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Hsc state rank continues 1&3&5 and extension 3&5 2023
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 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Private Japanese tutor in Sydney

Teacher joined in Jan, 2021

お元気ですか? my students got miracle results 🎊🎉 2023 hsc Staterank Rank 1&3&5 Continuers Japanese Rank 3. Extension Japanese I am a native Japanese teacher , had worked in Japanese tutoring school in Strathfield/ Burwood / chatwood area for more than 15 years I had being teaching more than 200students for 15 years ※courses to teach ※ Japanese beginners. Continuers, extension all courses (hsc) IB ab IB sl & jlpt N2-5 (especially Y10-12) Uni students - helping assessments, preparation of exams ※ any students ※ Selective schools including accelerated class !!! or Local schools , semi-selective HS !!! private school , and Japanese IB courses Of course , welcome Sydney language school Welcome “Primary & junior highschool “ ※Results of Previous students ※※ 2023 result of hsc students Staterank Rank 1&3&5 Continuers Japanese Rank 3&5. Extension Japanese Half of students , state rank are my students 😉😉 2022 My Jrhs student got 99, 95 internal mark .continuers 2021 State Rank 2 continuers , full mark in hsc score 2020 !!! State Rank 2&3&4 extension 2020 * IB Japanese ab - grade 7 (2020) A lot of previous students got State rank in15 years More than 90%of students got band 6 , E4 *Lesson Styles ・individual lesson (a lesson in person )   or a small group lesson (2-3 people ) ・online lesson lesson fee depends on your situation Pls tell me lesson style and school year and time/ location Fusako

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Hi, I'm Haruka! Learn Japanese from a professional tutor!
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 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Teacher joined in Jun, 2019

Hajimemashite! I'm Haruka from Nara, Japan. I have passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test and have been working at a language school in Sydney since September 2018. Since then, I have been teaching different types of learners in both one-on-one and group lesson settings. My students are studying with me to achieve various goals such as... - Learn basic Japanese to prepare for travel - Prepare for exchange study in Japan - Receive support for university study - Pass the JLPT - Understand Japanese in Anime and manga I have many students who have started from a complete beginner and they are now able to communicate in Japanese. I recently tutored a student to prepare for a speech contest organized by the Embassy of Japan in Norway and she successfully won the first prize. Both private and group lessons available in person and online! Feel free to reach me for any questions! *My teaching Philosophy* I believe that speaking and the application of language is the best way to improve! I do my best to maximize the students' speaking time. This helps grammar and pronunciation sink in better. *Tailored lessons for you* I like to tailor lessons individually, depending on students' levels and learning styles through choosing proper materials and carefully monitoring and guiding their progress. I use not only the existing materials, but also handmade materials which I made using various software. - beginner to intermediate levels: a combination of textbook material and speaking practice to introduce and consolidate the grammar. - advanced levels: often complex written material such as manga, novels or magazines that are either the students' choice or my recommendation. - children : games and interactive materials for full student engagement *Lesson structure* A brief summary of how each session goes. 1. Introduction of grammar Grammar of the lesson with example sentences and visual aids are introduced. 2. Grammar Practice Students practice grammar by changing the syntax with new vocabulary. 3. Conversation Practice Students learn and practice creating conversation using the grammar 4. Listening exercises Students listen to either pre-recorded or personally spoken conversation at native speed. *Languages used for teaching* Mainly Japanese to immerse students in the language A combination of English and Japanese is used to assist beginners

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Japanese for anyone
 Bella Vista, New South Wales, Australia

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Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

Anyone who wants to learn the Japanese language here is the best platform! I'm 2 years experienced with Japanese high school life and graduated from Japanese high school in 2019. you can learn online with original Japanese tutorials and materials and especially you can improve your communication skills by talking with native Japanese speakers if you join my classes. I strongly focus on weak students who have the desire to learn the Japanese language and past students who achieved well in their results in Advanced level exams in Japanese. Here is your chance Visit to Japan virtually by gaining knowledge of Japanese. all the Japanese cultural experiences you can enjoy from your home from our classes. especially those who are taking the Japanese language proficiency tests and those who hope to get a job in Japan here is the best chance to learn the language. you can virtually contact your same-age Japanese friends and you can make Japanese friends while you learning the language. DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO START YOUR FUTURE JOURNEY WITH THE JAPANESE LANGUAGE.

