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 Ankara, Ankara, Türkiye

Private Urdu tutor in Ankara

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

4+ Years experience Teaching Urdu Languages. Also a certified teacher. Doing Government Job as Urdu Teacher. Graduated With a Master's degree in Urdu and also a diploma in Physics. I am a very professional and innovative teacher who focuses on learners' needs and tries to sort out their weak areas. My teaching style is very simple and easy. Experts in spoken Urdu, writing and reading skills, tense Understanding, phrases, and daily usage sentences in Urdu language.

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Urdu expert. Teacher here. Come students come students
 Ankara, Ankara, Türkiye

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Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

My name is Shabana and Urdu is my native language. l can teach easily l complete all 16 classes and can fulfill the requirements of students regarding what they want to learn, writing or speaking. l will do everything for my students. Urdu is my native language so l can teach easily. l can take a demo if you want. Students can speak Urdu frequently. Many people need Urdu for jobs, and some students like to speak Urdu. l am an expert in this language. Need students as l am very excited to teach.

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Urdu Teacher, Learn Urdu Fast with Nazir in Ankara
 Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

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Teacher joined in Aug, 2022

I am from India Kashmir and a purely Muslim expert in teaching Urdu. I am PG in Urdu having NET and B.Ed I have 22years of teaching experience. Urdu is very easy to understand. I am sure that I will make students little time to read, write and understand, Urdu is very easy to learn in the play way method. It is never difficult for Urdu to understand like English Hindi or other languages. I am quite confirmed regarding my teaching Urdu in the nonboring manner in which students get much interested.

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Urdu and English language instructor
 Muratpaşa, Antalya, Turkey

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Teacher joined in Jun, 2020

Contact me for Urdu and English language proficiency. Available on hourly basis. Satisfaction guaranteed. After having some language sessions with me. I am sure you will be quite satisfied about language learning. The best way to be quick learner. Speak as much as you can. And speak the language how it is spoken. Daily language needs atleast two, three hours practice. The most powerful tool is online newspaper of concerned language. Any language can be learn best from the native language instructor. There is difference between language instructor and language teacher.

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A Skilled Teacher with Experience to share
 Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi, Ankara, Ankara, Turkey

Private Urdu lessons in Ankara

Teacher joined in Jan, 2020

EXPERIENCE 01/08/2015–31/07/2017 Teacher Assistant @ BODMAS Teaching Centre 01/08/2017–20/06/2019 Teacher Assistant @ SKH SolutionsEDUCATION Graduated From Habib Public School in 2017 with Cambridge International Assessment Examination O-Level, Karachi, Pakistan. Graduated from Cedar College, Clifton, Karachi with Cambridge International Examination A-Level. • Achieved a total of 6A* and 2A’s in the O-level Examinations and straight stars in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Additional Mathematics • Achieved a total of 3A* and 1A in A-level Examinations with Subject Compositions as follows: Accelerated Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Physics A*, Further Mathematics A COMMUNICATION I have been tutoring for the past 4 years and I am pretty much proficient in teaching in both languages of English and Urdu. LEADERSHIP • Lead Cedar College Delegation in Omicron 2018 & 2019 achieving the Best Delegation award • Lead Habib’s Hockey and Football Teams in Pakistan Tour Sports Cycle achieving the Best Sport’s Team and runner up prize • Lead the Student Body of Habib Public School

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Hello everyone, my name is Yasir. I am a Pakistani born muslim with Urdu as my native language. I have used Urdu as medium of my studies till HSSC. I have completed my BS in Software Engineering. Now I am an online freelancer

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Teacher joined in Jul, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Yasir. I am a Pakistani born muslim with Urdu as my native language. I have used Urdu as medium of my studies till HSSC. I have completed my BS in Software Engineering. Now I am an online freelancer and well equipped with teaching skills.

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