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Swedish tutor
 1050, Ixelles, Brussels-Capital, Belgium

Private Swedish tutor online

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Hi! I’m a Swedish master's student currently writing my thesis at VUB and tutoring as an extra job. I’m from Stockholm, Sweden where I lived until I was 20 when I moved to Uppsala to study biotechnology. I have experience from being a teacher since I taught math at my university. I have also worked a lot with children or teenagers since I was a babysitter and cheerleading coach. Learning Swedish can be quite hard but the easiest way to learn Swedish is by listening to songs and having conversations.

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Swedish Language Tutoring at all levels. Let's Study Swedish
 Seoul, Sydkorea

Improve your Swedish with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Hello! My name is Tomas, and I am here to make you achieve your Swedish dream! I have experience or working as a substitute teacher in Swedish and so feel comfort in communicating with students about their studies. Currently living in Seoul, so in person classes will work terrificly well! Together, learning Swedish will be easy! No matter what level you want to be taught at, I am sure we can work something out that will give you the best tutoring. At first, studying a new language can be stressful and it is easy to feel uncertainty around it. However, the best way to get rid of these feelings is through repeated practice and interaction with someone who speaks on a native level. Lets do it together!

 Tutor available for 5 more students

KRW 22000 / hour  Contact now
Simply Swedish with Ingrid
 The Pearl, Pearl Blvd, Doha Qatar

Swedish course online near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

Hej! Do you want to learn Swedish a little deeper than the words you pick up at IKEA? I am a Swedish national living in Doha and I am very excited over the prospect of spreading the Swedish language to anyone and it gives me great pride in doing so. Over the years I have studied English, French, Chinese, and Afrikaans and I know what it takes to learn a language. Previously I taught English and Swedish during the time I lived in Taiwan. I have flexible hours and am willing to arrange lessons and locations according to your needs. Hoppas att vi ses snart! 😀

 Tutor available for 1 more student

QAR 200 / hour  Contact now
Swedish tutor here to help you learn Swedish!
 Pergamou 16-18

Learn Swedish with private classes

Teacher joined in Feb, 2023

I am a Swedish/Greek tutor available for video-led lessons or in person. I am here to help you get to the level you would like with easy-going, practical, and relatable lessons to make learning easier and fun. I am fluent in Swedish, Greek, and English and offer lessons to anyone speaking these languages. No matter the level you are on, from beginner to intermediate, I can teach you how to speak, read and write like a Swede. Contact me for further details and let's get you learning! Ha det fint!!

 Tutor available for 2 more students

EUR 20 / hour  Contact now
Learn Swedish with Simone
 (1 review)

Private Swedish lessons online

Teacher joined in Mar, 2022

Im am a Swedish teacher based in Stockholm that teach the complete beginner to the advanced student. I am flexible and build up the classes after the student's needs. Both online and inperson/live classes are available. We work on grammar, writing and vocal and some Swedish culture. Live classes are held in central Stockholm. At the first class we will set your level and discuss your goals. Bring notebook and Pen. I have all the material as text and excersice books. Looking forward hearing from you. Best wishes // Simone

 Tutor available for 1 more student

SEK 325 / hour  Contact now
Learning Swedish in Bucharest
 Bucharest, Municipiul București, Romania

Improve your Swedish with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

Hi, my name is Corina and I am happy to once again deliver Swedish lessons to anyone interested. Swedish is very similar to Danish and Norwegian and I see it as a bonus, as once you know one language, you will know the other or at least understand quite a lot of what is being said. I work as a University lecturer and so have experience in both face-to-face and online teaching. I speak English and Romanian fluently, so we can add more languages to our lessons. Swedish is an easy language to learn, so we will have fun proceeding through its vocabulary and grammar. Also, visiting Sweden is a must and Swedes appreciate it when visitors show their Swedish skills.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Swedish teacher available in Barcelona
 (1 review)
 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Swedish teacher online near you

Teacher joined in Jan, 2021

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Hi everyone I offer classes in my native language, Swedish. I have lived in Barcelona for 2 years now so I can also speak Spanish decently. I have lived in USA for one year and England for 4 years so my English is almost as good as my Swedish. I am interested in learning languages and I am currently studying Spanish at home to increase my vocabulary. I want to teach Swedish mainly through conversation and focus less on grammar initially. This is a good way to learn and get used to the sounds of Swedish I believe. I have also done the TEFL course in Barcelona, a course for teaching English to foreigners.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

EUR 50 / hour  Contact now
Learn Swedish!
 (1 review)

Learn Swedish with a private course

Teacher joined in Oct, 2020

Hi, My name is Sara and I’m 34 years old. I am born and raised in Sweden. My ethnicity is Kurdish from Iraq. I have a bachelor degree in social behaviour science from Sweden. I used to live in America for 1 year. I have lived in Australia for 2,5 years and I’m working as a youth worker with mental illness. I speak, read and write fluent Swedish, English and Kurdish (sorani) I am happy to teach out those languages as well. I can be flexible with the location. If you are comfortable with teams or with zoom we can do that to.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Swedish with Selma
 (1 review)
 Bosnia & Herzegovina
 Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Private Swedish classes online

Teacher joined in Aug, 2020

My family moved to Sweden when I was 4 years old and I grew up in Falkenberg, a small town on the western coast of Sweden. To study in University, I moved to Helsingborg and studied through Lund University. I personally speak three languages fluently and believe that the best way to learn a language is to have casual conversations. I grew up learning Swedish myself and experienced my parents trying to learn, so I do understand many of the difficulties in trying to learn this language. I‘d be happy to help anyone who’d like to polish their Swedish language!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

EUR 50 / hour  Contact now
Teaches Swedish, English, and Ukrainian to grown-up students
 (4 reviews)
 Åland Islands
 Nora, Sweden

Improve your Swedish with private lessons

Teacher joined in Jun, 2020

I train people in fluent Swedish speech online, from any level, preferably mother tongue English (but others also possible, if your English is enough so we can talk). Classes are individual and therefore very flexible, one can choose time and class duration according to their demands. Normally it takes about 3 months for a person to start talking from scratch with a schedule of 2 regular classes a week. Material is selected individually for every student. Myself I've spent my childhood in Sweden, did my MA and PhD at Örebro University, 2006 and 2012, therefore I am almost a native speaker. I've been teaching Swedish to adults for more then 10 years now. Currently I reside in the countryside so I do not give any live lessons, all of my classes are online and class material is in electronic form. Looking forward our cooperation!

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SEK 200 / hour  Contact now
Hello, my name is Alya El Sakka! I'm used to talking to new people and meet with different cultures, which among other things I have experienced during my time as an exchange student, and like to use the experience in my work
 (2 reviews)
 Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Swedish tutor online near you

Teacher joined in Aug, 2018

Hello, my name is Alya El Sakka! I'm used to talking to new people and meet with different cultures, which among other things I have experienced during my time as an exchange student, and like to use the experience in my work. I hope I have aroused your interest and look forward to a personal meeting where I can tell you more about myself and hear yours too.

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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