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15 English teachers are available for private English lessons in Kuala Lumpur, in-person or online English classes. + Read more TUTOROO now works with 15 private English tutors available for in-person or for online private English classes. You can browse through the teachers profiles below to contact your preferred private tutor. We will introduce you to another private English teacher in the event the tutor you've inquired for is not available or cannot accommodate your needs. Pick your private English teacher and start learning English today! Read less

English Tuition by English Language Specialist
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Private English tutor in Kuala Lumpur

Teacher joined in May, 2021

(Only available for Online lessons) I'm an English tutor with over 27 years of teaching experience, whose mother tongue is English, coupled by exceptional academic and professional credentials. I am also an international award-winning author (Eric Hoffer Book Award 2022), whose book is sold on Amazon.com as well as Barnes & Nobles, apart from being an editor, proofreader, trainer and public speaker. My unique teaching methods coupled with creative writing make my students stand out and excel in the language.

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English and Mandarin Tutor
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Improve your English with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Dec, 2019

I have been teaching Mandarin and English language for 11 years both privately and in tuition centre. My students are all coming from different countries around the world, showing significant improvement. Language is a tool for communication. Therefore, two way communication is the key to success in learning a new language. With the right support, learning a language is an exhilarating journey! If you are looking for a tutor to excel in Mandarin or English, I’m here to help. Let’s fix a time to get our first lesson started! :) *Current Availability: Morning* *Not open for Business English lessons* *Adult learners only*

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Result Oriented English Classes!🌹
 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

English course in Kuala Lumpur near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

(Only Available for Online Lessons) I am an English lecturer/tutor with a great passion for teaching. I’ve been serving as a lecturer/tutor for 13 years teaching English and Malay. My delivery method makes it very simple for students to understand the subject matter. I am able to teach English for any level. In addition, I have the experience of teaching English and Malay (conversational skills and writing) to local and foreign students from various countries especially from Korea ,Canada and the United Kingdom. My simple but effective teaching methods will guarantee results in a short period of time. After a few lessons with me, my students comment that learning English is definitely not a difficult task.

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Learning English Online
 (2 reviews)
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learn English with private classes

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

(Available for Online Lessons Only and Only Available for 1 lesson per week) I am an English lecturer and I have been teaching for 11 years. Having a degree and master's degree in TESL, I am qualified to teach learners from primary to tertiary level learners. I also provide lesson for learners to learn in a large group (10 students or more) specifically for MUET, IELTS and English courses for companies. Learning English is not hard and all you need is to believe in yourself. Be confident to use the language and practice, practice, practice. Make English songs, movies and books for your new best friends and you will not regret it. Do not be afraid to converse in English and surround yourself with people who have the same vision as you in learning English! Current Availability: Saturday or Sunday morning and afternoon. (Please note that I am only available for ONCE A WEEK lessons and please chat with me first to reconfirm availability)

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Private English Teacher, Learn English Fast with Heymah in Kuala Lumpur
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Private English lessons in Kuala Lumpur

Teacher joined in Mar, 2020

(Not open for adult learners) I began teaching in 2012 as part of my on-field training as a teacher and currently with 8 years long teaching endeavors, I have successfully taught more than 50 students who primarily sought my guidance in mastering English language competency and exploring its depths within their designated curriculum namely IGCSE, IB, Australian syllabus, Canadian syllabus, Singapore syllabus, Mandarin medium Malaysian syllabus, and Standard Malaysian syllabus. In addition to covering English and English Literature, Conversational English and Business English are also offered under my tutelage for learners who wish to divulge into these facets of language practice for specific purposes.  Pedagogy, especially in teaching and learning of the English Language has fueled and nurtured the development of my personal identity as a pedagogue. With the specialization in the English Language and well-versed insight in its dynamics in instruction planning and implementing, I have alongside mentored students personally in the comforts of their home and learning needs in addition to catering to the development of the students I am responsible for in school. With the 8 years experience that I have ventured into this profession, I am proud to divulge the success I had in transitioning 18 failing students to ace their examinations and procure marks of 70 to 84% which was an elating success. On top of that, 22 of my IGCSE students have successfully obtained A's in English First Language, English as Second Language and English Literature respectively. Another interest of mine that I have developed an interest in is coaching Mandarin as first language speaking learners mostly who attend Mandarin medium local students and experience difficulty acquiring English in a similar fluency. Most of my Mandarin-speaking students expressed aversion to learning English as it is vastly different from their native tongue and the method in which they learn it to be very monotonous. However, I have managed to create individualized lessons and instructions for each of these students to motivate them to speak and write in English without the fear of being ridiculed or making mistakes. Naturally, English becomes lesser of a horde and more of a motivation and confidence boost. What truly celebrates my identity as a teacher is that I maintain an exclusive teaching approach that is specifically tailored to cater to the individual learning needs of my students and developing authentic, customized and reality-based learning materials for this cause to which my students have vastly responded positively in terms of interest, autonomy, and motivation in learning. In terms of qualification, I have M.Ed and a first-class B.Ed (Hons) both with a major in TESL and planning to do my Ph.D. in the same field soon. Academically I have been a straight Dean's List award recipient during my Bachelor's years and did my Masters with an awarded scholarship from Taylors University. I was also an active participant during my time in university as Vice President of the Student Council where I had the opportunity of running a few charity events, social events, motivational talks, and annual dinners. I also successfully staged a play for the Drama & Literature component in my then course.

