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Learn Turkish with T.Sefa
 Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Private Turkish tutor in Tokyo

Teacher joined in May, 2024

Hi to everyone, I am T. Sefa from Turkey. I am currently residing in Thailand. I work as an English Teacher here. I know the way how to learn and Teach different languages. If you wanna learn Turkish with a creative and funny Teacher I am here for you. You will also practice your English while learning Turkish with me :) 皆さんこんにちは。私はトルコ出身の T. サファです。現在タイに住んでいます。私はここで英語教師として働いています。さまざまな言語を学び、教える方法を知っています。創造的で面白い先生と一緒にトルコ語を学びたいなら、私があなたのためにここにいます。私と一緒にトルコ語を学びながら、英語も練習しましょう :)

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Private Turkish Lessons
 Suginami, 東京都, Japan

Improve your Turkish with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

Merhaba! This is Yiğit from Turkey. I was teaching Turkish back in my education life. Right now, I am here to help you with your Turkish studies. We can talk about your plans and generate lesson plans according to your goals. About me: - Tourism Guidance BA - Tourism Management MSc - Worked in International Medical Service - Currently learning Japanese and helping people with Turkish - Native Turkish Speaker Lesson requirements: -Understanding of basic English こんにちは、トルコのイートです。私は学生時代にトルコ語を教えていました。今は、トルコ語の勉強のお手伝いをさせていただいています。あなたの目標に合わせたレッスンプランを作成しようとおもっております。宜しくお願い致します。 私について -観光指導学士 -観光管理学修士 -国際医療業務に従事 -現在、日本語を学びながら、トルコ語で人助けをしています。 -トルコ語ネイティブスピーカー

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Joyful classes on Turkish and Turkish culture in Kyoto

Turkish course in Tokyo near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

Merhaba! I am Duygu from Turkey. I have been living in Japan for 4 years and currently doing my PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Alongside my education, I love connecting with people and have meaningful interactions. If you are interested in Turkish culture and learning Turkish or if you need bilingual or trilingual comparative lessons on Turkish, Japanese and English, I offer interactive classes both online and face to face. I have been teaching Turkish in Japanese for the last three years and I also have experience in teaching English to kids and adults. Let's curate your Turkish classes according to your special needs!

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Private and online classes with native Turkish speaker
 東京都練馬区豊玉中3-20-1 コリビングハウス L 練馬Ⅲ 207号室

Learn Turkish with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2021

こんにちは! 私の名前はチャータイです。トルコで地理情報工学を卒業しましたそれから東京で今日本語を勉強しています。私の母語はトルコ語ですのでトルコ語を教えることができます。そして私は英語もがとても得意です。 よろしくお願いします。 Hello! My name is Çağatay. Since my graduation from Geomatics Engineering in Karadeniz Technical University, I decided to move Japan to improve my Japanese skills and be able to work here as an engineer. However, this is a long process and I still need some time to reach that optimal level. Regarding to this goal I realised that providing language lessons would help the new Turkish learning candidates and my Japanese. Therefore, I created this account. Surprisingly, Turkish grammar and Japanese grammar has a lot of common points. All you need is getting the right instructions and practising as much as possible.

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Turkish teacher in Yokohama
 Tokyo, Japan

Private Turkish lessons in Tokyo

Teacher joined in Aug, 2020

こんにちは!Andacです。早稲田大学の修士号を完成しました。今横浜辺に住んでいます。母語はトルコ語です。英語も上手にできると思います。日本語がまだ習い中です:)トルコ語を気に入る人に手伝いたいです。 Merhaba! This is Andaç from İstanbul, Turkey. I completed the master degree program in Waseda University as a chemical engineer. Right now I live in North Kanagawa. I can speak Turkish and English. Japanese is on the way :) Japanese and Turkish have lots of things in common such as pronunciation or grammar. However there are not many Turkish learner in Japan, so the number of Turkish schools is very few. I would like to help people who want to learn Turkish from a native speaker. Görüşmek üzere!

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I love you
 Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Improve your Turkish with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

I can speak French.ggrcf5f5v5hh h6h6h6g6gff Do add teaching experiences, certifications, qualifications, etc. - Do add information about you that will make your profile standout. DON’Ts: - Do NOT add full name, date of birth, contact information, and personal/other website links.

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Best guy to chat with
 Tokyo, 東京都, Japan

Turkish teacher in Tokyo near you

Teacher joined in Mar, 2020

Hey, I am Demi! I’m a creative growth-minded person. I like creating projects. I like learning how systems work. I’m also heavily interested in personal growth-focused mainly on my mind. I'm a developer, a breakdancer and a game designer. Curious? Message to learn more.

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I am a civil engineer and I live in Tokyo learning Japanese.
 Tokyo, 東京都, Japan

Learn Turkish with a private course

Teacher joined in Dec, 2019

Merhaba :) I am a civil engineer, I know the way how to learn and to teach foreign languages. I have learned English and French by my self. I have been in many countries in 3 continental ( Europe, Asia, and Africa).

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