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I was an elementary school teacher in Japan.
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 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

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Teacher joined in Oct, 2023

I was an elementary school teacher in Japan. As for my qualifications, I have an elementary school license, a junior high school social studies license, and a high school Japanese history license. I think Japanese is very difficult. This is because you need to distinguish between hiragana, katakana, and kanji. However, since I was an elementary school teacher, I can teach you step by step. I would like to focus on studying the words and sentences that you want to speak and use often so that you can quickly acquire Japanese. Therefore, the focus will be on conversation. We will check the words, incorrect sentences, and pronunciations from the conversation that you were unable to say and try to say them. In addition to that, we will also carefully study grammar and other aspects one by one.

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Private Japanese lessons in Sydney

Teacher joined in May, 2022

皆さん初めまして! 私の名前は、まい(26歳)です。 出身は福井県で、日本での現在の住まいは神奈川県横浜市です。 現在はオーストラリアのシドニーにてワーキングホリデーをしています。 日本では塾講師として約2年間英語の先生をしていました。個別指導塾だったので、1人1人の生徒のレベルに合った指導をしてきました。 tutorooでは1年前日本語のオンライン教師として指導していましたが、今回また機会が出来たので新しく生徒様を募集しています。 教えることが大好きなので、私のレッスンでは生徒さんが1つでも多く「出来る」が増えるように頑張ります! 私の授業内容については、生徒様のご希望や日本語勉強においてのゴールなどをお聞きし、要相談で決めたいと思っています。 Hello, my name is Mai (26) from Japan. My hometown is Fukui, but I live in Yokohama, Kanagawa. At the moment, I’m in Sydney, Australia for a working holiday, this is my second year in Australia. I lived in Gold Coast and Cairns last year. I worked at Private Cram (tutoring) School as an English teacher for 2 years in Japan. I had students of various ages from primary school to high school. I taught English them based on student's level as it was 1 on 1 class. I loved my teaching job, especially when I could see their improve, it makes me happy. Also I'm really patient with students when they struggle because I also went through the same problems when I learned new language, I hope we can enjoy the process, enjoy learning Japanese together ! I was an online Japanese teacher last year, but I got opportunity to be a teacher again so I am looking for new students. Learning Japanese might be not easy for English speakers because the Japanese language is totally different language from English, also we have 3 different types of letters (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). So it’ll take time to learn but we can learn little by little for sure, no stress ! About my lesson, we can discuss and decide what you want to learn or your goal for your Japanese study. Anyway, let's enjoy studying together and I would give you my best to support you ! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me. Thanks !

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Master practical Japanese for better conversations
 Redfern, New South Wales, Australia

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Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Kon'nichiwa! I'm Masa from Japan. I have over a decade of experience in education (especially in zoology), and I have also enjoyed teaching languages to my foreign friends sometimes. I am passionate about teaching and assisting people in various ways. My private lessons will suit those who want to learn natural conversation, moving away from the often unnatural dialogue found in textbooks. Additionally, I can teach you high-level Japanese writing skills. My lessons are designed to cater to your specific needs such as: - Basic Japanese lessons for travel - University students and business persons aspiring to study/work in Japan - Preparation for Japanese presentations in academic or business settings - Japanese report writing check While I prioritize natural conversation, I am flexible and can use existing textbook materials based on your level. I offer both in-person and online lessons to accommodate your preferences. Share your interests and let me know your goals in Japanese conversation – I'm all ears and excited to help you reach your language goals. Looking forward to our language learning journey together. Yoroshiku!

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