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Improve your English with our lessons
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 Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain

Improve your English with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Aug, 2020

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Been teaching online for a while now. Previously I taught children in a tuition centre from age 4 to 15. My strength is to teach conversational English. I also focus on learnings in Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. My current students are young children from different parts of Asia, trying to pick up the language in order to prep them for their move to a new country and joining an International school. I also teach adults, to help them to improve their English for daily or business usage. With my ability to speak fluently in multiple languages such as Malay, Mandarin, and Cantonese, I can also further explain the teaching in another language to assist you to understand better. My lessons are done fully in English for better training and learning. Due to the Covid-19 situation around the world, and my current location is in Europe, not Malaysia. My lessons are Only available ONLINE at the moment, and each lessons are for 60mins/1 hour only. Not as per TUTOROO stated 90 mins / 1 hour 30 mins.

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Master of Marketing. Vietnamese native
 (1 review)

English teacher in Kuala Lumpur near you

Teacher joined in Aug, 2019

(Lessons will be conducted via Online only!) I am Vietnamese. My hobbies are language, math, travel, and painting. I have experience in teaching Maths and English where I put my passion into the subjects and motivate students to achieve a high score with her homework. Achieved Master Degree from the Swinburne University of Technology, I have received TESOL certificate, so I would like to profound my knowledge by meeting and teaching Malaysian students.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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English with a British accent
 (2 reviews)
 United Kingdom
 United Kingdom

Learn English with a private course

Teacher joined in Jun, 2022

(Only Available for Online Lessons and only available for 1 lesson per week) Hello everyone! My name is Sophie and I am originally from England. My parents are UK immigrants and I was born and bred there. I wanted to discover more about my Asian roots which took me back to this part of the world. I have traveled to Asia quite a fair bit now and have taught English in Japan and Hong Kong and would love to extend this experience to the people in Malaysia. If you are interested in learning English with a British accent and have an interest in learning about England or UK - please do reach out to me.

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Learn English the Smart Way
 (1 review)
 United States
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Private English classes in Kuala Lumpur

Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

(Only available for Online Lessons) As a native speaker of English with a Bachelor’s degree from the U.S. and many years of experience in teaching, I invite you to join my classes. Whether you’re a beginner or would like to take your English to the next level, I’m here to help you do that. I have taught English to children and adults and believe a good teacher should be able to adapt their teaching to the levels of their students. I am proud to say that my classes are full of value, as my students attest, and my approach is a no nonsense one to help students reach their true potential. I am also an international speaker and professional interpreter, and thus have a unique experience with the language in a number of different settings. On a lighter side note, my friends sometimes poke fun at me, asking if I had inadvertently swallowed a dictionary. 😊

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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Enthusiastic and fun English teacher from South Africa.
 South Africa
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Improve your English with private lessons

Teacher joined in Mar, 2020

(Only Available for 1 lesson per week and Only available for Online lessons) I have been teaching in Asia for eight years, in Vietnam and Thailand, covering a range of age groups including kindergarten, primary school, high school, university students, and adults. During that time, I completed many professional development courses, such as Montessori Training, PBL, and EYFS, in order to further develop my skills and experience. I also have experience teaching different curriculums, such as Montessori, Singaporean, and EYFS, which has strengthened my ability to adapt to various learning styles and methodologies. Current Availability: Thursday evenings

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Patient and Fun English Teacher
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

