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Serbo/Croatian teacher with native English as a plus!

Private Croatian tutor in Copenhagen

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Hi I am Marko, a 27 year old Australian/Croatian. I live in Copenhagen but can offer Croatian lessons both online or in the city. As a native English speaker with a fluency in Croatian I am well positioned to help introduce you to the basics of the Croatian language. On top of this I can also provide more advanced lessons for those looking to perfect their reading, writing, comprehension, and especially speaking skills. I am a big believer in actually finding ways to enjoy the language you are learning; by speaking about things you care about, or using it in your daily life. I try and make my lessons as practical as possible for this reason and am confident you will both enjoy my lessons and learn a lot.

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Teacher joined in Apr, 2022

Hi guys, I am Ivona from beautiful Croatia, just moved to beautiful Denmark:) I am a reliable, respectful, and easy-going person with great enthusiasm for teaching. I am 32 years old and I have my master's degree in Urban forestry, nature conservation, and environment protection. Croatian is a beautiful language which is semi-easy to learn, with very interesting grammar hehe, but you can do it! It is a bit confusing (grammar), but with practice, there is no place to worry Looking forward to our lectures!

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 Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark

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Teacher joined in Apr, 2022

Hi! I'm a teacher of art by profession but I would like to teach someone also like my mother, native language -Croatian. Croatian is one of the Slavic languages, so if you already know one of the Slavic languages then it would be easier to learn. If not, we can go from the start I have patience and we can communicate in English without every doubt. I have a willingness to help. It takes around 2 months for basic communication but practice would also be helpful. I'm 33 years old recently moved to Denmark art teacher creative

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 Copenhagen, Region Hovedstaden, Denmark

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2021

Hi, I'm Francesca, I'm an international student at Roskilde University and I live in Copenhagen. I come from Croatia, from the beautiful Mediterranean city Split. Even though I don't have much experience teaching, I know that the best way to learn a language is through a native speaker. Since I deeply miss my home country, I offer dedicated teaching in my mother language, as I am looking for opportunities to speak it as much as possible. I offer a teaching experience that can be adapted to your needs, whatever they might be, we can make it fun and creative, or do it by the books, that is all up to you. Back in my home county I wanted to study Croatian and Croatian literature, but since I got accepted at RUC, I am now studying Cultural Encounters and Psychology, but I still have that spark for the Croatian language.

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Teacher joined in Oct, 2020

I am Izabela, girl from Croatian capital Zagreb. I enjoy good music concerts, listening to old vinyl records, art, running, cycling and late dinners with friends. I studied radiologic technology and worked within field for 3 years. Recently my dream came true and I moved to the best city in the world - Copenhagen - to live with my boyfriend. I don’t have much experience in teching other people languages but I learned a lot different languages myself and I think I developed fine skilles in learning them.

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Croatian in Copenhagen
 Kongeludsvej 81, 2300 Copenhagen

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Teacher joined in Feb, 2020

My name is Lana and I am from Croatia. I am a social worker and a licensed psychotherapist. Since I have gained plenty of experience in the field, I'm very patient and empathetic. I have had 4 years of experience in teaching. I am very passionate about creating creative teaching materials and am well organized. I have great communication skills and hopefully will make a learning experience a bit more fun.

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