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Learn through GPA, Through Reading and writing in 6 months
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 Kabul, Afghanistan

Private Pashto tutor online

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

*ONLINE LESSONS ONLY as I'm in Kabul Afghanistan* Hello friends! My name is Shifa Khan, I am from one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Afghanistan. I live in Kabul, the capital city of the country. However, I was born and raised in Peshawar, Pakistan. I have completed my bachelor's degree from the University of Peshawar. I am a professional teacher. I am very passionate about teaching, and I have about 8 years of experience teaching Pashto and Urdu to non-native speakers with diverse backgrounds. I have taught both Pashto and Urdu in "face-to-face and "online" formats. I love meeting and interacting with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, as this broadens my general knowledge and understanding of the world.

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A professional Pashto teacher.
 Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Improve your Pashto with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

Hello! I am Ulfat. I am a passionate and dedicated Pashto teacher with a profound love for language and culture. With a Bachelor's degree in Pashto literature and extensive experience in teaching, I bring a dynamic approach to language education. My teaching style is interactive, incorporating multimedia resources to make learning engaging and effective. I am adept at tailoring lessons to diverse learning styles and fostering a supportive classroom environment. Beyond language proficiency, I aim to instill a deep appreciation for Pashto traditions and customs. My commitment to creating a positive and inclusive learning space aligns with my belief that language is a bridge connecting people and fostering understanding. I look forward to contributing my expertise to inspire a new generation of Pashto enthusiasts.

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Online Pashto Language Course by Khan
 Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Pashto course online near you

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

Learn Pashto from scratch with our beginner-friendly online course! Master essential vocabulary, basic grammar, and practical phrases to start communicating in Pashto. Our interactive lessons, audio guides, and engaging exercises make language learning enjoyable. Join our community to practice with fellow learners and receive personalized feedback from experienced instructors. Whether you're planning a trip or interested in Pashto culture, this course is your gateway to a new language adventure!

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Pashto speaker
 Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Learn Pashto with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2023

I’m Sana. 20 years old. Quite friendly and sarcastic 😊 , I am a native Pashto speaker. I can speak English and Japanese as well. As far as my experience, some students who were consistent were able to fluently communicate within a year. If you’re interested too, I’m passionate to teach you on all the way to the top. Let's get together and let me be your teacher. I’ll see you in.

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Experienced Native Pashto Language Tutor
 Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Private Pashto lessons online

Teacher joined in Aug, 2023

ONLINE LESSONS ONLY - I am a university graduate having linguistics as a major. I have been in the teaching and translation field for more than 10 years and am working as an online freelance tutor since 2020. I am currently working as Lecturer in a public-sector college. I teach online via Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom. The languages I teach are Pashto, Urdu, and English. I prepare lesson plans specific to every individual learner based on his/her current language proficiency level and keeping in view the purpose of learning of language.

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AUD 25 / hour  Contact now
Professional Pashto teacher with five years of experience
 Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Improve your Pashto with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

ONLINE LESSON ONLY - Assalmo Alykum wr. Hope you all are fine. my name is Mulana Zahid Ali Burki I am a Quran and Arabic tutor. I am devoted to Quran and its science such as Fiqh, Seerah, and Hadeeth to teach others and to make them understand the pure message of Islam Alhamdulellah I finished memorizing the Quran at the age of 11 and collected all Tajweed rules theoretically and practically, graduated from Wifaq ul Madaris Al Arabia, Being from Pakistan I have also great command on Urdu and Pashto languages, I have a lot of students throughout the world.

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Muhammad Arif (Religious Scholar)
 Akora khattak Nowshera Pakistan

Pashto teacher online near you

Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

Assalamo Alaikum I am Muhammad Arif from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan. I am a natively Pashto Language speaker and also a Master graduated from the University of Peshawar in Pashto. I Graduated from Islamic Madrassa Wifaqul Madaris Pakistan as a religious And Islamic Studies curriculum Board. I Teach Islamic Education and the Pashto language to the students at school since August 2009. I hope any student from all over the world will enjoy my classes and will learn Islamic education as well as Pashto language as literature, linguistics, Grammar, writing, and speaking.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

PKR 1200 / hour  Contact now

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