English tutor in Kuala Lumpur near you

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

(Only Available for 1 lesson per week) (slots available for online and face-to-face lessons on Monday and Wednesday between 11 am and 6 pm). Hello there 👋🏻! My students call me “Teacher Bee 🐝 “. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a TEFL certificate. For the past two years, I have taught English online to students in China and Malaysia, covering a range of age groups including kindergarten, primary school, and adults (who are looking to learn English as a second language). They’ve improved so much in their reading skills and are with me to this day. I also teach students face-to-face here in Kuala Lumpur. If you are a student who feels left behind in classes and needs that extra attention, you have come to the right tutor! We can arrange a time for lessons, and you can let me know which topics and areas you’d like to focus on! I hope to see you in my class soon 🤘 Lessons anywhere within a 5km radius of Jalan Taman U-Thant

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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Stress-Free English Conversations
 (1 review)
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learn English with a private teacher

Teacher joined in Jan, 2022

(Only Available for Online lessons) Hi, my name is Joan. As someone who grew up in a multilingual country, I understand the struggle of learning English when it is not your first language. I hope to make learning English a stress-free experience where you do not have to be afraid of making mistakes. As we converse as friends would, I hope that you get to learn English in a natural and easygoing manner. Using topics such as everyday life, hobbies, favorite movies, song, books, etc., you can become more proficient in English as you converse with me. Current availability: Only available on Thursday

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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English/Malay/Mandarin languages with Mr.KP Lim
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Private English course in Kuala Lumpur

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

(Only available for Online lessons) KP Lim is a professional level Full Time Tutor/School Teacher/Ex-Lecturer at Sunway College, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Academic qualifications include a Bachelor Of Arts Degree at Central Queensland University, Sydney, NSW, Australia. He also obtained a Diploma Of Business Administration at Williams Business College, North Sydney, NSW, Australia. He had lived, studied and worked in Australia for about 10 years. He has been teaching for more than 20 years now. He had students from Malaysia and in many parts of the world (children of ex-patriates staying in Malaysia). He had the priviledge to teach students from various cultures, backgrounds, and personalities. This allows him to communicate and motivate students at different levels. He is Familliar with Cambridge IGCSE school syllabus, Malaysian government school syllabus, as well as Singapore school syllabus. He can teach most of all general subjects from primary to secondary schools, including swimming. He is happy to come as a private home tutor to anywhere around Johor Bahru. Alternatively, online classes is also available. For those who needs to learn a new language, online tutoring is available for conversational English, Mandarin and Malay languages Current Available time: only available on: Mondays 10am; or, Wednesdays 10am Malaysian Time

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English and Indonesian Teacher, Learn Indonesian Fast with Siti in Kuala Lumpur
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Improve your English with private classes

Teacher joined in Jul, 2020

(Online Lessons Only!) I have been teaching English for more than 13 years. Up to now, I have taught students in private lessons and regular classes, both offline and online. My students range from toddlers to adults. In addition, I have taught Bahasa Indonesia to students from some countries such as England, Germany, Italy, and Japan. I believe that my educational background and teaching experience would be significant to help you improve the language. Please refer to my profile for your further consideration.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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English Beyond Borders
 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

English lessons in Kuala Lumpur near you

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

(Available for Online Lessons Only) Are you an exchange student who's finding it hard to complete your university assignments in English? Are you a jobseeker gearing up for upcoming interviews, but struggling with resume writing? Do you find it difficult to speak English with confidence? Fret not, I'm here to walk this journey with you. I'm Arlene, and I've been helping students with English online for a little over 4 years now. Being trilingual myself, I totally get how learning a second (or a third) language can be super tricky and hard, and I'm here to ease your journey. My tutoring experience extends to helping international learners from diverse backgrounds, including China, Japan, South Korea, Turkiye, Brazil, and more. I specialise in areas such as IELTS/TOEFL preparations, MBA interviews, job interviews, university assignments, and language-focused aspects like pronunciation, intonation and grammar. 汉字之谊,英文探索, 与我同行,学习乐趣涌。

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Learn English online or offline with the best private English tutors. Private English lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn English effectively with the help of a native speaking English tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

Find your private tutor

Find your private English tutor

TUTOROO is a website that connects you with private, in-person language tutors. We now work with 350,000 tutors in more than 160 cities. We match genuine native speakers with people who want to enhance their conversational skills in any language at their preferred place and time.

Start learning together

Start learning English together

The most difficult part in learning a foreign language is the practice, which can be acquired only by conversing with a native speaker. For people willing to practice foreign languages, it is difficult to find a private language tutor who lives or works in their city. TUTOROO has been designed to provide a frictionless experience while connecting tutors to students, for private in-person language lessons.

English Students Reviews


"I've studied with a native tutor for two months because I'm traveling this week. These classes helped me a lot! I loved TUTOROO and am already recommending it to my friends."

