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Hello, I am Kazuki I am friendly and helpful. I would love to have a conversation with new people. I like to share our cultures! Please enjoy your new language!
 Osaka, Japan

Private Japanese tutor in Osaka

Teacher joined in Jul, 2018

Hello, I am Kazuki I am friendly and helpful. I would love to have a conversation with new people. I like to share our cultures! Please enjoy your new language!

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 Takamatsu, 香川県, Japan

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

はじめまして わたしは海外旅行が好きで、外国の方々とお話しすることや日本語を教えることが大好きです。 国内の学校で中上級を教えて5年になります。以前はインドネシアやマレーシアで初級を教えていました。 初級から上級まで “日本語は楽しい!できるようになった” と、喜んでもらえるようなレッスンを心がけています。 みなさんにお会いできるのを楽しみにしています。 ぜひ一緒にがんばっていきましょう! よろしくお願いします。 Hello! I’m megu I’m from kagawa ,Japan . Nice to meet you. I like traveling abroad and love talking for foreigners and teaching Japanese language. I’ve been teaching intermediate and advanced level for 5years at a school in Japan. I have taught beginners level Japanese language in Indonesia and Malaysia . I can also teach you conversation and exam of JLPT (N5-N2). I try to make lesson as a fun .So my students can learn it easily and enjoyably . I’m looking forward to see you through our online class. Let's do our best together! Thank you.

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Private Japanese Tutor in Osaka or online
 Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Japanese course in Osaka near you

Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

Hi! I’m Yu, native Japanese. I was born and raised in Kyushu (south part of Japan) and now living in Osaka. I studied in Canada when I was a university student so English is available. If you are a beginner, I recommend studying Japanese in your language. (or the language you can understand well) If you go to a Japanese school in Japan, it's basically teaching in Japanese even for beginners and teachers don't understand English but I think that's not efficient. Of course, I try to make you use Japanese as much as you can because speaking is the most important thing. In my lesson, you get many opportunities to practice speaking! Now English is only available for my lesson but I'm studying Chinese and German so hopefully I will use them as well in the future! 中級者なら日本語でレッスンしますが、英語で質問しても大丈夫です。Once you start to speak Japanese, Japanese people just say "日本語上手ですね" and nobody corrects your Japanese even if you make many mistakes, so I can teach you proper Japanese for the intermediate level. I also have a license of teaching Japanese calligraphy, so if you're interested we can also have a class of it. きれいな文字や習字に興味がある人は、ぜひ! I also study other languages so I can understand how you feel. That's why I can be flexible for you, even in the middle of the lesson, you can always suggest things(what you wanna study, how you wanna study, etc...), then we can make the perfect lesson for you :) Please don’t hesitate to contact me. The best way to learn a new language is to speak and practice! Let’s enjoy our conversation! I’m looking forward to becoming your tutor and helping you with your learning experience :) We can meet face-to-face in cafes if you live in Kansai area. (Osaka, 大阪 Kobe 神戸, Hyogo 兵庫, Kyoto 京都) I usually do the lessons in Umeda 梅田. I can also visit your office if you can book the meeting room for the lesson. Let me know if you have a preferred learning method/textbook and your goal.

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If you want to start to learn Japanese I can help you!
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 Kyoto Japan

Learn Japanese with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

If you want to have a friendly Japanese lesson in English then I could be your tutor helping you out learn Japanese! I don’t have so much teaching experience but if you want to have a class for beginners then I could teach. The grammar of Japanese is not similar to English and other languages but the pronunciation could be unique and not hard! It doesn’t have so many difficult pronunciations! Learning Hiragana Katakana will be the first step to learning Japanese so you will need to practice how to write it and connect the sounds and the shape of the Japanese alphabet. Learning Kanji is difficult but let’s just start with the basics! Qualification Currently taking a bachelor's degree at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto Japan. I had an exchange year at Copenhagen university learning sociology and humanities.

