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 Pisa, provincia di Pisa, Italia

Private Italian tutor in Rome

Teacher joined in May, 2024

My name is Federica, I am from Calabria but over the years I’ve felt at home in different places. In each of them, I found my way and finally, in each of them, I found small clues that made me understand how much I want to use words to help people communicate, dialogue, and live in peace. I have always loved words, their strength, and the infinite possibilities they offer; before I thought of just writing in my language but something was still missing. What is the purpose of the words if they are not shared, if they do not become an opportunity for exchange between cultures or, better, between individuals? So I graduated in Italian Literature and specialized in Journalism with a Master's in Publishing, journalism, and cultural management at the University Sapienza of Rome and then with the school of Journalism Lelio Basso in International issues, investigative journalism and multimedia languages. I have also been teaching the Italian language for more than 10 years to migrant adults and refugees, in Italy in private and public schools, abroad at Dante Alighieri in Valletta (Malta) and at the University of Cork (Ireland). I’m fond of music, cinema, documentaries, and photography, different worlds that allow you to learn and tell stories. Step by step I have become more and more aware of how much I love this job that has allowed me to meet wonderfully unique people, and now very often, friends.

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Speak Italian like a native!
 Lecce, provincia di Lecce, Italia

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Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

ONLINE ONLY :) Ciao! My name is Ylenia and I help people of all ages and from all over the world to learn Italian. I was born and raised in Italy, I've always had a great passion for foreign languages (I speak 3 fluently and I have a basic knowledge of other 2), therefore I know perfectly what it means to start learning one! What helped me more than anything else in learning how to speak fluently, was talking to native speakers. That's why I'm here, to help all those who need a TRUE italian native speaker to learn and practise! Good thing to know, our lessons will always be customized on your tastes and needs, also according to the goal you want to achieve

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Impara l'italiano con un italiano!
 Roma, città metropolitana di Roma Capitale, Italia

Italian course in Rome near you

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

Hello, I am Saman, born and raised in Rome, Italy!! I am a writer, and I have published 2 books in Italian and English, I am also a songwriter, I have published an album and many songs! I love to help people to use and live and understand italian and english languages better and better! I think it is a lovely language! Italian is easy to learn and use with the right teacher! English is just as fascinating! Learning both languages can be very fun! My main focus is to help people understand as much as possible always by making the work entertaining and enjoyable! It must be entertaining and can be! Contact me we can share so much! My lessons last maximum one hour since I know by direct experience that average student's attention is at its best between 45 and 60 minutes. Best regards! Saman

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Andrea - Italian language tutor - For life, passion, work
 Via Giovanni Aldini, 00146 Roma città metropolitana di Roma Capitale, Italia

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Teacher joined in Apr, 2023

Ciao! 🇮🇹 My name is Andrea and I am a professional Italian teacher, I love my job and I love to meet new people from all over the world. I was born in the south of Italy and I live in beautiful Rome. I graduated from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome in 2008. Over the past years, I lived in Los Angeles and London where I started to give individual and group Italian lessons to foreigners. I have been teaching for many years now (since 2013). I teach all ages and all levels. I have been teaching children, students at school and university, professionals, artists, and even foreign teachers-colleagues so far. During my course the student can learn and practice grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking, conversation, written and oral comprehension, written and oral production, and standard Italian diction/pronunciation. I am an expert in standard Italian diction-pronunciation, together we can work on your school/business presentations. I can also help you understand and try to speak several Italian dialects! I also teach native Italian speakers how to reduce their regional accents. Learning a new foreign language is a complex dynamic process, so I teach following a structural traditional approach, which provides the foundation/basic rules of the language, while I tailor the lesson based on the student's needs. I assign homework and I use all the best tools - technology in order to provide the best learning experience possible. In recent years I have been teaching mostly online, I’ve been working with the most popular websites out there on the internet for a very long time. My students have always shown me their gratitude, I am so happy and proud of their hard work and achievement. You can read their reviews and comments about my work :).

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Native experienced italian tutor online!
 Lecce, puglia

Private Italian lessons in Rome

Teacher joined in Mar, 2023

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Ciao!!! My name is Alex, I'm a young native dynamic Italian tutor with more than 300 hours of teaching. I come from beautiful Sicily, in south Italy and I currently live in Puglia. I teach online Italian from scratch and from intermediate levels. I speak English and I understand Spanish and French. My classes are individual and tailored to your needs each one of them includes: - conversation, - vocabulary, - reading, - listening, - grammar, - culture, Contact me and we will agree together on the best teaching plan according to your goals!!

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Professional Italian teacher and learning specialist
 (7 reviews)
 Via Roma 15

Improve your Italian with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Francesco. I am an Italian teacher, a learning specialist, and a screenwriter. I was born and raised in the majesty of Rome, and I love teaching Italian and sharing my culture. Forget the old boring lessons with tons of grammar and no fun; I use e-learning tools and many activities to keep my students engaged. Once I have assessed your level and understood your goals, I will design the right course for you. I will help you become fluent in Italian and sound like a local. My classes are a perfect blend of grammar, conversation, reading and comprehension, and, last but not least, writing. In addition, I will provide you with everything you need so you don't have to spend extra money on books. I prepare students to obtain the language certifications Celi, Cils, and Florida. In addition to my language courses, I also deliver writing classes. I can help you improve your writing skills, and edit your creative works, such as essays, scripts, and novels. I love traveling, arts, sports, meditation, Tai Chi, and fancy cocktails! Yes, you heard right: fancy cocktails! What about you? What do you like? Let's chat about your interests, and of course, let's talk about Il Bel Paese!