- Mark Bariche


"I found the perfect tutor for me, I became able to speak in another language and enjoyed meeting new people from other cultures. I've improved my language skills, without traveling abroad. Thanks TUTOROO!"

Leila Zhing


"Speaking in another language is no longer difficult with the help of a teacher. Getting corrections for your mistakes helps you continue to improve in each lesson."

Andrew Guney

Why Learning English With A Private English Tutor?

TUTOROO works with a community of over 4,500 private English teachers in more than 150 cities. Our English tutors help their students improve their English skills by providing them with personalised online and in-person lessons. The internet is full of helpful resources for non-native English speakers to learn English, with materials for all levels in order to improve one's vocabulary or English grammar. So why would you need to hire a private English teacher to learnEnglish?

First, private English tutors are able to meet specific English learning needs that static online resources may not always provide. With one-on-one English lessons , you can easily progress towards English language fluency. Students can choose to focus their lessons on grammar exercises, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading comprehension, speaking practice, and more.

Below are some of the benefits of learning English with an English teacher with TUTOROO:

1. Best English Tutors for Kids, Teens and Adults

One-on-one English tuition with a private English teacher allows you to have the undivided attention you deserve. Private English classes are customised to your learning goals and your rhythm. Perhaps you are interested specifically in business English, conversational English, or private lessons for your kids - an English tutor can customise your English lessons to meet your needs and help you improve your skills thanks to real-world lessons from a native speaker.

When you learn English with a TUTOROO tutor, you get direct answers to all of your questions, this helps you improve your language skills faster in areas you struggle with, from pronunciation and vocabulary to other grammar issues. A private English teacher can immediately identify your mistakes and correct your inaccuracies. You get to ask direct questions when things aren't clear and obtain immediate answers from them.

For example, for non-native English speakers, the English language can sometimes be contradictory. For example, the 'ch' in 'chair' is pronounced differently from the 'ch' in 'chiffon'. The 'th' in 'thumb' is pronounced differently from the 'th' in 'that'. A private English teacher can help you avoid these common pitfalls to achieve English language success and gain strong English communication skills.

In a nutshell, learning English with a TUTOROO tutor is much more fun and interesting than just watching online videos or learning online through tutorials. You may now improve your English skills with our online and in-person private tutors. We actually help students from around the world improve their English skills.

Get started today and start improving your English language skills with a private English teacher now!

2. Learning English From Scratch

Everyone learns a new language at a different pace and some even start learning from scratch and have no previous knowledge of the new language they wish to learn. One may be great at English grammar but be struggling over pronunciation, or at the contrary excel in conversational English but struggle with reading and writing. In a group class, the tutor will move on if the majority of the class understands. With one-on-one private English courses, your English teacher works at the pace you are comfortable with, and can also adapt their teaching methods for you.

3. Working Around Your Schedule

Unusual scheduling needs? Preparing for an English proficiency test? Need intensive English classes? No problem, you can work with your TUTOROO English teacher to find a timing and frequency that suits you for your English tuition. With a private tutor, you can take classes according to your schedule. Improve your English skills by learning from native speakers. This way, you're 100% flexible.

When you learn English with a teacher, you get flexibility, customised lessons and you get to meet a bright and interesting person: your new private tutor!

Why Learning English?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it is also used as a second language by millions of people around the globe. English has been used as an international language since the 17th century.

The English Language is recognised as the official language in about 67 different countries. Additionally, more than 27 non-sovereign entities regularly use English as an administrative or conversational language. It is the official language of many world institutions like NATO, the European Union and the United Nations. Close to a third of the world's population (some 2 billion people) now use English, giving it the position of a global lingua franca.

With TUTOROO you may now learn English with a private English teacher in the following locations:

Is English a Difficult Language to Learn?

The English Language is regarded as one of the most difficult languages to learn for non-native English speakers. Its grammatical rules are often broken, spelling and pronunciation irregularities can even confuse native speakers. With the help of a private English teacher, you can overcome the difficulties of the English language and achieve full English language fluency. Improve your English skills now with an English tutor.

What are the Most Popular English Tests?

As a non-native English speaker, many higher education schools or universities where English is the standard language of teaching will require you to take an English proficiency test. This test is proof of your English language ability and ensures you have the necessary oral, aural and writing skills to complete your course. Don't let a language barrier stop you from achieving your dreams. Hire a private English language teacher to help you prepare for your English proficiency test.