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Hello! こんにちは!
 Kobe city, Hyogo Japan

Private Japanese lessons in Osaka

Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

ONLINE LESSONS ONLY こんにちは! My name is Yuki from Hyogo, Japan. Japanese is an interesting language to learn, its grammatically far language from Eastern languages like English, so the learning process could be challenging, however, there are many pros and much fun to use the language! I have a teaching experience as a 3-year ESL/EFL tutor in the cram school chain in Japan, and studying language teaching at university. I believe in scientifically efficient ways of learning /teaching so that you can see faster and steady results. But the most important thing in learning a language is that YOU keep learning! I will support you to continue learning through counseling about your strengths and weaknesses or other concerns about learning methods, and s also talk about fan facts about various genres such as the Japanese language, Japanese culture, pop culture translation etc. Let's have fun learning Japanese!🥳

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I am a qualified teacher with six years' teaching experience
 Around Nagoya city

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Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

【Introduce myself】 Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I am Shogo, a Japanese teacher. I am from Gifu Prefecture in Japan and now live in Aichi Prefecture. I have five years of experience as a Japanese teacher. I worked in two Japanese language schools in Taiwan. At the beginning of 2017, I completed a 420-hour teacher training course. Before becoming a Japanese language teacher, I was an ordinary university student. I've come this far through this job alone. My hobbies are listening to music and films, watching sports, playing the bass guitar, and driving. As for music, I listen to heavy metal and punk rock. I have played various sports since childhood: swimming, tennis, football, and table tennis. When I was at university, I studied religion and culture. I learned about different religions and cultures around the world. I love the UK and studied abroad twice during my studies. 【About my lesson】 I think many people take free talk lessons to improve their conversation skills. Of course, this is not a waste of time, but I believe that no matter how much mere chit-chat without a theme or purpose is, it is difficult to develop conversational skills effectively. I want everyone to know that conversation practice does not = free talk. What is important is the 'how' of conversation practice. I would like to explain the following cycle, which I think is important. (1) First of all, you must have clear content you want to convey. (2) Think about that content in your own head and express it in your own words. (3) Receive effective feedback from a native teacher. (4) Referring to the feedback, try to say it in a more correct way. In my lessons, the main focus is on using your head and expressing yourself, rather than time spent learning. I have lots of speaking games and activities to help you work through the cycle effectively. At the end of the lesson, you will feel comfortable and tired, because you have talked a lot. If you've studied a lot of grammar but haven't had much opportunity to actually speak it, why not come and have a lesson with me?" I have seen many students with different tendencies. So I never teach in a way that says, "Don't you know this much?" I never teach in a "you should be able to understand this" kind of way. I teach according to your ability and the pace of your progress.   【Please note】 Lessons should be conducted using a computer. Smartphones and tablets do not allow interactive communication. 〇 What I can do. ① Explain grammar at the elementary and intermediate level (N5-N3) ② Speaking practice and conversation training using quizzes and games ③ Free conversation x What I cannot do ① Business Japanese ② Children's lessons  【My lessons】 ① Free conversation Free conversation lesson. I do not prepare anything in particular for this lesson. It's time to talk about what you want to talk about. If you have a clear idea of what you want to talk about, please come and talk with me. In the first lesson, I plan to spend some time getting to know each other, introducing myself and my hobbies. ② Speaking activities  In total, 18 Japanese-speaking games are available. They range from simple quizzes to debate-style activities. The levels and content vary. The focus is on speaking, with as little grammar explanation as possible. ③ Basic Japanese for everyday life We use the textbook called 'Tsunagu Nihongo', but you don't need to buy it. We will share pictures and materials on the screen. There are lessons 1 to 30 in total, and you can enjoy looking at the four-frame pictures and learning conversational expressions.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Learn Japanese Fast with Chizuko in Osaka

