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I love languages
 Bosnia & Herzegovina
 Akademika Petra Mandica 15

Private Bosnian tutor in Sarajevo

Teacher joined in Jun, 2022

I love languages, I learn and improve in speaking and understanding different languages, I find it exciting, like the evolution of the words and pronunciations. I love to teach and share what I know and make it easier and simpler for understanding. I have experience in teaching English for two years in the two Centres for healthy aging in Sarajevo. I lived abroad in Romania for 1 year and I do learn Romanian language every day since then. I am also interested in learning other languages and generally in languages, communicating, speaking and understanding. It's possible to learn, understand, speak and master any language with fun and joy in the process.

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Bosnian language tutor
 Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2023

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Hello everyone! My lessons are going to be based on students' needs. I try to be as relaxed and understanding as possible so my students feel free to express themselves no matter what level of their Bosnian language skills are. I want to give my students enough room to try to speak and listen to them in order to understand where they struggle the most. All my lessons are customized to my student's needs and level of Bosnian language! I encourage critical thinking in my classroom and create a supportive atmosphere where students feel comfortable to open up and practice their language skills.

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Learn with positivity and creativity
 Bosnia & Herzegovina
 Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

During my education and business life, I was successful in communicating with people and working both alone and in groups. I have a personality that manages to remain calm in crisis situations and does not panic. I always try to be cheerful and kind. At my first workplace at the media house Balkan News, my style of working with people and my contribution were appreciated. I learned a lot at this workplace. Considering that it was my first real work experience, I can say that I matured here and learned a lot about business life. This workplace offered me many new opportunities and allowed me to meet new people. Since working as a news translator, both my Turkish and English have improved. In addition to the news, I translated videos and some documents for the Turkish embassy. I also recorded short news in Turkish and thus learned more about politics. I am in my fourth year of university. I achieved very good success in classes. In the past three years, I have always been a successful and diligent student. In addition to Turkish language and literature, I also attend psychology classes.

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