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 Hong Kong

Private Japanese tutor in Hong Kong

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

有日本高中教師資格,並且有豐富的教授日本語經驗,於3年間教授超過100名學生日本語。 透過今年(2024年)移居香港的契機,創立日大前日本語教室 (黃埔站徒步3分鐘)。學生的年齡層由3嵗到60嵗,日本語的初學者以至日本語的超級資深學習人士均有教學經驗。 我的强項 ①.1對1教學的堅持 我們確信透過1對1的課堂,能夠度身定制適合您的學習課程,可以高效率地、並且以最短的時間内幫助您提升您的日語能力(如果希望小班教學的話,我們亦有提供小班日語課程)。 ②.24小時解答問題​ 如果有不明白的問題的話,隨時可以向導師查詢。​​​ 我會盡量在12小時之内回答您的問題。 ③.多種多樣的授課模式​ 網上授課、面授課堂,隨時隨地能根據您的需要上課。透過我們的網站,可以簡單地預約課堂,也可付款。如果選擇面授課程,亦可以用現金付款。 非常榮幸地,由於以上的各項,以及創校人麻生先生對日本語教學的熱誠和堅持,學生的評價甚高。麻生先生態度誠懇可親,教授過的學生有3嵗的小朋友,日語考試JLPT的應届考生,日本語的上級學習者,甚至於日本工作的上班族也曾被麻生老師任教。 因此,不僅是單一的考試技巧班,我們還提供Kids小朋友日語課程 (包括Kumon補習),為上級者而設的工作面試課程(教授報考日本企業時所需的簡歷書和Entry Sheet)等等。實際上,麻生老師的學生當中,於2023年便有4位學生得到日本企業的就業機會。 我們將爲您達成終極目標(無論那是到日本升學,定居和工作等)作出最大限度地支持。 如果希望英語或廣東話的説明的話,我們亦有擁有日語最高資格JLPT N1的香港人老師可以幫忙解答問題。 He is qualified as a Japanese high school teacher and has rich experience in teaching Japanese. He has taught Japanese to more than 100 students in 3 years. Taking advantage of the opportunity of moving to Hong Kong this year (2024), we established the Nichidai-mae Japanese Language Classroom (a 3-minute walk from Huangpu Station). The age range of students ranges from 3 to 60 years old, and we have teaching experience from beginners of Japanese to super advanced Japanese learners. my strengths ①.Persistence in one-on-one teaching We are convinced that through one-to-one classes, we can tailor a study course that suits you, and can help you improve your Japanese language skills efficiently and in the shortest possible time (if you want small class teaching, we also provide small classes Japanese language courses). ②.24 hours to answer questions​ If you have any questions that you don’t understand, you can always ask the instructor. ​​​ I will try to answer your questions within 12 hours. ③.Various teaching modes​ Online classes, face-to-face classes, classes can be given anytime, anywhere according to your needs. Through our website, you can simply book a class and make payment. If you choose face-to-face classes, you can also pay in cash. Fortunately, due to the above and the enthusiasm and persistence of the founder, Mr. Aso, in Japanese language teaching, students have rated it very highly. Mr. Aso has a sincere and approachable attitude. The students he has taught include 3-year-old children, fresh graduates of JLPT, advanced learners of Japanese, and even office workers working in Japan. Therefore, not only a single exam skills class, we also provide Japanese language courses for kids (including Kumon tutoring), job interview courses for advanced students (teaching resumes and entry sheets required when applying for Japanese companies), etc. In fact, among Mr. Aso’s students, 4 students will receive employment opportunities from Japanese companies in 2023. We will provide maximum support for you to achieve your ultimate goal (whether it is to study in Japan, settle down, work, etc.). If you would like explanations in English or Cantonese, we also have Hong Kong teachers with the highest Japanese qualification, JLPT N1, who can help answer your questions.

