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Let's TALK Spanish!
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 Dominican Republic
 South Kensington, SW7 4SE, Kensington and Chelsea, Londres, Gran Londres, Inglaterra, Reino Unido

Private Spanish tutor in City Of London

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

Hello! I'm happy to share with you a proven method that can help you master the Spanish language. Accurate pronunciation is crucial, especially if you already have reading skills in your own language. As a lawyer and educator, my dedication lies in empowering students to achieve their language goals. Our discussions will show you that speaking Spanish can be easier than you may think. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve fluency in Spanish, so we can then focus on grammar and writing. Let's get started! ¡VAMOS HABLAR ESPAÑOL!

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Learn or improve your SPANISH with a Native Spanish Teacher
 Zampa Road, Southwark, Londres, SE16 3LH, Reino Unido

Improve your Spanish with a native teacher

Teacher joined in May, 2023

¡Hola! Would you like to learn or improve your Spanish? I don’t work with books, but I have a course that I created especially for my students. In my classes, I teach not only grammar and vocabulary but also cultural facts about Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, phonetics, spelling, and intonation, in order to speak as naturally as possible and like a native Spanish speaker. I also attach great importance to the spoken language, because it is very important to know what Spanish is currently being spoken on the street. At the end of each class, there will be homework and the homework correction will be ready within 24/48 hours In case you need to cancel one class, please do it 24 hours before our class begins or I will have to charge you for the class If you have any doubts or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

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Aprende Español o Ingles Facil y rapido!
 London Eye, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, Londres, Inglaterra SE1 7PB, Reino Unido

Spanish course in City Of London near you

Teacher joined in Mar, 2023

I am a Financial and real estate broker, and I have been teaching Spanish and English for a long time, i´ve worked as a tutor and interpreter in companies such as the Airforce in Colombia, Oracle, Visa, and some banks. I´m a very easy going person, friendly and patient. with just a few hours a week with me you will learn Spanish or english naturally, we will practice, read and play word games to make it easier for you. Learning a new language can be challenging but once you start to understand and realizing that you evolved, trust me all the efforts you made will be worth it. Hope to meet you soon!

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Unlock Your Spanish Potential: Join today!
 Newcastle Upon Tyne

Learn Spanish with private classes

Teacher joined in Feb, 2023

Hello, I'm Rayco and I am a native Spanish language teacher who is passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. I understand that learning a new language can be a challenging experience, but I believe that with the right approach, anyone can succeed. That's why I focus on making my classes engaging and interactive, using a variety of teaching methods to cater to different learning styles. As for the frequently asked questions of your students, I believe that learning Spanish can be easy if approached in the right way. By creating a supportive and fun learning environment, my students have found that they can quickly pick up the language. The easiest way to learn Spanish is through immersive experiences and regular practice, which I incorporate into my classes. While Spanish may have its challenges, I believe that with dedication and effort, anyone can learn it. As for how much time it takes to learn Spanish, it varies depending on the student's level and commitment, but with consistent practice and guidance, progress can be made quickly.

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Learn Spanish woth a native speaker

Private Spanish lessons in City Of London

Teacher joined in Dec, 2022

I am from Entre Rios, Argentina. I've been a Spanish/English tutor for more than seven years. I Am also a nutritionist so I've been teaching nutrition as well. I love to guide in the process of improving or learning either a new language or about the science of food. I enjoy teaching and making interactive and dynamic lessons. I've been traveling a bit and that gave me new tools and a different perspective for teaching a language, One or up two students in a lesson. Online only. Thanks! *IELTS certified *Teacher´s training college.

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Qualified native Spanish teacher
 England, United Kingdom

Improve your Spanish with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Nov, 2022

*ONLINE LESSONS ONLY* I am passionate about teaching, in particular Spanish. I am from Bilbao but I have been living in the UK since 1997. I have a PGCE from Huddersfield University, a Degree in Tourism from the Universidad de Deusto in Spain, and an MA in Literary Translation and Legal and Financial Translation from Universidad Vic in Spain. I have been teaching Spanish at different Universities and Colleges in the UK since 2000. I am committed to making learning exciting and rewarding. My priority is my students and their learning.

