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German teacher that is also fluent in English and a bit 한국어
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 Berlin, Deutschland

Private German tutor in Berlin

Teacher joined in May, 2024

Do you want to practice your German speaking skills and need help with writing and pronunciation? I can be your tutor and also assist with documents you need to fill out, homework, and other language barriers you might face in Berlin. I lived abroad for several years in the US and South Korea and know how hard it is to get in touch with the locals and master daily life in a country that you might be not so familiar with. Let's discuss your needs and have a good relationship. 한국의 한양대학교 학생이었기 때문에 한국어를 조금 할 수 있어요

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Certified DaF / DaZ teacher.
 Flughafen Kairo, Airport Rd, asch-Schuruq, Gouvernement Kairo 11, Ägypten

Improve your German with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jan, 2024

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) I am 27 years old and have a degree in German with honors from Al-Azhar University in Egypt. I am calm, encouraging, and above all patient. I have been teaching both online and offline since 2017. My main goal in teaching is to make students relax and feel comfortable. I encourage you to speak without fear of making mistakes. In fact, I celebrate making mistakes. "Why?". Well, making mistakes means stepping out of your comfort zone. You're trying something you don't have any experience with. You don't choose the easy way! People who never make mistakes stagnate. That's why mistakes should be celebrated instead of avoided! I am generally passionate about languages. In addition to German, I speak Arabic, English, and a bit of French.

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Deutschunterricht online von A2-C1 mit erfahrener DaF Tutori
 Berlin, Germany

German course in Berlin near you

Teacher joined in Oct, 2022

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) - Hi, meine Kurse sind an alle, die Deutsch lernen wollen, gerichtet. Von Niveau A2-C1. Einfache und schnelle Lernbasis und flexible Uhrzeiten. Ich bin Muttersprachlerin mit Diplom. Sichere Lernmethode und sicherer Erfolg. Neuartige, spezifische Lerntechniken, mit sehr guten Erfolgsquoten. Garantiert freundliches Klima. Ich freue mich auf euch. Liebe Grüße :)) Dani ................................................................................................................................................................................

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Fun Tailored Language Learning. Forget Books! 10 years exp.
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 Berlin Gesundbrunnen

Learn German with private classes

Teacher joined in Sep, 2021

Every challenge turns into an adventure once you become fascinated! German is fascinating, and I want to share that enthusiasm for the language with you! I tailor my course to your needs! No books necessary. No lists and tables. (Except if you want or like them.) And I also prepare for GCSE, IB, Goethe and other exams. Being a native speaker with over 10 years of teaching under my belt, I taught hundreds of students. I find with each of my students a way to get them curious and fascinated by language learning. We do this journey together. My background is originally in German literature and Linguistics, and you can feel that during the lessons. None of my enthusiasm for the language has waned. I am still curious and I still learn new things. Let's go on an adventure together!

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Teach and be willing to be taught :)
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 Reichensteiner Weg 1

Private German lessons in Berlin

Teacher joined in Jul, 2020

(ONLINE LESSONS ONLY) Hello and Namaste. My name is CHRISTIAN and I am a native German speaker with an over 20 year residency in the United States. I have worked over 25 years in the Media Business in various positions and countries (from production management and creative development, to financing and post production in dubbing/versioning). All my live I have enjoyed learning about different languages and foreign cultures, and aside from the US of A, have been leaving my footprints in South America, the Middle East and South East Asia, where I am currently residing with my family (see my title). For some time now I have worked as a German/English language teacher at a renowned Language Academy in South America (online) and another popular language app (online). I really fell in love with it. Hence I am excited to joining the Tutoroo Community and looking forward to many exciting lessons here - “teach and be open to be taught” being my motto. Aside from my native German tongue, I am quite fluent in colloquial and business English (US and British), and conversational Spanish. At the moment, I am brushing up on my Bahasa Indonesia (giving the fact that I live half the year in this wonderful nation of islands). In all my years in California and now here in Bali I have not yet mastered the Surf (never say never though, right!), but I do love to explore the country and its wonders by foot or on my trusted scooter. I am truly excited to coming onboard here and look forward to learning more about this community of fellow tutors and to offering my services. Maybe we can meet online (as I am currently still outside the country) OR (when I am back in my hometown of Berlin this fall) somewhere in that fair city of Berlin. All the best and keep positive. Yours truly, Christian.

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