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 Riga, Vidzeme, Latvia

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Teacher joined in Apr, 2022

I am a native Urdu-speaking person. I am currently preparing my thesis and will graduate next year. I am not quite experienced with teaching, but I will try my best to put effective teaching methods into action and provide better education to my students. Urdu isn't as difficult as it seems, but not easy either. Of course, it's best to learn it in person and discuss it in groups. Most important thing is to keep practicing it (both verbally and written) It might take up to 2 months to learn Urdu basics(alphabet, numbers, grammar, etc)

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Urdu Language Teacher, Learn Urdu Fast with Amna in Riga
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 Tartu, Tartu maakond, Estonia

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

(ONLINE LESSON) My name is Amna. I did Masters in Mathematics from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am a teacher by profession. I was working as a Mathematics and Urdu teacher in Qatar. I am a native Urdu speaker. I have been teaching Urdu as a subject as well as a language to pre-primary and primary level students & also teaching Urdu as a language in different parts of the world on different platforms. I especially work on the pronunciation of Urdu alphabets. I love to teach little ones as well as adults. I am a fun-loving teacher. I believe in soft teaching skills because with joy anyone can easily learn anything.

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Urdu Language Tutor, Learn Urdu Fast with Fahd in Riga
 Riga, Latvia

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Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

I am the creator of the Learn Urdu group and page on Facebook, which have 20k+ members and 17k+ followers respectively. I have been posting content on the page for almost 10 years, which I compiled into a book. It is available on Amazon kindle along with two other books I wrote - "Learn Urdu Grammar" and "Read Urdu and Acquire It". All the content I created is targeted towards a beginner level for foreigners. I have experience teaching online and I understand how to get someone started in Urdu. Spoken Urdu is very similar to Hindi. The differences are mostly in some vocabulary. Urdu and Hindi natives can easily converse with each other. So some fluency in Urdu opens up most of Pakistan and Northern India to travellers.

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