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Learn Spanish in a fun way
 City of London, England, United Kingdom

Spanish teacher in City Of London near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2022

I am Spanish teacher with over seven years of experience teaching Spanish to children and adults. My classes are online. My classes are dinamic, active and interactive. Let`s talk and arrange a demo class to talk about your needs and start learning Spanish. My screen is interactive, i can write and point anywhere and my classes are easy to follow. My classes are focused on the student interests. I can send homework and activities to work in your own time. Dont hesitate to contact me if you are interested

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Certified teacher - Personalized lessons to your needs
 City of London, England, United Kingdom

Learn Spanish with a private course

Teacher joined in Apr, 2022

It is often said that during a lecture, the person who is learning the most is the person giving the lecture. I don't, therefore, intend to lecture you! I will rather guide you as you will demonstrate your own skills. My approach is built around practicing correct speech patterns in a progressive fashion so that when you are ready to have those conversations in a new language, those patterns will naturally express themselves since you have used them so many times before. You will be able to express yourself fluently in no time. I guarantee you that my language coaching will get you from zero to hero within the next 6 to 12 months. About the lesson Teaching and learning should be an enjoyable experience. This way you will get results quickly and efficiently. So, our classes are very flexible. I use energy, humor, and my personality to lighten things up. A lot of people have tried to learn Turkish by studying grammar, reading books, and watching Turkish movies but still lack confidence and fluency when speaking. I have worked with students for the past 10 years. Most of my students initially felt that reaching fluency was impossible. When they came to me, they thought they were doing everything they could, but fluency always seemed beyond their reach. Language is a skill. Knowledge alone is not enough. Like learning to play the piano, it needs to be systematically trained. Practice makes perfect in Turkish Grammar! HOW CAN I HELP YOU I have had to learn French, Italian, Spanish and English so I perfectly understand how it feels to learn a new language and the difficulties that one can come across. I know how to make people fluent. As a long-time learner, I will tailor sessions and give you all my tips to reach your requirements. I am a fully qualified private tutor with over nine years of teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools as well as companies. I also specialize in helping international business people to communicate in Turkish. WHICH LANGUAGES YOU CAN IMPROVE I offer Turkish lessons for beginners to advanced learners. I have spent most of my life studying languages and I am convinced the best way to learn is by making it fun with the right motivation. WHAT IS MY TEACHING METHOD My teaching methods are based on my practical experiences. I particularly work on the early attainment of fluency. I will tailor sessions and give you tips as we learn to reach your requirements. Lessons will cover grammar, speech, reading, and vocabulary. You will develop fluency in Turkish in no time. I tailor each class to your needs. STRUCTURE OF THE LESSONS My lessons consist of conversation and frequent interaction maximizing the use of the language studied. Tasks are based on practical modules such as ordering food at a restaurant. During each lesson, we will work on four different skills; speaking, listening, reading, and writing, using a variety of teaching materials reflecting real-life situations. WHAT GOALS ARE YOU WANTING TO ACHIEVE? – Improving your listening and conversation skills – Explaining grammar rules – Introducing new vocabulary using specific learning methods – Enhancing your writing, speaking, and listening skills MY PAST EXPERIENCE IN TEACHING I have taught Turkish, Spanish, English, French, and Italian to people from Europe, Canada, Russia, Iran, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey, Qatar, Hong Kong, and China, and among them, some were students, teachers, analysts, brokers, nurses, doctors, government executives, business owners, ambassadors, personal trainers, and architects... I also offered a range of translation services to notaries and various Consulates around the world. I have taught Business Turkish to business professionals from France, Italy, and Canada. They achieved a confident, high level of Business in Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, and English. See you in the class! Gorusuruz!

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Spanish native qualified teacher-all levels and ages

Private Spanish classes in City Of London

Teacher joined in Jan, 2022

Hola!! I am Nuria from Spain and I am a qualified Spanish and Music teacher (QTS) in London and Anthropologist. I have more than eight years of experience teaching Spanish in London, working as a freelance and for some languages companies and schools. During the last 20 years, I have developed my teaching skills in different education fields in Spain and London. I have experience teaching children and adults, both in schools and private lessons. I am flexible to the students’ needs and open to all ages and levels: primary, GSCE, A-Levels, University studies, DELE examinations, Hispanic culture... As Anthropologist I could help you with your research or presentations as well. I prepare specific material for each student depending on the knowledge, the goals, or their personal interests. On the other hand, if you won't just to improve your speaking we can work it through conversations about articles, news or other materials of your interest. - Online lessons. - Lessons during the weekend, are available. - Intensive tailored courses, children or adults, ask for the details. References available and DBS checked. I am looking forward to meeting you soon! Many thanks, Nuria

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Experienced Spanish teacher (Online Classes Only)
 City of London, England, United Kingdom

