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Private Turkish tutor in Munich

Teacher joined in Nov, 2022

Hey, Turkish enthusiast! My name is Anıl, or in Turkish, "Benim adım Anıl." (It's never too early to start learning, huh? :P) I am a native Turkish speaker who is currently pursuing his master's degree at the Technical University of Munich and regardless of your current level, I would be happy to help you in your learning process with my extensive knowledge of the language, both in a practical and theoretical sense. I have a lot of teaching experience in different fields and I consider myself pretty good at explaining things in an understandable and simplistic way. While teaching, I always focus on finding the best ways to explain a particular topic by observing the student's current needs and her/his level: If you think a topic is highly complicated and you seem like you are struggling with it, no worries at all, you get a very detailed, simplified and concrete explanation for that. Or if you feel confident in a particular subject, here you go, we just practice it with various examples and move on! So everything is tailored considering your needs! You might think Turkish is a difficult language to learn and maybe it is true to some extent, but it also has some really cool advantages compared to most European languages. Here are some "fun facts" about the Turkish language you might find interesting if you don't know about them yet: - In Turkish, there are no articles such as "der, die, das" in German or "el, la, lo" in Spanish, Turkish is a gender-neutral language! Actually, there are no articles at all, not even something like "the"! - Even the things that nature has a gender associated with them are genderless in Turkish! There are no "he, she, it", we say "o" and that's it! - Sometimes a 10-word sentence in English can easily be formulated as a single word in Turkish thanks to its suffixes and agglutinative structure! This may sound scary at first, but it's super fun when you get the logic behind it! With some desire to learn and regular practice, it is highly possible to hold simple conversations in Turkish in a very short time. I am looking forward to teaching you and "görüşürüz." :)

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Learn Turkish in a funny way with an engineer (C1 English)
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Improve your Turkish with a native teacher

Teacher joined in May, 2022

Hii I can meet you or we can make online speaking/teaching sessions. I'm an engineer who works as a strategy specialist in a multinational company, graduated from one of the best universities in Turkey, Istanbul Technical University. I volunteered for a year in an NGO to spend time with disadvantaged kids(refugees, visually impaired, etc.) so I have teaching experience and also I give private lessons to school children besides my routine job. I'm in love with traveling and getting learn about new cultures/people I visited 13 countries (I'm a C1 English Speaker with an 7p IELTS certificate and eager to learn German ) I like to do everything in an entertaining way, but also I follow the rules and I'm a punctual person. So neither a strict teacher nor for a best buddy, something in the middle :)

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Learn To Speak Turkish Easily (For All Levels)
 Munich, Bayern, Germany

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

My name is Ceyhun. I am 36 years old, and I am continuing my academic studies here in Munich at Technische Universitat. In addition to being a native speaker of Turkish, I have a general interest in languages. Turkish is definitely not Esperanto, and it is not the easiest language to learn : a) Mostly due to its syntax (that is quite different from most European languages), b) The type/ordering of suffixes However, as in many languages, it is about getting used to that particular language. And that's why practice, practice, and more practice - especially speaking to a native - would really lift you up in your skills in only some month's time. I speak very clearly and easily comprehensible both in Turkish and English. And since I speak in the prestigious dialect of Turkish, the students who learn Turkish from me would "also" be able to follow Turkish films, TV series, etc. I have more than 10 years of teaching experience, so the students can rest assured that they are learning from a qualified tutor.

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Native Turkish Speaker living in Munich

Learn Turkish with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2021

I live in Munich for 3 years and in Germany for 5 years. I'm a native Turkish speaker. I have passed the IELTS exam before my master's study in Germany. I also have a German B2 Telc certificate. I would definitely say that the Turkish language is easier than most other languages. In the beginning, it may seem to be very difficult and complicated but it is just because you are not familiar with it and the grammatic rules are different than European languages. The more you study the faster you learn!

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Native Turkish speaker with some Deutsch and good English
 Munich, Bayern, Germany

Private Turkish lessons in Munich

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

Hey:) Actually, I'm in Munich for erasmus. But i have an interest on languages. It made me master about my native language. Turkish is an interesting language that contains words of western and eastern languages. You can use turkish in all over the six countries officially use it(all in west asia). So it would be fun to study with you. Because i do not have a degree about language. Rather than the written curriculum, you will learn from a native. I wish you all good time in beatiful city Munich :)

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