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 Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Private Igbo tutor in Washington D.C.

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

(ONLINE LESSON) I am a good Igbo teacher. I flow with my students. I make learning fun. I always ask my students questions while the class is ongoing, to make sure they are following and getting clear knowledge and understanding of what they are being taught. I ask my students questions and expect them to ask me lots of questions for clarity. I make teaching fun and easy by relating my teachings to real-life happenings. I see teaching as free interaction between the teacher and the students. Questions are very crucial.

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 Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

I am from Imo State, born and raised in Owerri, the Eastern part of Nigeria. Interestingly, the Igbo language was the first language introduced to me by my parents as a child which I am grateful for till this day. This enables me to relate well with members of my extended family, especially my grandparents who cannot speak any other languages, and generally with Igbo people wherever I find myself. The Igbo language was my favorite language in school, due to my love for the language, I chose to study it at the tertiary level. I graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in September 2013, with a degree in Education Igbo and worked as an Igbo teacher at Alvana Secondary School, Owerri Imo state, Nigeria. Teaching is a mutual passion in my family as my mother and my 3 siblings are also practicing the profession. I derive fulfillment as a teacher. I have gained a variety of teaching techniques and I am confident that I can handle classroom teaching properly anywhere or to anyone. In my opinion, being a qualified teacher requires these factors: a passion for teaching, concern for students, patience as well as tolerance, and outstanding knowledge. It is no news that the Igbo Language is faced with the threat of extinction if nothing is done to reverse the trend by its speakers. This saddens me because the Igbo language is our identity and should be protected. I hope to contribute to preserving the Igbo language by teaching willing learners how to write and speak fluently to protect and preserve our heritage and culture.

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Native Tongue- giving you courage to speak
 Washington, United States

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

(ONLINE LESSON) I am Ifeanyi by name, 45 years of age, from Anambra state Nigeria. I am a graduate of accounting, based in Lagos Nigeria. Teaching is my hobby and I would like to assist many in learning our Igbo language. Just like every other language, the easiest way to learn is by speaking, and am here to give many that courage to speak. It will take a beginner about 30 lessons to know the Igbo alphabet, numbers, greetings, and common phrases used in Igbo when traveling, buying and selling, schooling, and other Igbo cultures and traditions ( foods, fashion, worship, festivals, etc) and other important information to know about the Igbos, states, tourist sites, etc

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