Improve your Spanish with private lessons

Teacher joined in Aug, 2021

My name´s Domingos. I´m originally from Brazil. I´ve been offering Spanish, Portuguese, and English classes as a foreign language since 2009. I've lived in the USA for 5 years and 10 years in Mexico as a Commercial Manager of an Italian company. I currently live in São Paulo - Brasil. If you want to boost your language skills, I´m your teacher! My lessons are customized and focused on speaking and listening. If you are a businessman or woman or an executive of a multinational company and you're looking for improving your Spanish, Portuguese or English skills to be able to communicate with your clients, customers, students, patients...I am your teacher. I´ve preparing executives to take on new management and leadership roles and responsibilities My clients come from a broad range of fields, in both the public and private sector, like banking, metallurgical, plastic, surgical equipment/instruments, PROPOSAL Based on real-life situations, I give students the opportunity to gain practical experience with their language skills. Let´s schedule a trial class now and boost your career.

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Cambridge University Postgraduate Student (Spanish/French)
 United Kingdom
 Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Spanish tutor in City Of London near you

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

Hi! I'm Anneli. I am an MPhil student in Latin American Studies at the University of Cambridge. I've recently graduated from Durham University with First Class Honours in French and Spanish. I have been accepted by the University of Cambridge to do my postgraduate studies. I did a year abroad as part of my degree where I experienced living in Spain and France and even taught English as a second language. I have been doing one-to-one languages tuition for just over 5 years now. Message me if you are interested in having any lessons :) I have experience teaching Spanish and French from various exam boards. Usually, I will focus on your exam needs, and style my lessons around the requirements for certain exams. I am happy to provide a general lesson as a starting point to assess the student's areas of weakness and their strengths. Based on this assessment, I will provide all of the material, guidance, and exercises needed to improve on those areas of weakness. I am happy to go through: grammar, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, or a mixture of all! Anything that suits you, and your needs. 5 years + Private tutoring experience. Fluent in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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Online one-to-one English & Spanish lessons
 Bracknell, England, United Kingdom

Learn Spanish with a private teacher

Teacher joined in May, 2021

I am an online teacher with a few years of tutoring experience. I am a certified TEFL tutor & I have offered English, Spanish, French & Maths tuition to people of all ages. As an avid language learner myself, I'm aware of the challenges of learning a new language. I genuinely enjoy preparing lessons, always adapting to the needs & backgrounds of my students. I believe that everyone has the potential to learn any language. The keys are to be committed & to view the learning process as a thrilling adventure!

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Spanish lessons from a Spanish native
 City of London, England, United Kingdom

Private Spanish course in City Of London

Teacher joined in May, 2021

Hi! I'm Paula, a Master's student at Imperial College London. I started tutoring back in high school and I never stopped. I can help you with your Spanish (my mother language), as well as with Biology, Maths, and Sciences. Send me a message or call my number, and we can discuss timetable options and subjects, up to the bachelor/university level. My experience tutoring is: Primary/Middle School level- 10 years experience- Maths, Technology, Biology, Spanish, English, Natural Sciences, History. Secondary/High School level - 7 years experience - Maths, Biology, Spanish, English, Physics, Chemistry, History. Adult level - 3 years experience - Spanish

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Native Spanish speaker, Learn Spanish Fast with Victor in City of London
 United Kingdom
 Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Improve your Spanish with private classes

Teacher joined in May, 2021

Hola!! I am a professional teacher. I teach French and Spanish in Manchester City. I can adapt my lessons to your level and support you during your learning process. I am studying a postgrad in languages and have three other degrees in design and business. Spanish is a beautiful language to learn and believe me I will do the best to teach you at your pace and progress at the same time. We will start speaking in Spanish and learning expression every day. You will notice your progression in weeks.

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Spanish with Agus//Español con Agus
 (1 review)

Spanish lessons in City Of London near you

Teacher joined in Dec, 2020

What a better way to start 2024 than by gaining confidence? What a better way to gain confidence than by learning a language? ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? I’m Agustina, (you can call me Agus) and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Linguistics and Education Sciences student at University, and I have been teaching lessons for over 10 years. I love talking to and meeting new people. I’m really interested in getting to know new cultures and different points of view. Online teaching has become my full time job because it allows us to connect from everywhere and it makes our busy schedules work: imagine you don't have to commute to any institute, you can take your Spanish lessons from wherever you are :D When it comes to learning Spanish, practice makes perfect! It can be a challenging at first, but with the right theory and practice, you'll master it. My focus is on communication, so we will dedicate the first minutes of our lessons to chatting about your interests so that you feel comfortable using the language. So what are you waiting for? Let's take your Spanish to the next level! ♥

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Learn Spanish having fun, dynamic and practical lessons
 17 Hornsey Street

Learn Spanish with a private tutor

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

I'm Marina and I'm living in London. I've studied Translation and Interpreting and I love languages. I have an excellent knowledge of the Spanish language in all fields and I know English, French and a little bit of Chinese. If anyone is interested in learning any other of those languages, we can arrange a language package that would be cheaper. I also love music, different cultures and meeting new people. I like to discuss things that are going now in the world and how the systems are structured.

