As we are living a world where technology is seeping into every aspect of life, making life smarter, more comfortable, and convenient, we should be appreciative of the innovative ways technology has furthered language learning.

Today we can find a number of learning apps that allow students to find language tutors and learn a language online without having to leave home, travel a long distance or waste extra money. Now, this sounds very convenient and seems to have many advantages, which is undeniably true. However, online learning also has its own drawbacks and may fail to provide the benefits that are found in in-person tutoring.

Here are some of the top benefits of in-person language tutoring both for tutors and students:

Uninterrupted Interaction - The level of clarity during in-person tutoring is unmatched by technology. When you interact with your tutor or student in person, you will not have to worry about static, lag, delays, or glitches with the picture, which you will often encounter when you interact online.

More Insights, Better Learning- With in-person tutoring, the tutor can get more insights into how well the student is learning. The sound is perfectly clear, making it easy to catch mistakes and make corrections accordingly. The tutor can learn more from the student’s body language and non-verbal cues which cannot be conveyed through the computer. This makes learning more effective, as the tutor is constantly assessing and aware of the student’s development. 

Social Growth - In-person tutoring also has the advantage of letting students develop more confidence in communicating in the language they are currently learning. Students are challenged with face-to-face interactions during in-person training, enabling them to become better communicators in that particular language.

Adaptability - In-person tutoring is adaptable to most students. Most learners often find it difficult to concentrate and learn online, and many find it easier to understand when the lesson is demonstrated in-person.

The Bottom Line

Both in-person and online tutoring have their own advantages. It’s up to you to decide which is best for you, depending on your situation, requirements, and the time and money you can spend. If you can’t decide, you can try out both and choose which suits you best. But don’t let this dilemma stop you from reaching your goal.

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