Japanese teacher in Osaka near you

Teacher joined in May, 2023

Lessons for advanced level only. + Online Lesson only. ●私のレッスンはこんな人におすすめです● ①自分の日本語の間違いを、なかなか指摘してもらえないと悩んでいる人 ②よりネイティブ日本人らしい表現を学びたい人 ③日本語で自分の意見をはっきり言えるようになりたい人 ④レッスン中に、上手くメモを取れない人 ⑤実際にビジネス経験がある講師に、ビジネス日本語を教えて欲しい人 ●こんな人には、私のレッスンはお勧めしません● ・とにかく日本語での会話を楽しみたいだけの方(訂正や、フィードバックが不要の方) ・イントネーションや発音だけを矯正してほしい方 ・テキストを使用したレッスンをご希望の方 ・日本語が母国語の方 ※上記のような方は、他の講師の方がもっとお安く受講できると思います。(私のレッスンは高すぎると思います。) ●チズのレッスンの特徴● ①日本語の間違いをたくさん訂正、フィードバックを受けることができます。 私は生徒さんが間違った日本語を言ったときに、正確に漏れなくWordにタイピングすることが出来ます。話している間はメモを取るだけで、会話の邪魔はしません。会話の後にメモを画面共有しながら、訂正とフィードバックをしっかり行います。 ②レッスン中、録画やメモを取る必要がありません。(レッスンノートをプレゼント!) レッスンの内容は漏れなくWordにタイピングをしていきます。レッスン後、それをプレゼントしますので、みなさんは録画や自分のメモを見返して、まとめる必要がありません。効率的に復習をすることができます。  ※レッスンノートのサンプルです。(←クリックすると見られます) ③ビジネス日本語、日本人のビジネス感覚を学べます。 ビジネスにふさわしい表現に訂正することはもちろんのこと、日本人特有のビジネス感覚についても教えることができます。(日本語の先生で、ビジネス経験がある方は意外と少ないですよね。チズはマーケティング、セールス、企画などビジネス経験豊富です。) ④自分の意見をはっきり言えるようになるコツを学べます。 「自分の意見をはっきり言える」ということは、語学力の問題ではないことが多いです。チズはその人の弱点を見抜き、その人にあったアドバイスをすることができます。 ⑤画像や英語を使った、効率的なレッスンが受けられます。 私は、オンラインでのプレゼンテーションや会議などにとても慣れているので、画面共有機能を使って、ビジュアルで説明をしたり、時には英語で説明したりすることで、短いレッスン時間中に効率的なレッスンが可能です。 ⑥予約が取りやすい! 語学学習を続けるためには、「予約が取りやすいかどうか」はとても重要ですよね!チズは9時~21時まで、できるだけレッスン枠をオープンしています。2時間前まで予約が出来ますので、思い立ったときに気軽にご予約ください(^^ ●レッスンの種類● ★日常会話、ビジネス会話 テーマを決めてフリートークをしましょう。間違いはしっかり訂正します。 ★スピーチ、ディベート 自分の意見をはっきり言えるようになるレッスンです。論点の整理や話の組立て方なども学ぶこともできます。 ★プレゼンテーション 資料の作り方(ビジュアル、構成)、デリバリーの仕方など全般的にアドバイスをします。 ★ビジネスメールライティング ネイティブの日本人でも、ビジネスメールは書けない人が多いです。チズにお任せください。カジュアルな日記の添削もどうぞ。 ★面接の練習とアドバイス 日本語での面接が苦手ですか?しっかり準備をすれば、合格率は、確実に上がります。面接官、応募者、両方の経験豊富なチズがテクニックもお教しえします。 ★異文化理解 日本の文化や人など、あなたが感じる不思議にお答えします。

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Japanese grammar and free talk lessons
 Okinawa, Japan

Learn Japanese with a private course

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

Japanese/English teacher for over 10 years, ranked in the top 5 by Preply. I am a native speaker of Japanese and fluent in English, having majored in English in college, and I have over 10 years of experience teaching languages to students of all ages and levels. I can customize lessons to fit each student's needs and help them learn a language efficiently and over the long term.

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Learn Japanese from Japanese. Fun learning from children to
 Tokushima, Japan

Private Japanese classes in Osaka

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

Hello, I'm Yukie. I am a Japanese living in Japan. When I was a university student (University of Foreign Studies in Osaka), I studied English professionally for two years and exchanged languages ​​with exchange students. I also had the experience of studying abroad in Australia, where I taught Japanese to host families. We also have knowledge about tourism and travel and can help you book travel to Japan and learn about Japanese culture. I'm often at home, so my hours are flexible. If you study Japanese while enjoying it, you will definitely improve. What kind of study do you want to study? We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading to the end.

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 Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan

Improve your Japanese with private lessons

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Hi! I'm a uni student from Osaka. I went to an International school abroad for about 8 years now. I do not have any work or teaching experience but here I am! I am also fluent in Mandarin as I'm half Taiwanese. I am also aiming for a TOEFL score over 100 which currently is 98, I hope we can do a language trade style of learning! And yes I'm working for money since my parents and my 11 years old little brother are still living abroad I want to take care of myself as well as support my family. My biggest strength is communication I can be friends with anyone!

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Beginners welcome:)
 Okayama, Okayama, Japan

Japanese tutor in Osaka near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

ONLINE ZOOM LESSONS ONLY. Hi, There! I am a native Japanese speaker and I have completed the Japanese language teacher training course. Would you like to learn Japanese with me? I have worked as a nursing care worker for over 10 years, you can learn Japanese for nursing care if you need. The following are available. ⭐️0 Beginners (Zero shokyusha) ⭐️Conversation practice (kaiwa renshu) ⭐️grammar ⭐️Japanese for nursing care ⭐️Free talk, etc. If you've never had any experiences of learning Japanese, no problems at all. My English would help our lesson if you need it. I'll give you a lesson tailored to your level and purpose. Please feel free to ask any questions. I look forward to learning Japanese with you soon:)

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