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L'Italiano a Casa TUA!!!
 Sveavägen 73, 113 80 Stockholm

Private Italian tutor in Stockholm

Teacher joined in Dec, 2022

Hey, my name is Davide! I want to teach you my mother tongue Italian. It's a beautiful and melodic language, the "language of love", as they say. The basics of Italian are pretty easy to learn, you will be able to do some small talk in no time. If your goal is to become fluent, it needs more commitment of course. I'm up to guide you, no matter your goal! My focus is trying to get you to speak Italian as much as possible, while also learning grammatical basics and cultural points, necessary to fully understand the language.

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Italian teacher and Actor
 Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum

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Teacher joined in Sep, 2022

ITALIAN TEACHER Hi my name is Matteo I am an Italian boy born in Rome who has traveled a lot around Europe. I can teach you in English, Spanish and French. Hi, my name is Matteo I am an Italian boy born in Rome who has traveled a lot around Europe. I have been an ITALIAN TEACHER for 10 years and my method is based not only on the study of grammar but also on a conversation to allow the student to quickly acquire command of the language. I am also used to performing with the student the different types of text analysis necessary above all to keep the correct syntactic form in the written and oral production. I studied Latin and translated many books by the most important Latin authors: Virgilio, Cicero, Tacito, Orazio, et al. I have both a classical and scientific background: in life, I am an opera singer (actor) and neurologist. All this allows me to know how to teach not only the colloquial form of today's Italian but also the poetic one used by the most important authors in their works (eg The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri) I can teach you how you can perform the metric reading of poems and how you can recite them correctly. I live in Stockholm (Sweden) and I can teach in person or by zoom/Skype. I was lucky enough to be able to undertake both classical and scientific studies in my life. I learned to sing and act by attending the music conservatory. I graduated in medical sciences by attending the Faculty of Medicine of Rome.

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ITALIANO, language and culture
 Uppsala, Sweden

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2021

Check my presentation here: https://vimeo.com/user167455750/review/680497234/4277ff632b Hi! My name is Klajdi, I was born in Albania, but I grow up in Siena (Tuscany). Thanks to my studies, I have a degree in languages and literatures, and my passion for travel, I’ve been in many places during my short life. Currently I am living in Stockholm. I speak 5 languages: I am bilingual in Italian and Albanian, I speak fluently Spanish and English, and I have a basic level of Swedish. About my teaching experience I taught Italian in Buenos Aires as a mother tongue, now I am working as Italian teacher in Stockholm for private companies, and I've been teaching as a substitute teacher of humanistic subjects in an English school (Stockholm). As i said I love travelling, discovering new cultures and ways of thinking and living it is something important to me. From my own experience I learned that languages are just the keys that gives you access to the variety of cultures that we have all around the world. About my teaching I like to make interactive lessons using all the IT tools that we have. During my lessons I prefer to put in relation cultural aspects and grammatical ones because in order to learn a language you need to know things about the culture, and to know the culture you need to have language competences, growing in parallel the two aspects it is the fastest way to improve your Italian skills. I’ve taught Italian to students with different linguistic levels, but I’m experienced to teach basic and intermediate Italian, I love to see my students that come to me with no knowledge and right after some lessons they can to communicate their thoughts in Italian. That’s incredible. If you are interested, I can also teach you the cultural aspects of the Italian culture, such as history, geography, art, and literature. Remember I can offer you high quality 1 to 1 lessons, with great video and audio quality, and a deep linguistic and cultural value that will improve in no time your Italian skills. Book now your first lesson we will have a lot of fun together! In my lessons I use interactive websites, to make my lessons entertaining, PDFs, videos, and eBooks.

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Mr Italienska

Learn Italian with private classes

Teacher joined in Dec, 2020

I'm a Music and Italian Teacher that live in Stockholm from a few days and I like very much to teach . I love Music and I play the Piano and I'm conducting choirs and orchestras. Italiano Is my mother language but I also speack English, and Spanish .My mail Is [email protected] and my website Is www.carlomonticellicuggio.com . I hope to teach Italian and Piano to manu students and to trasmit the love for the Culture and for the Italiana language because only the love for that helps to go on ! My lessons are in presence or online with Zoom application.

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Translator English/Swedish/Italian and Italian teacher
 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Private Italian lessons in Stockholm

Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

I can teach you Italian or translate your work from your language to English. Especially Italian to English, Swedish to English, Swedish-Italian and so on.Otherwise if you want to learn Italian as it's a beautiful language we can do that too. Plus points are that I'm a former communication strategist and Copywriter so I will give you also a professional look into your work :) Looking forward to start!

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Italian and French teacher
 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2020

I am a teacher by profession, I taught several years in different countries in Europe. I have written and published several essays you will find in Italian bookstores or online. I am also an expert in distance teaching.

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