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3 Korean teachers are available for private Korean lessons in Brisbane, in-person or online Korean classes. + Read more TUTOROO now works with 3 private Korean tutors available for in-person or for online private Korean classes. You can browse through the teachers profiles below to contact your preferred private tutor. We will introduce you to another private Korean teacher in the event the tutor you've inquired for is not available or cannot accommodate your needs. Pick your private Korean teacher and start learning Korean today! Read less

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 South Korea
 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Private Korean tutor in Brisbane

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Hi, I'm from Seoul, Korea. I came to Brisbane to study design 6 years ago, and I still love it here. I would like to teach Korean with these main objectives. * To engage in small talk. * To build confidence. * To learn about Korean culture and food. In my first class, I would like to know your needs and I will structure the content to suit your goals Through my classes, I hope to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Korean language and culture. 함께 공부해요! (Let's study together!)

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Let's learn Korean (and Japanese)
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 South Korea
 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2022

I have 10-year experience tutoring both Korean and Japanese. I am bilingual, so you can improve your Korean and Japanese skills at the same time if you want. I have information about exams such as TOPIK and JLPT and I can give you many tips! I have a qualification for tourism in South Korea, so I can introduce many places and festivals to visit. You can enjoy my class because I use many types of materials such as lyrics of K-pops (J-pops) and lines of K-drama (or Japanese films). You will like my classes. Also, we can discuss Korean culture!!

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Fun and efficient Korean Lessons - IB TOPIK BUSIENSS
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 South Korea
 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

⭐ Certified Korean Language teacher with 12+ years of teaching experience ⭐ Degree in Korean Education & English Linguistics ⭐ IB tutoring, TOPIK preparation, University course tutoring, Business Korean ⭐ Teaching from complete beginner to advanced level ⭐ Focus on conversation and speaking skills with motivating interactive activities About HANNAH ✨ Born in Seoul, South Korea and currently live in Brisbane ✨ Love travelling, swimming, walking, and learning languages! ✨ Speak English, Korean, Mandarin ✨ Professional, well prepared, supportive, warm and fun My courses: 🏹 I WILL help you to achieve your goal. 🏹 My lessons are tailored to suit individual student's needs as each learner has different learning requirements as K-pop, K-drama, food, travel, TOPIK, Business Korean, IB tutoring, University courses (1) CONVERSATION & CULTURE Korean - All Levels 🌻 History & cultural events, 🌻 Food & cooking, music & songs, drama & movies 🌻 Work & leisure (2) Absolute Beginner 👍👍👍 READY for Travelling ✈ 🌻 Read all words and sentences in Hangul 🌻 Order food and drink, shopping, Take public transport 🌻 Number: money & time 🌻 Introduce yourself & basic phrases 🌻 Recommendations and tips for trips (3) Beginner 👍👍👍 You can describe your daily activities and pass TOPIK I (1~2 level) 🌻 Daily-life dialogues in restaurants, hospitals, shops and schools 🌻 Role play activities to practice dialogues 🌻 TOPIK I vocabulary (4) Pre-intermediate to Intermediate 👍👍👍 You can make deeper conversations with complex sentences and pass TOPIK II (3~4 level) 🌻 Practice using basic grammar points with vocabulary by topics 🌻 Learn advanced grammar points 🌻 Reading & writing exercises: conjunctions, collocations, colloquial expressions 🌻 TOPIK II vocabulary (5) Upper Intermediate to Advanced 👍👍👍 You can study/work in Korea and pass TOPIK II (5~6 level) 🌻 Broaden your vocabulary in various topics. 🌻 Topic discussion with video clips, news articles, journals 🌻 Academic Korean, Business Korean, TOPIK II writing ***The following will be given to you*** ✔️Homework after each class, if you want ✔️Flash cards for self-study ✔️Revision from previous lessons ✔️Corrections & feedback at the end of each class

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Learn Korean online or offline with the best private Korean tutors. Private Korean lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn Korean effectively with the help of a native speaking Korean tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

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