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Learn Spanish Fast with Lili in City of London
 United Kingdom

Private Spanish teacher in City Of London

Teacher joined in Jun, 2019

I'm Liliana Ruiz, a Spanish teacher from Colombia with five years of experience teaching in the UK and online. I've had the privilege of teaching not only major companies interested in investing in Latin America, but also individuals curious about our rich culture. My passion for Latin American culture has taken me on journeys throughout the region, and I aspire to showcase the beauty of my continent to the world. I enjoy discussing the history, music, food, and unique aspects of our culture that make us stand out globally. Having also lived in Germany, Colombia, Argentina, and Malta, I have gained valuable insights and can adapt my teaching style to different cultures. My goal is to provide an enriching educational experience that goes beyond language learning, offering a profound understanding of Latin American identity. I invite you to join my classes, where you will not only learn Spanish but also explore the fascinating cultural diversity of Latin America.

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Wonderful Native Spanish Teacher
 Hammersmith, London

Improve your Spanish with a private course

Teacher joined in Oct, 2018

My name is Judith Marin, I’m Teacher of Spanish and Head of MFL in an Independent School in Central London, with a lot of interest in working with you. I have a wealth of experience in teaching Spanish in various countries including the UK. I like to show my students that learning a language is not a burden but a blessing and a way to embrace travelling and appreciating other cultures. My studies combined with my professional experience have given me a deep knowledge about the different dynamics, materials and strategies to enable my students to overcome any challenge that may arise when learning a foreign language. I am an enthusiastic and inspiring language teacher who loves sharing her passion about Spanish language and culture. Teaching languages is a beautiful job because it works towards building bridges between people and cultures. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my students getting to know each other through Spanish, gaining the confidence to communicate in the language and learning about Spanish or Latin American culture.

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English and Spanish Lessons in a fun way!

Spanish classes in City Of London near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2018

(ONLINE LESSONS) ¡Hola! ¿Cómo estás? My teaching method varies greatly based on the learning style of the student (visual/verbal/auditory/logical/practical) as I believe in adjusting my lessons based on the student's needs. I usually evaluate the best method or combination of methods during the first two or three lessons and also based on student's preferences. I have the ability to develop relationships with my students involving myself to facilitate the exchange of information. As my students are from different ages and culture, getting involved with their culture and things they like, would be a better way to exchange information. I have a very patient, caring and kind personality. I care for them, in order to do better, communicate more, refine and improve. At the end of each lesson I always leave homework assignments and I also share the Spanish material so you can study whenever you want. Encourage to learn a second language with me, it will be fun!

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Learn Spanish online or offline with the best private Spanish tutors. Private Spanish lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn Spanish effectively with the help of a native speaking Spanish tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

Find your private tutor

Find your private Spanish tutor

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Start learning Spanish together

The most difficult part in learning a foreign language is the practice, which can be acquired only by conversing with a native speaker. For people willing to practice foreign languages, it is difficult to find a private language tutor who lives or works in their city. TUTOROO has been designed to provide a frictionless experience while connecting tutors to students, for private in-person language lessons.

Spanish Students Reviews


"I've studied with a native tutor for two months because I'm traveling this week. These classes helped me a lot! I loved TUTOROO and am already recommending it to my friends."

- Mark Bariche


"I found the perfect tutor for me, I became able to speak in another language and enjoyed meeting new people from other cultures. I've improved my language skills, without traveling abroad. Thanks TUTOROO!"

Leila Zhing


"Speaking in another language is no longer difficult with the help of a teacher. Getting corrections for your mistakes helps you continue to improve in each lesson."

Andrew Guney

Spanish FAQs

What are the Benefits of Learning Spanish with a Private Tutor?

Learning with a private tutor means you get to learn at your own pace, ask questions whenever you choose and get undivided attention. If you join a group class, you may experience Spanish lessons that are either too slow or go too fast for you.

