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Effective&Communicative Japanese Learning at your own pace

Private Japanese Tutor in Hong Kong and Online

Hi, I am Yumi,
- a native Japanese.
- a Language & Culture Coach
-teaching experiences in both schools (including universities and HKU space etc) and privately and
- experience in both in face-to-face and online.

Basic teaching mode is Online
If time and place allowed for both of us, First meeting & every three month consultation meeting: face-to-face (if doable, depending on time slot/timing/place)

From my teaching experience at universities in HK, I know where Hong Kong people will need some tips. I can assist you by using a bit of Cantonese/Mandarin..
. My students often have been praised by native Japanese people for their beautiful pronunciation, their cultural knowledge, communication skills, and their speaking ability . So if you would like to attain good standard , you may choose me as your Japanese Language coach.

-tailor-made to suit your needs and goals
-Interactive and communicative lesson
- Fun and pace at your own speed
-Teaching materials and the method will vary in order to suit your needs
-give good and clear explanation

Subjects and Levels
- Zero Beginner: if you want to have a good foundation. Pronunciation, if you like to be able to pronounce beautifully, It is the best to start learning from a professional teacher,
- Intermediate
- Advanced
- Conversation
- Pronunciation Clinic (train your pronunciation)
- Listening Strategies
- Presentation skills in japanese
- Writing
- Reading
- Business Japanese
- Japanese literature
- N1-N5 JLPT preparation

My qualifications
-Fluent in English /
-beginner level in Cantonese/Mandarin
-former Lecturer of Japanese Language & Culture in universities in Hong Kong (24 yrs)
-gave Presentation in symposiums
-gave talks in monthly meetings of Society of Japanese Language Education, Hong Kong
-License holder of English teacher in Japan (high school and junior high)
-MA in Applied Linguistics ( bilingual brain function, strategies of learning & teaching languages) , University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong) - Prof. David Nunan
-BA in International and Cultural Studies, Tsuda University (Tokyo)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way to learn Japanese in Hong Kong?

(1)A very orthodox method is repetition. If you can repeatedly speak/listen/write/read (both in boring way and also fun way) language becomes easier. Practice in various ways in various situations in order not to get bored. (2)Making association between new and old knowledge in your brain will make learning easier. If you can always make association between your own Language and/or English AND Japanese. (3) And also In Hong Kong, there are such abundant resources such as Japanese restaurants, Japanese festivals, Japanese people activities, Japanese food/snacks. So I would encourage you to go out and grab these opportunities to practice (read/listen/speak/write) in Japanese and with Japanese people.

Is Japanese easy to learn?

Bottom line: there is no languages easy to learn. :) As long as you are passionate and never give up learning, it will be fun and easy. Normally it takes 1-3 months to get used to the language if you are beginner. However sometimes, it also depends on the individual. One of my students of 60's took almost a year to get used to Japanese. And it is depending on your perception, compatibility, and also ability. It also depends on individual needs and goals. If you can learn by yourself, that's wonderful. However, To keep up learning languages, it is always helpful for most of the people to have someone to encourage you, motivate you, and give appropriate guidance/knowledge to you. That's where a coach will come in! Coach is like a life coach. Coach will give you guidance and assistance in need.

900 HKD
per hour

Tutor available
  for 1 more
student only!

Tutor available for online lessons or in-person private lessons in the following areas:

ONLINE. ***depending on timing and location in HK, there may be a chance to do face to face.

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