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During my education and business life, I was successful in communicating with people and working both alone and in groups. I have a personality that manages to remain calm in crisis situations and does not panic. I always try to be cheerful and kind. At my first workplace at the media house Balkan News, my style of working with people and my contribution were appreciated.
I learned a lot at this workplace. Considering that it was my first real work experience, I can say that I matured here and learned a lot about business life. This workplace offered me many new opportunities and allowed me to meet new people. Since working as a news translator, both my Turkish and English have improved. In addition to the news, I translated videos and some documents for the Turkish embassy. I also recorded short news in Turkish and thus learned more about politics.
I am in my fourth year of university. I achieved very good success in classes. In the past three years, I have always been a successful and diligent student. In addition to Turkish language and literature, I also attend psychology classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Turkish easy to learn?

It is easy to learn Turkish. I am a person who spoke both Turkish and Bosnian from a young age and when I compare it is much easier to learn Turkish than Bosnian. With a good explanation and a good teacher everything can be solved.

How much time does it take to learn Turkish in Sarajevo?

Diligent students manage to use the language even within a year.

20 BAM
per hour

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I would like to teach them online Turkish language.

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