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Experienced Italian teacher, Learn Italian Fast with Marika in Rome
 Rome, Rome, Italy

Italian teacher in Rome near you

Teacher joined in Aug, 2022

*ONLINE LESSONS ONLY* Teaching Italian has been my first and last job since I love doing it very much. Italian is an amazing language and I try my best to make it easier for my students to learn. I have a long experience as a teacher in a well-known school in Rome, and I can teach to all levels of competence from beginners to proficiency. After my bachelor's degree, I took two other certifications for teaching Italian as a second language ( Ditals; Master in linguistics, and teaching Italian as a second language). My methodology is oriented toward a communicative way to teach and learn the language. Speaking is the most important part of the process, even at the beginning. That way, the improvements come very soon and it makes it easier and more pleasant to learn a tricky language such as Italian.

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High school teacher of Italian offers lessons of Italian
 Piazza Bologna

Learn Italian with a private course

Teacher joined in Jun, 2022

I'm a teacher of literature and a published writer. I offer lessons in the Italian Language and Literature or culture. I do hold a Master's degree in Italian Philology from Sapienza University and a further Master's degree from UCL in the UK in Comparative literature. So, I'm able to relate the Italian language and cultural context to other languages and understand the fastest way to teach my native language to students from different countries. In addition, I'm a published writer, so I've got a sensitivity for language nuances. I'm very extroverted and flexible to understand what are the needs of my students and I do like to share my knowledge of the Italian language and literature, or just to do conversation.

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Italian for english & spanish speaking students
 Roma, Lazio, Italy

Private Italian classes in Rome

Teacher joined in May, 2022

"Hello! I'm Giuseppe, an experienced language teacher with a passion for connecting cultures through language learning. Originally from Sardinia, Italy, I've had the privilege of living in various countries, including Spain, the UK, and the USA, for nearly 20 years. I hold a degree in Sciences of Communication from the esteemed ALMA MATER STUDIORUM - University of Bologna. Alongside my academic pursuits, I've nurtured my love for the performing arts and developed my skills as an actor. This unique combination of language teaching and acting allows me to bring creativity, energy, and effective communication strategies into my lessons. During my time in Barcelona, I trained at an English language acting school and had the opportunity to work as a teacher, providing English classes to beginner students. This experience helped me refine my teaching techniques and understand the challenges faced by language learners firsthand. Recently, I relocated to the captivating city of Rome, and I'm excited to continue my language teaching journey. I specialize in teaching Italian to English and Spanish speakers, leveraging my fluency in both languages to facilitate a smooth learning process. In my classes, I strive to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves and building their language skills. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing language proficiency, I'm here to guide you on your language learning journey.

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Online Italian Tutor - Italiano con Irene -Parliamo insieme!
 Muswell hill broadway

Improve your Italian with private lessons

Teacher joined in Dec, 2021

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Ciao! I am Irene, and I provide online Italian lessons, for all levels. Don't be intimidated if you are a beginner, we can start together from the basics! If your fluency is a bit rusty, we can build gradually the skills to get your Italian to the next level. I've been tutoring students for 2 years now, helping them improve communication skills with confidence and ease. I can provide you with references if required. Since I am an Italian Literature student, I am particularly knowledgeable about grammar (not in a boring way, I promise!). We will also sometimes dive into Italian culture, depending on your personal interests. I believe that every student has their own way of learning. My lessons are tailored-made based on your needs. We can work out an exciting schedule and set our goals: I will be there to make sure you will achieve them while having fun! Please contact me if you have any questions, I’m looking forward to speaking with you! Grazie e a presto!

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Italian lesson
 Via delle Telle 1

Italian tutor in Rome near you

Teacher joined in May, 2021

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Hi. My name is Francesca. I live in Italy, in a beautiful area in Tuscany. I was born in Switzerland and I moved to Italy when I was 12. I got a university degree in Foreign Languages and Literature in Genoa. I got a second University Specialization: Italian as a foreign language. I have over 15 years of teaching experience. I teach at a local High School and I teach English as a foreign language and Italian as a second language. Italian is an amazing language and Italian culture is worth to be discovered, step by step. The Italian language takes time to be learned. It depends on what your goal is. I'd rather teach online.

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I believe that teaching is one of the most challenging but satisfying jobs in the world. I have taught both overseas and in my native Italy. This has given me the opportunity to work with students of different cultural backgr
 Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italia

Learn Italian with a private teacher

Teacher joined in Apr, 2019

(OINLINE LESSONS ONLY) I believe that teaching is one of the most challenging but satisfying jobs in the world. I have taught both overseas and in my native Italy. This has given me the opportunity to work with students of different cultural backgrounds, experiences and learning styles, thus giving me a unique teaching experience. Seeing a student you have taught and mentored grow and improve under your guidance is one of the most satisfying feelings. My experiences and love of teaching have encouraged me to continually find new and motivating methods to transmit not only notions of grammar and linguistics but also cultural nuances. I am particularly fond of learning about other cultures and relish the chance to work with people from all over the world, make use of my strong language skills, share experiences and learn from others. I believe that this teaching experience would be extremely enriching – both from a professional perspective and on a personal level. I am a strong believer that everything is possible if you really want it.

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