The two most common tests are the TOEFL or IELTS:

TOEFL (The Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most common English proficiency test. There are two formats for writing TOEFL and you can choose your preferred format: an internet-based test or a paper-delivered test. The sections in the test include listening comprehension, written expression, reading comprehension and speaking. The test takes about 3 hours to complete and the result is valid for two years. Most universities require that you score between 90 to 100 (B2). However, some universities may require that you attain a minimum score in each section while meeting the B2 proficiency requirement.

IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) is another widely recognised English proficiency test. The test has two versions which are the academic version and the general training version. Most employers and universities worldwide accept the academic version, while the general training version is accepted by government institutions and used for immigration.

The first 3 sections of the IELTS - listening, reading and writing - lasts 2 hours 40 mins. The last component is a speaking test done in the presence of an examiner. IELTS scores range between 1 and 9 with universities requiring a minimum of 6 or 7. The minimum score is equivalent to C1 and B2 proficiency levels. You can get your IELTS results 13 days after the test and the result is valid for two years.

Although not as common as IELTS or TOEFL, CAE (Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English) and CPE (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English) are often an admission requirement for UK universities. Usually, only people at an advanced English level can take CAE and CPE. They are in-depth, high-level qualifications that demonstrate an English proficiency level of C1 - 7 to 8 in IELTS or 110 to 120 in TOEFL. You can take CAE and CPE either on your computer or in person. Like the other tests, the CAE and CPE tests reading, writing, listening and speaking. The speaking section of the test will be done with another candidate to test fluency in face-to-face situations. Unlike TOEFL and IELTS, CAE and CPE certificates don't expire. The highest grade is an A and the lowest score in CAE and CPE is C, with most universities requiring a minimum of B for admission.

Can My English Tutor Prepare Me For English Proficiency Tests?

TUTOROO works with many English tutors who are available and specialised in training for some of these tests. By browsing our English private tutor profiles, you will be able to find tutors who specialise in test preparation for English proficiency tests. You are also able to contact the tutor directly with any queries and choose the private English tutor that best fits your needs.

TUTOROO only hires tutors that get the work done. By this, we mean that learners and students pass their English proficiency test after being coached by a TUTOROO private tutor.

How Soon Can I Become Fluent In English?

This must be our most popular question! With the help of a teacher and with private English lessons, learning English is much easier, quicker and more enjoyable. Of course, being motivated and focused comes in handy when learning a new language. With both online or face-to-face lessons and if you have the motivation to study a couple of hours every day, a private English teacher will help you become fluent in English in as little as 6 months!

Be patient, fluency in English is not something anyone acquires overnight. The process takes time and requires enthusiasm, that's why hiring a private tutor that can customise your English lessons to your interests and needs is important. Furthermore, face-to-face and online English lessons give you an opportunity to converse and practise your newly acquired English language skills.

Being motivated and focused comes in handy when you're learning a new language. If you have enough time to study English with a private tutor, you can become fluent in just around six months as long as you study it a couple hours a day.

In addition to studying with a TUTOROO tutor, you may want to try to get fully immersed as well once you start speaking English fluently. Being around native English speakers allows you to practise language skills you've learnt. You can also read English books, watch English speaking movies and listen to the news in English.

How Many People in the World Speak English?

Interestingly, the English language isn't the most spoken one in the world, although there are over 400 million native English speakers around the planet. English is the third most spoken language - right behind Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Speaking English has many advantages:

  • English is a recognised language worldwide;
  • English is used in many industries and speaking English fluently does increase your chances in getting a job in sectors such as aviation, science, tech, tourism and diplomacy;
  • English is one of the most important languages in the corporate/business world;
  • Learning English allows you to connect with people all over the world;
  • Almost half of the content there is on the internet is written in English;
  • Being proficient in English gives you an edge in the global job market.

Now let's find the right Private English Tutor!

How Can I Become a Private English Tutor with TUTOROO?

First and foremost, to become a TUTOROO English tutor, you have to be proficient in the English language. You must be a native English speaker or an advanced English speaker if you're a non-native speaker. While we don't require certifications from the tutors, prospective teachers are carefully vetted by our team.

Successful candidates will have their profiles set up on our website. If you are available and passionate about teaching English to non-native speakers, you can make private tutoring on TUTOROO a steady source of income. Top tutors on TUTOROO earn as much as $8,000 monthly thanks to the students we introduce them to.

Although in-person classes are more common on TUTOROO, you also have the option of tutoring online. Or it can be a mix of both, depending on what works for you and your students. The beauty of our platform is in the flexibility we offer. To address the questions prospective tutors ask, we created a FAQ section on how to become a language teacher with TUTOROO

If you feel you're a good match for the role, sign up to be a TUTOROO tutor here. You can expect to receive a response from our team within three working days.

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