Do people only speak French in France? Like most French learners, you probably don’t think about languages besides French when you think of France. However, France has a number of regional languages and immigrant communities that speak other languages. France’s regional languages Though local indigenous languages have long been pushed out, you’ll still hear many of them spoken across various regions in France. Along France’s border with Spain, you might come across Catalan or you might hear a bit of Breton spoken in northern France. Some communities are even working to revitalise these local languages and dialects. For instance, in the French region of Corsica, there is a push to make Corsican a co-official language. Occitan The most widely spoken regional language in France is Occitan, also known as “langue d’oc”. It’s spoken in the southern region of the country and can also be found in Italy and Spain. Occitan has six major dialects: Provençal (the dialect found in southern France), Gascon, Languedocien, Limousin, Alpine and Auvergne.