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Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Hi, I am Yumi, - a native Japanese. - a Language & Culture Coach -teaching experiences in both schools (including universities and HKU space etc) and privately and - experience in both in face-to-face and online. Preference: Basic teaching mode is Online If time and place allowed for both of us, First meeting & every three month consultation meeting: face-to-face (if doable, depending on time slot/timing/place) From my teaching experience at universities in HK, I know where Hong Kong people will need some tips. I can assist you by using a bit of Cantonese/Mandarin.. . My students often have been praised by native Japanese people for their beautiful pronunciation, their cultural knowledge, communication skills, and their speaking ability . So if you would like to attain good standard , you may choose me as your Japanese Language coach. Lesson -tailor-made to suit your needs and goals -Interactive and communicative lesson - Fun and pace at your own speed -Teaching materials and the method will vary in order to suit your needs -give good and clear explanation Subjects and Levels - Zero Beginner: if you want to have a good foundation. Pronunciation, if you like to be able to pronounce beautifully, It is the best to start learning from a professional teacher, - Intermediate - Advanced - Conversation - Pronunciation Clinic (train your pronunciation) - Listening Strategies - Presentation skills in japanese - Writing - Reading - Business Japanese - Japanese literature - N1-N5 JLPT preparation My qualifications -Fluent in English / -beginner level in Cantonese/Mandarin -former Lecturer of Japanese Language & Culture in universities in Hong Kong (24 yrs) -gave Presentation in symposiums -gave talks in monthly meetings of Society of Japanese Language Education, Hong Kong -License holder of English teacher in Japan (high school and junior high) -MA in Applied Linguistics ( bilingual brain function, strategies of learning & teaching languages) , University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) - Prof. David Nunan -BA in International and Cultural Studies, Tsuda University (Tokyo)

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Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

◆Face to Face & Online Lesson◆ こんにちは(ko n ni chi wa), I am a Native Japanese Tutor with an International and Corporate background. I will give you the confidence to interact with native Japanese speakers in a social or business environment. Born in Osaka, I have lived in Hong Kong for over 10 years. Graduated from Kansai Gaidai University in Foreign Studies. I worked for over 10 years across Asia. I can suit your learning needs while being fun and effective. ◆Teaching methodology & topics: - Tailor-made materials - Interactive and fun lessons - Emphasis on communication and pronunciation - Travel to Japan - Business in Japan - Lifestyle in Japan - JLPT 5-1 exam ★PLEASE DO NOT MAKE PAYMENT ON THE PLATFORM BEFORE I CONFIRM THE LESSON.★

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Japanese Language Lecturer
 Hong Kong, Central and Western, Hong Kong

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

I have experience living in Japan for 7 years. I am an active Japanese interpreter and translator for companies and NGOs. My qualifications: M.Mus from KYOTO CITY UNIVERSITY OF ARTS, KYOTO, JAPAN B.Mus from UENO GAKUEN UNIVERSITY, TOKYO, JAPAN Diploma in Japanese Language from BUNKA INSTITUTE OF LANGUAGE, TOKYO, JAPAN Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N1 My teaching style: - I design lesson plans and prepare instruction materials according to students' needs. - I teach not only the language but also the Japanese culture. As Noam Chomsky said, "A language is not just words. It's a culture, a tradition, a unification of a community, a whole history that creates what a community is. It's all embodied in a language." 宜しくお願い申し上げます。

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Learn Japanese and know more about the cultural history
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 Hong Kong, Central and Western, Hong Kong

Private Japanese lessons in Hong Kong

Teacher joined in Jun, 2021

I'm a Japanese from Kyoto. Among the regions in Japan, Kyoto is a popular historical spot that attracts not only visitors from the world, but also Japanese domestic visitors. There is a lot of interesting cultural stories and Japanese manners I can share with you. -Fluent in English (lived in UK for 9years) -License holder of English teacher in Japan (high school and junior high) -Major in Linguistics (phonology and bilingual brain function, strategies of learning languages) in University in Kyoto -Can explain the phonology of Japanese comparing to English

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Hello! I am Joanne from Hong Kong. I had stay in japan for study few years and i am also working in the Japan company in Hong Kong. I am can clearly to teach Hong Kong People the local Japanese and I know what is the main pro
 Hong Kong SAR China
 油麻地, 九龍 Kowloon, 中国

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Teacher joined in Dec, 2018

Hello! I am Joanne from Hong Kong. I had stay in japan for study few years and i am also working in the Japan company in Hong Kong. I am can clearly to teach Hong Kong People the local Japanese and I know what is the main problem of the Hong Kong people when they learn Japanese. I hope I have the chance to be with you on Japanese.

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