Here are some top benefits of learning Spanish with a private tutor:

Customized Spanish classes

It's true that people have different learning techniques and styles which are in accordance with their learning skills. Although we all have a blend of learning styles, there is a primary style of learning.

For instance, traditional Spanish classes may focus too much on your vocabulary and quizzes. However, if you're not so good with quizzes, you may get the impression that Spanish is difficult or you'll never get to be fluent in it.

When you take lessons with a private Spanish tutor, you can discuss your preferred learning style with your tutor. Also, your tutor will use the best method of explaining difficult topics to you. Private tutoring helps you to be comfortable while learning and not be put under pressure from being with other students.

It offers better results

One benefit of having a private Spanish tutor is that it allows you to concentrate, offering better results. According to studies, where you take classes can determine how much you'd learn. Also, once you have a particular place where you learn, you can be 100% focused and retain more information. After all, the main essence of taking private Spanish lessons is to learn effectively.

Other benefits are:

  • You get continuous feedback from your Spanish tutor
  • Private lessons improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • You can suggest the topics you're specifically interested in learning
  • You get to learn Spanish any day you choose. It offers flexibility
  • You have the full attention of your Spanish tutor

Which Countries Use Spanish as their Official Language?

From Northern and Southern America to Asia and some parts of Europe, there are about 20 countries in the world where people’s mother tongue is Spanish.

Spanish is a global language and it comes right behind Mandarin Chinese as the second most spoken language in the world. The continent with the most Spanish speakers is the Americas. Mexico has about 110 million native Spanish speakers.

Here is a list of the countries where Spanish is used as the official language:

  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Chile
  • Dominican Republic
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Bolivia
  • Nicaragua
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • El Salvador
  • Paraguay
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Panama
  • Venezuela
  • Spain
  • Honduras
  • Uruguay

How Many People in the World Speak Spanish?

Like Italian, Romanian, Portuguese and French, Spanish is a Romance language. By Romance, we do not mean it is a language of love (although we must admit that many people find Romance languages romantic), it means that the language evolved from Vulgar Latin.

Spanish has its root in the Iberian peninsula which is situated in southwest Europe (present-day Portugal and Spain). Spanish was formed by the Castilian continuation of Vulgar Latin mixed with the Moors' Arabic dialect. After many years of both languages being mixed, standard Spanish was birthed in the 1200s.

In the world, there are over 450 million native Spanish speakers. Right behind Spanish is English with about 360 million native speakers, making it the third most spoken language in the world. Additionally, Spanish ranks as the third most studied language in the world coming after French and English.

Adding to the number of native Spanish speakers, there are about 75 million people in the world that speak Spanish as their second language. Although the US has about 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers and 42 million native speakers, it is the second country with the largest Spanish speakers (Mexico is first). According to a study, there are predictions that the US will overtake Mexico to be the largest Spanish speaking country by 2050.

One of the 24 official languages of the European Union is Spanish. It is also spoken by a small number of people in countries like Germany, the UK, Italy and France.

Why Should I Learn Spanish?

Without a doubt, there are many things you stand to gain when you take Spanish lessons. Not only is Spanish one of the world's most popular languages, but it is also a beautiful language with an interesting history and culture. Additionally, there are about 20 million people in the world studying Spanish in some capacity.

Looking to add another language to your portfolio? Here are some reasons to learn Spanish:

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world

This has to be the most important reason why you should study Spanish. About 6% of the world's population speaks Spanish with it being the mother tongue of over 400 million people. Interestingly, it ranks ahead of English which is a global language.

About 15% of the residents of the European Union speak Spanish as either their first or second language. Likewise, in the US, Spanish is the popular choice of a second language.

Boost your CV

Although learning Spanish can boost your traveling experience in Latino countries, it helps you to work in any Spanish speaking country. When you take Spanish lessons, you have a better chance of studying in a Spanish institution.

When you learn Spanish, you can get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in a Spanish speaking country. The time you spend with the locals not only influences how fluent you become in a short while but also boosts your knowledge of the language. Also, prospective employers in a Spanish based organisation prefer candidates that can communicate effectively in Spanish like a local.

Learning Spanish helps you grasp your mother tongue better

According to studies, you get better at speaking your mother tongue when you learn a second language. It helps you critically analyze your mother tongue and its rules. Also, you pay more attention to sentence structures allowing you to write more complicated sentences in your mother tongue.

Other benefits of learning Spanish include,

  • It is quite easy to learn Spanish
  • It allows you to watch and understand Spanish movies without translated subtitles
  • You can travel to Spanish speaking countries without the need of hiring a Spanish-speaking tour guide
  • Being bilingual delays symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease!

