of suitability or punctuality or any other reason you should have, you will not be charged for this first class and we will proceed to find you another tutor that will better suit your needs.

TUTOROO tutors are people from all over the world with a passion for languages and who want to share their language and culture with others. They are confident and proficient in imparting their knowledge and have a genuine interest in their students learning and benefitting from their lessson.

Pick your tutor first to begin your journey with us and wait to be contacted by our team to introduce you to your new tutor. We are excited to help you find the perfect fit!

TUTOROO aims to deliver the best customer service by helping students find their Learning a New Language: a Slice of the New Normal. In the event where a student has paid and the chosen tutor or initially introduced tutor is not available to cater to provide lessons for whatever reason, TUTOROO reserves the right to do further introductions until we find you the best match.