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2 Sinhala teachers are available for private Sinhala lessons in Toronto, in-person or online Sinhala classes. + Read more TUTOROO now works with 2 private Sinhala tutors available for in-person or for online private Sinhala classes. You can browse through the teachers profiles below to contact your preferred private tutor. We will introduce you to another private Sinhala teacher in the event the tutor you've inquired for is not available or cannot accommodate your needs. Pick your private Sinhala teacher and start learning Sinhala today! Read less

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 Markham, Ontario, Canada

Private Sinhala tutor in Toronto

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

My name is Achini, and I am delighted to be your language tutor. I have always been fascinated by the power of language to connect people and open up new worlds. Today, I want to share my enthusiasm for Sinhala Language with each of you. A little about my background: I hold a Degree, with a specialization in Event Planning. I have 2 years of experience as a language tutor, working with diverse groups of learners, from beginners to advanced levels. My goal is not only to teach the rules and structures of the language but also to instill a passion for cultural understanding and effective communication. In our classes, you can expect a dynamic and interactive learning environment. I believe in tailoring lessons to meet the unique needs of each student, recognizing that everyone has their own learning style and pace. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to enhance your language skills, we will work together to achieve your goals. My teaching approach includes a combination of traditional methods and modern, interactive techniques. We'll engage in conversations, explore authentic materials, and have fun language activities to make the learning process enjoyable and effective. I also encourage a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where questions are welcomed, and everyone feels comfortable taking risks in their language journey. I look forward to getting to know each of you and embarking on this language-learning adventure together!

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Private Sinhala Tutor- Online
 Sri Lanka
 Toronto, Canada

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Teacher joined in Jul, 2022

Have a wonderful day! , Oshadhi is my name. I was born in Sri Lanka. With a qualified international academic background in Sinhala, I am looking to share my language skills with those who are interested and in need. In addition, I have over five years of experience teaching international students via using modern technology. As a result, I can employ very interesting methods to absorb your new language ability. What's more, Sinhala is a fascinating language. Please do not hesitate to contact me for language. Thank you!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Learn Sinhala online or offline with the best private Sinhala tutors. Private Sinhala lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn Sinhala effectively with the help of a native speaking Sinhala tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

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Find your private Sinhala tutor

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The most difficult part in learning a foreign language is the practice, which can be acquired only by conversing with a native speaker. For people willing to practice foreign languages, it is difficult to find a private language tutor who lives or works in their city. TUTOROO has been designed to provide a frictionless experience while connecting tutors to students, for private in-person language lessons.

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"I've studied with a native tutor for two months because I'm traveling this week. These classes helped me a lot! I loved TUTOROO and am already recommending it to my friends."

- Mark Bariche


"I found the perfect tutor for me, I became able to speak in another language and enjoyed meeting new people from other cultures. I've improved my language skills, without traveling abroad. Thanks TUTOROO!"

Leila Zhing


"Speaking in another language is no longer difficult with the help of a teacher. Getting corrections for your mistakes helps you continue to improve in each lesson."

Andrew Guney