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Online Tutor for Indonesian Language and Indonesian Culture.
 Sydney, Australia

Private Indonesian tutor in Sydney

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

*ONLINE LESSON ONLY* Hi everyone! I am Elvina from Indonesia. I am happy to assist you in studying Bahasa Indonesia and Budaya Indonesia as well. I have been teaching English for 10 years at three universities in Indonesia. Likewise, I also experienced teaching Bahasa Indonesia and English in the courses. My expertise is in teaching and promoting Indonesian language and culture to everyone around the world, such as Duta Wisata. I would love to help everybody (Children and adults) learn Indonesian and English. I graduated with my Bachelor's and Master's degrees, majoring in English education in Indonesia. I am studying for PhD in Education at a University in Australia. I have completed a Graduate Certificate in Research from a University in Australia. Studying the Indonesian language is not difficult. It will be easy if you consistently practice it every day. You could study and practice it persistently and be guided by the Tutor whose Indonesian is her mother tongue. Good luck! Semoga sukses. Thank you! Terimakasih.😊

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Fun learning Bahasa Indonesia with me! :)
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Improve your Indonesian with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jul, 2021

G'day! My name is Putri and I am an Indonesian native speaker. I recently graduated from Master of Social Work and would love to meet each one of you who are interested learning Bahasa Indonesia with me. If you're planning to go to Indonesia for a visit, learning Bahasa is definitely a plus! Aside from preventing you from any scams just because you're a tourist, it will be smooth journey for you to get around if you're planning to solo travel! Plus, if you're a man, girls would go crazy if you can speak little bit Bahasa ;) wkwkwk jk.

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Having master degree in English education.
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 Taman pondok cabe c1/12

Indonesian course in Sydney near you

Teacher joined in Jun, 2020

I graduated from English education from one of reputable universities in my country. I am holding Toefl certificate with the score 550, and also I am a certified for teaching Indonesian Language overseas. Teaching is my passion. I have been teaching for the last 20 years. I mostly teach for school students from elementary to university students but I am also interested in teaching other specific students. I am a muslim and wearing scarf but am very open minded. I can talk about everything. That makes me easily mingle in a new communities.

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Speak like a Native Speake with FIS Familiar, Imitate, Speak
 Kingsford Avenue, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia

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Teacher joined in Apr, 2020

Hey, I am a native Indonesian Speaker living in Aussie. Cheers guys, because you decide to learn our beautiful Indonesian, I am so happy though. As a language learner, I know speaking to be more native is not an issue that cannot be overcome. And the good news, I've been learning a new technique to fasten your spoken Indonesian so-called FIS (Familiar, Imitate, and Speak). Are you curious about this technique? Woo, let's see how it goes. You should be familiar with every single word I'm saying, listen over and over, imitate it, and boom you speak it. Forget about the meaning first, until you feel familiar, I'll tell you then. This technique is pretty cool, isn't it?Anyway, this is my brief history: I completed my master's degree in education from overseas, and like an adventure that makes me an opened-minded person. Now, I'm studying at University of New South Wales about Education as Research Student. I am keen teaching since I studied math education in my 7th semester of my undergraduate program. Until doing this over and over I have learned how to get students' attention, to encourage them in their learning difficulties and to communicate well particularly delivering teaching materials. Although, changes come from the student, but as a teacher helping them to change and improve is one of my liabilities. I've been teaching both online and offline, and I got my teaching license in 2014.

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Fluent Indonesian, English, and Chinese
 398 Pitt St

Private Indonesian lessons in Sydney

Teacher joined in Nov, 2019

I am a Chinese-Indonesian International student who is currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music majoring in Arts Management. I am fluent in Indonesian, English, and Chinese, and have experienced teaching all three when I was studying in China for a year. I went there for a gap year before coming to Australia, and met people from all around the world and give lessons to those who were willing to learn.

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An energetic and lovely girl
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 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Improve your Indonesian with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Nov, 2019

I am an energetic and positive girl. I finished a Master of Commerce in Australia. I am looking to transfer my knowledge and meet new people to learn the Indonesian language. I am looking to meet and practice the Indonesian language with more people in Sydney

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