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Italian Teacher for lessons from a native speaker-any leve
 Tokyo, Tokyo, Giappone

Private Italian tutor in Tokyo

Teacher joined in May, 2024

Hello everyone! I'm Giuseppe and I come from Napoli, Italy. Practice reading and pronouncing in Italian together! Let's listen and repeat together. Shadowing allows you to learn to read and practice pronunciation. After reading, ask me about the words and grammar that gave you difficulty. I offer my native knowledge of Italian to any of you, who wants to discover this beautiful language.

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Learn italian with a native speaker
 Tokyo, Giappone

Improve your Italian with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

Hello! This is Federica. I am a teacher of Italian for foreigners, and I have a master's degree in Modern Philology. I have been studying to get official Italian teaching certification, although, during my time at the university, I taught as a volunteer tutor of Italian and Latin language and literature to Erasmus students. Please feel free to let me know your level of Italian and the goals that we hope to achieve together. Don't worry if you are a beginner; it will be even better as we will work on phonetics. If you want to achieve your goals quickly, I recommend you have at least two lessons per week, each lasting one hour, and independent study of at least two hours. I hope to hear from you soon!

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 Tokyo, Tokyo, Giappone

Italian course in Tokyo near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

私は気楽でオープンな性格ですので、気軽に話しかけてください!私たちはポップカルチャーや趣味、日常生活についてお話しできます。私は若く、以前に教えたことはありませんが、最善を尽くして言語を理解するのを助けることをお約束します。残念ながら、私はまだ日本語を話せませんので、私のレッスンはイタリア語または英語のみになりますが、日本語でメールや連絡を取ることはどうぞご自由に。 . I'm easygoing and open so do not feel shy around me! We can talk about pop culture, hobbies, or everyday life. I'm young and never teached before but I'll do my best to help and make you understand the language. Sadly, I don't speak Japanese yet so my lessons will be in only Italian or English, but feel free to contact me in Japanese.

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Learn Italian Fast with Alessandro in Tokyo
 Nerima-ku, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Learn Italian with private classes

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

ローマSapienza大学で卒業しました。イタリア語の教師として働きました。大学で日本語と日本文学と日本古典勉強いたしました。 その上に、イタリア語の言語学とイタリアの文学を勉強しました。 イタリア語とイタリアの文化を教えるのが本当に大好きです。 一緒に頑張りましょう! Ho studiato presso l'università La Sapienza di Roma. Dove ho lavorato anche come insegnante di italiano per studenti stranieri. All'università ho studiato Giapponese, letteratura giapponese, e filologia giapponese. Inoltre ho studiato in maniera approfondita anche la linguistica italiana, e la letteratura italiana. Mi piace molto insegnare la lingua e la cultura italiana.

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Simone 💫5 years of experience 💫CEDILS certified teacher
 (4 reviews)
 代沢, 世田谷区

Private Italian lessons in Tokyo

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

Hello, let me help you learn Italian !👋 🇮🇹 I'm Simone. Native Italian 🇮🇹 Italian teacher recognized certificate 🇮🇹 Born and raised in Italy 🇮🇹 Perfect pronunciation and grammar 🇮🇹 More than 5 years of teaching experience 🇮🇹 Bachelor in Philosophy 🇮🇹 Experience living in overseas 🇮🇹 Living abroad I'm used to teaching Asian people and I can help you with IKEN. - More than 3 experience in online teaching at different levels - Study material included in the price - Personalized lessons with particular attention to oral, grammatical, written, and listening skills - Every lesson will follow the pace of the students - Possibility to speak about Italian culture - Possibility of giving homework in Google Classroom or other modes. Why book a lesson with me? First of all, because I was also a student and still studying. I have studied many languages including Japanese. I have studied both abroad, with live teachers in my city, and online. I strongly believe that teaching should not be heavy and that the first thing is to put the student at ease. Go at his or her pace and understand his or her timing, go back over the gaps and strengthen the weak parts. 🗣【Conversational Italian Course】🗣 ・Talk about topics that you like. ・I bring some topics to talk about that you can pick one from. ・Don't worry about your level. ・I will help you speak and teach you the most correct and appropriate expressions ・I'll send you a list of what you've learned from conversations. ✈️【Travel】✈️ ・Practice useful dialogues. ・Ask directions/hotel check-in/shopping etc. ・Role-play, dialogue, and more ・Tips on places to visit 📖【Study materials】📖 ・I will provide or create materials that suit your level. If you happen to have any specific requirements. ・We will use books, slides, and whatever fits and help you to learn Italian. ・ Possibility to give homework in Google Classroom or other modes. ・Study materials included in the price

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Learning Italian Can Be Nice N' Easy. Come To Find Out How!, Learn Italian Fast with Alfio in Tokyo
 Tokyo, Japan

Improve your Italian with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jan, 2022

Hi everybody! I am Alfio, an Italian teacher who moved from Italy to Australia in 2018 where I've been teaching Italian in a private language school and then as a freelance in several cities. I was born and grew up in Sicily, then I moved to Rome where I studied Psychology and started to teach Italian to people who recently had moved to Rome. I love helping others to communicate better and I feel happy when I see the smile and the enthusiasm of my students learning Italian! I recently got a TESOL certificate (methodologies on how to teach English) which is actually helping me to bring also my Italian lessons to the next level. Italian is music and poetry and the reason is partly hidden into a special little secret and if you focus on this secret you'll be able to learn and speak it soon... Do you want to discover it?!

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Parliamo Italiano! Cibo e musica!
 Via Umberto Giordano 91

Italian teacher in Tokyo near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

Native Italian, Fluent in English. I lived for many years in Ireland and other countries, TEFL certified. I offer Italian Lessons for all levels. Conversation and grammar. With interesting and fun lessons about Italian food and culture. I carefully select learning material and prepare lessons for every learner to suit their needs (exams, travel, etc.) and help to improve and reach their learning goals. Experienced as trainer / teacher in a Multinational company. I am also a photographer and guitar teacher.

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