Is Spanish Difficult to Learn?

Let's compare learning a new language to being an athlete. Athletes make it look easy on the field but they have put hours into their sport practice and at times where they really felt like giving all up. Like being an athlete, to learn any language at all, you have to understand it's not easy. However, the fact it's tasking doesn't mean it's difficult.

To learn Spanish, you need plenty of practice, dedication, enthusiasm and talent. Also, your knowledge of a second language can determine how easily you learn Spanish. Learning a new language becomes easy if you've learnt one or two languages before.

In addition, your knowledge of a Romance language can help you learn Spanish easily. Spanish is similar to Italian and Portuguese. However, if you're a native English speaker, things can get pretty difficult.

Being a native English speaker shouldn't stop you from learning Spanish. For instance, Spanish and English share similar sentence structures. Also, some Spanish words are easy to coin from English words which are referred to as English-Spanish cognates.

How Soon Can I Become Fluent in Spanish?

Spanish is quite similar to English making it a category 1 language. Owing to this, it will take you about two years to become fluent in Spanish if you study for one hour a day. However, you can choose to speed things up by learning Spanish with a private tutor for more than one hour every day.

Studying for a minimum of three hours daily can get you to conversation fluency in around six months. Summarily, the more time you spend studying Spanish, the quicker you achieve fluency.

While full immersion is advised, you can have fun while learning Spanish by watching famous Spanish movies, travelling to Spain or reading Spanish novels.

What are the Popular Spanish Tests I Can Take?

To work in a Spanish speaking country, study there or get Spanish citizenship, you need to show you're proficient in the language. All Spanish proficiency tests follow The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standard.

Typically, CEFR, determines how competent you are in a language ranging from A1 which is beginners to C2 (master). Also, the four levels are listening, reading, speaking and writing. Here are the common Spanish proficiency tests you can take.


DELE is suitable for citizenship and Visa seekers, working professionals and post-secondary students. Also, the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport grants the official certification while it's issued by Instituto Cervantes.

All DELE exams follow CEFR grading criteria. Interestingly, it has no expiration date and the passing score for any level in the DELE exam is 60 points. Also, it has six levels of competence,

  • Breakthrough (A1)
  • Waystage (A2)
  • Threshold (B1)
  • Vantage (B2)
  • Effective Operational Proficiency (C1)
  • Mastery (C2)


SIELE is suitable for working professionals and post-secondary students. The SIELE certificate, unlike DELE, only covers C1, B2, B1, A2, and A1 of the CEFR. Also, the certificate expires after five years and has further divisions of four, SIELE global, speaking, writing and listening.

Each SIELE test is graded on a scale of 0 to 250 and results are available after three weeks of taking the test.

Other Spanish proficiency tests include

  • CELU is taken only twice a year and must be done in person.
  • TELC is ideal for post-secondary school students, working professionals, citizenship and Visa seekers.
  • ECL is only suitable for working professionals and visa seekers.

Can my TUTOROO Private Tutor Prepare Me for Spanish Proficiency Tests?

The good thing about having a private Spanish tutor is that they can prepare you for any Spanish proficiency tests. TUTOROO Spanish tutors have firsthand knowledge of Spanish and everything about it. Also, most TUTOROO private tutors are native speakers and have experienced learning a new language. They have experience in taking proficiency tests and preparing students for the same.

TUTOROO hires the best tutors only, each with years of experience and certifications to prove their competence. In the event of you not being pleased with a particular tutor's teaching method, you can request a new tutor.

How Can I Become a TUTOROO Private Spanish Tutor?

At TUTOROO, to ensure students get the best learning experience, our tutors have to be either native Spanish speakers. While we don't necessarily request qualifications or certifications to show your proficiency in Spanish, all tutors undergo a proficiency test. The purpose of the test is to know how capable you are of teaching that language.

Additionally, to become a private Spanish tutor at TUTOROO, you must be able to communicate effectively with your students, and be confident in your skills. Commonly asked questions on becoming a Spanish tutor at TUTOROO are available here Tutor FAQs link.

As a tutor on TUTOROO, you can choose between taking physical or online classes. Depending on your students, you can also have hybrid classes which are a blend of physical and online classes. Also, you can make tutoring in TUTOROO a steady source of income as it's a great way of making money while teaching your mother tongue.

Ready to get started? Sign up here. Our team typically responds to new sign-ups in a maximum of three working days.