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Vietnamese language & culture for kids - Dạy kèm Tiếng Việt

Private Vietnamese Tutor in Vancouver and Online

Born and raised in Vietnam, I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia.

Alongside my day job as a People Strategy Consultant, I am currently the Head Tutor at Bilingo Explorers Vancouver.

With over 6 years of experience, my focus is on personalized math and language sessions for kids aged 6-15. I tailor each session to their unique learning styles, ensuring a meaningful and effective educational experience.

My approach is holistic, focusing not only on language skills but also on creating a deep connection with Vietnamese heritage.

I go beyond conventional methods, using folk stories, catchy songs, and an introduction to Vietnamese food, culture, and traditions. This immersive approach helps your child speak, read, and write in Vietnamese with confidence and comfort.

I am offering private lessons, either on Zoom or in person at the convenience of your home

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to learn Vietnamese in Vancouver?

Learning Vietnamese should be accessible and straight forward.

Is Vietnamese easy to learn?

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam and has around 86 million native speakers. It is spoken by Vietnamese communities worldwide, and its significance extends beyond Vietnam due to diaspora populations in various countries.

Despite its complexity, the younger age group often finds it more accessible, making the learning process more efficient. The bilingual advantage not only increases their future employability but it is also a fun and meaningful way for children in Vancouver to connect with their rich Vietnamese heritage.

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