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Simone Borsci, italian film producer and teacher
 Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia

Private Italian tutor in Tallinn

Teacher joined in May, 2024

Hello! I’m Simone, from Italy. I am a film producer, now I live in Poland, Italy, and Estonia. Let's speak Italian, come on. It's a language of love. Learning it is not difficult and we will use non-formal methodologies based on play and cinema. Learning is not difficult and we will use non-formal methodologies based on Game and cinema. I’m a Youth worker, a teacher, and also your next great Italian friend. You will speak Italian from the first month and not only “ciao”, “grazie” “ciao bella” or “pizza”

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Italian lessons
 Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

Improve your Italian with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Learn Italian with me in a way that's tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. I'm an Italian uni student doing my Erasmus in Tallinn. I'm all about embracing different cultures and putting in the hard work. Studying linguistic mediation, I speak five languages fluently—Italian, English, Polish, Ukrainian, and Spanish. My love for languages and connecting with people has led me to teach languages worldwide, both in person and online. With a life spanning Italy, Estonia, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany, I've made friends from all over and gained lots of experience meeting diverse needs, both personally and professionally. I'm friendly and easygoing, but when it's time to work or study, I'm all business. I'm organized and love tackling new challenges head-on. I've taught Italian and English successfully and in a fun, dynamic way, to students from various backgrounds, whether through tutoring platforms or friends at uni. I'll tailor your learning experience to fit your personality, making it both effective and enjoyable. Before we start, we'll chat about your Italian level, your goals (whether it's for communication, work, or just belting out "Sarà Perché Ti Amo"), and your preferred learning style. Don't worry, there are no scary tests involved—we'll just figure out where you're at and create the perfect study plan together.

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Italian mother tongue, Learn Italian Fast with Francesca in Tallinn
 Karu 17

Italian course in Tallinn near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2023

Hi! I'm Francesca, a language student from Verona, Italy. I would be happy to help you learn my beautiful language, from the grammar to the literature or cultural aspects! Italian can be tricky sometimes, but with a native everything will be easier:) We will focus on the needed areas, during our lessons you won't have time for a "pennichella"! (But surely you will be able to talk with Italians after it) In addition to a traditional type of study, I will help you understand the different meanings a word can get in different communicational context, what every gesture mean, how to correctly approach Italians,etc, all of which you won't find in a book.

 Tutor available for 3 more students

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Italian mother tongue teacher

Learn Italian with private classes

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Ciao! I am a translator and interpreter (DE, EN, RU>IT) and an Italian language teacher. I speak English, German, and Russian fluently. I offer private Italian lessons to students and non-students of all ages. Also available for translation services. I recently completed my Master's degree in translation. During my university studies, I took part in the Erasmus+ program. I enjoy traveling and I love learning new languages. I already have experience as a private language teacher (including English, German, and Latin) and as a university tutor. If you feel like embarking on this journey together, please do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to help!

 Tutor available for 5 more students

EUR 15 / hour  Contact now
ITALIAN LESSONS: Adjustable to your specific needs.
 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Private Italian lessons in Tallinn

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

I am an Estonian Business School student who studied International Business Administration. I am a multicultural and hardworking person. By the reason that during my life I have lived in Estonia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and once again in Estonia now, I have many friends of different nationalities and extensive experience with the needs of diverse clientele due to my previous personal and working experiences. I can communicate in Italian, English, Spanish and to a certain level in Russian. I am organized, have excellent social skills and I like to take on the many new challenges that present themselves. I have previously taught Italian to students who applied for my classes through other tutoring platforms and students/friends from my university successfully and effectively in a enjoyable and dynamic way. Education: -I completed my bachelor's degree in marketing at the Estonian Business School -I completed my high school studies in New Zealand. As a result my English is highly advanced. -I have been studying Spanish since I was 12, due to this I would be able to teach the class in Spanish if preferable by the student. -I have a B1 level of Russian language, even if limited it could come in handy if the student's mother tongue is Russian The class length, intensity and homework can be adjusted to your specific needs and current knowledge of Italian. The style of learning will be designed to fit your personality traits in such a way that your learning will be effective and enjoyable. Before the first class I will send you and ask you to complete a personality test. Based on the results of the test and your current knowledge of Italian I will develop the best possible study plan for you! Additionally, I will ask you to explain me in detail what your current level of Italian is and wether you need it for a specific purpose (eg. you are a chef wanting to learn specifically culinary related language) or if you want to improve your level overall. By the end of the course: -Your level of Italian and your confidence using it will have improved significantly. -Listening/Understanding, Speaking/Vocabulary, Writing/Grammar and Reading/Pronunciation will have improved greatly. -You will have gained an understanding on how the use of Italian language differs from the use your own language (words/phrases that do not mean what they actually mean in specific contexts). Extra information If you live outside Tallinn (eg. Keila, Saue, Saku, Maardu, Juri, Laagri, Haabneeme) and would like to attend the class at your place I will be more than happy to travel there but there will be a small additional fee for the fuel consumption based on how far you live.

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Graduate coach offers Italian private lessons
 Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia

Improve your Italian with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Apr, 2021

Ciao! We learn best when we forget we're learning. That's just part of the human condition. Learning a new language or improving your skills should be done in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Language is a living and breathing thing that's tied to a culture and people. I'm a native of Italy with a passion for everything Italian. I'm a language coach who creates custom, one-to-one and group lessons with an emphasis on making your experience useful to you personally and, above all else, enjoyable. Contact me to find out how I can add Italian to your list of accomplishments and to your life. Grazie. Leonardo.

 Tutor available for 5 more students

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Italian language lessons from a real Italian
 Energia 13a

Italian teacher in Tallinn near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2021

Do to my high school diploma, I am able to give you a good chance to learn the Italian language, talking with you and recommending you Italian movies, music. and books to fine your language skills. I will be glad to help you in the learning process, guiding you and assisting for every doubt you could have. As I rarely speak my beloved Italian language here in Tallinn, I will be glad to speak with someone interested to Lear it. I am able to give lessons also (as the covid, mainly) by web. We can set for video call or whatever you think will fit your necessities. Let's talk!! Parla italiano con me

 Tutor available for 4 more students

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Italian Conversations, art, food, life, literature
 322 Union Ave

Learn Italian with a private course

Teacher joined in Oct, 2020

Hello! My name is Iari, and I'm an Italian documentary director and visual artist living in Tallinn since almost 3 years, I studied at BFM. Now I'm working as editor and cinematographer in Tallinn and in Tuscany as well. I have an MA in Documentary Film and an MA in chemistry, I studied at the University of Pisa. I would love yo help you with conversation and maybe a little bit of writing as well. Willing to teach some Italian recipes as well! Contact me only if you're really interested! Ciao!

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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