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Succeed in your French language learning journey
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 Bangkok, Thailand

Private French tutor in Bangkok

Teacher joined in Mar, 2024

Hello there! I'm Olivier, also known as P-o in Thailand. With a background in directing films and videos, I bring a wealth of creative experience to my tutoring services. Hello, I'm Olivier, and I was born in Paris, not far from the iconic Eiffel Tower. I have a deep love for sharing my knowledge, especially about filmmaking, marketing, advertising, and, of course, the French language. In my tutoring sessions, whether online or offline, I focus on more than just teaching the language; I aim to ignite a passion for learning. I believe that building confidence is key to achieving your goals, whether you're an adult learner or seeking support for your child. Together, we will explore various subjects that are meaningful to you, allowing you to write, read, listen, and speak about topics that excite you. Let's take the first step together towards reaching your learning objectives and uncovering the wonders of the French language and culture! Call me for a first lesson.

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French Made Simple: Learn with NICOLAS  in Bangkok
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 Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand

Improve your French with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Jun, 2020

I'm Nicolas, a certified French Teacher in Bangkok with over a decade of experience. I provide personalized lessons, making French accessible and enjoyable. My passion for French culture enriches the learning process, ensuring effective language acquisition. Learning French can be accessible with the right guidance and enthusiasm. My approach is tailored to individual needs and goals, making the process efficient and enjoyable. Feel free to contact me if you've any questions. Unlock the beauty of the French language and culture with me, and embark on an enriching journey of learning and discovery.

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Learn French with Charlie ! Online and private lessons
 Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand

French course in Bangkok near you

Teacher joined in Feb, 2024

Bonjour! Welcome to "Learn French with Charlie"! I'm a native French speaker from Dijon (France) living in Asia for the last 10 years (Singapore and Thailand). I would be happy to share my passion for teaching my language with any students of any age and any level in Bangkok. I hold a Master's degree and have been teaching French in my free time for many years, with an easy, efficient, and fun method, emphasizing oral expression and pronunciation, without forgetting to include the " French Culture" aspect (Books, songs, movies, etc...). I believe learning French should be a FUN experience above all. Let's go!

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Private online French tutor
 Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Learn French with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2023

ONLINE LESSONS ONLY - Hello, my name is Jonathan, I am a native French speaker with a secondary school diploma. I offer private French lessons online only, according to your specific needs, and mainly for students who are beginners in the French language or who would like to improve their oral expression and writing skills. The lessons will therefore take place online via video call, as well as for exchanging exercises and various documents relating to the lessons in progress (images, PDF files). I recommend using the Line application for the lessons. The lessons will take place in a relaxed and friendly environment, while making easy progress in French. I look forward to seeing you soon, Jonathan

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Native Parisian French teacher - 5 y. of teaching experience

Private French lessons in Bangkok

Teacher joined in Jul, 2023

*Online lessons only* Hello, My name is Philippe. I grew up in Paris, France. I studied in Paris Psychology and HR Management. Then worked in different fields: Recruitment, social services, NGO, and now education. I had the opportunity to travel quite well with more than 30 countries visited and 6 where I've stayed for at least 3 months. I'm actually living in South-East Asia for more than 5 years where I teach both French and English. I'm interested in many topics such as traveling, cultures, food, art, architecture, IT, design, psychology, and innovations. I know a bit of Spanish (rusty but shouldn't be too bad) and have basic knowledge of Portuguese, and Italian. Also a very limited vocabulary in Russian and Vietnamese. I have been teaching for more than 5 years in French and English. Both online and offline for kids and adults. I have a TESOL certificate to teach English but found the training also very useful to develop a methodology to teach French. I worked by following a book, tailored lessons linked to specific demands, from conversation to grammar lessons. Naturally, it's easier to adapt to a specific demand when you teach face-to-face with just 1 student. Conversations, exercises, tests, games, audio files, books, visuals, videos, and PowerPoint, all can be used. to develop speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Just tell me what you need and I'll adapt. Just book a trial lesson and we'll discuss your goals. From this, I'll suggest what we should do together. Then you'll make your choice. It's that simple :) Hope to see you soon. Philippe

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What about learning French with a tailor-made method?
 Bangkok, Thailand

Improve your French with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Jan, 2023

Hello to all, I am Belgian, on the French side, and I teach French in my spare time. Whether it's French or any other language, all humans learn in different ways, but we have developed a teaching technique that we provide to all students, regardless of their profile. I am currently the owner of a company that studies human profiles and what could be called behavioral psychology, which is used by large companies. On the side, I have always liked to write... And teaching. Understand that this is not my main activity, but more of a hobby, allowing me not only to sharpen my knowledge but also to apply everything I use in my main activity :) I have had the chance to teach groups of students, especially in Japan, but I prefer to leave this noble task to people who have studied for it. I much prefer tutoring / private lessons. Good pedagogy requires a deep understanding of the learner, and then a skillful rearrangement by the teacher. As for rates, we can discuss that, but let's just say I'm in line with the 500 baht per lesson price. I am in Bangkok, near On Nut, and understand that I have a business visa, so this is a side activity and not a priority ;) Have a nice day!

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Learn French with a smile :)
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 Bangkok, Sathon

French teacher in Bangkok near you

Teacher joined in Sep, 2022

My name is Rémi, I am French and I have a diploma as a French teacher (DAEFLE). I have been teaching French in Bangkok for a year. I teach around 15 students right now but I still have some time for new students. The class will be prepared according to your needs and your level (A1 to C2). The material used will be varied. (Lessons, newspaper, tv news....) The most important thing for me is that my students spend a good time while they make progress in French. Hence the lessons will happen in a relaxed atmosphere. A bientôt, Rémi

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Senior teacher and tutor
 Bangkok, กรุงเทพมหานคร, Thailand

Learn French with a private course

Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

(ONLINE LESSON) A charismatic International Executive who has demonstrated the ability to develop, coach individuals and teams. Teaching French to children and adults of different levels. Focus on written and/or oral skills based on request. Can address both social and business French. Customize each session. I teach and coach for 15 years on various continents. My students will progressively make progress and also start enjoying the language. You will find many similarities between English and French. The only difficulty of French is the number of exceptions besides the normal rules.

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Learn French online or offline with the best private French tutors. Private French lessons will be held by TUTOROO tutors directly and custom-made for your private learning needs. Learn French effectively with the help of a native speaking French tutor. Have fun learning a new language!

Find your private tutor

Find your private French tutor

TUTOROO is a website that connects you with private, in-person language tutors. We now work with 350,000 tutors in more than 160 cities. We match genuine native speakers with people who want to enhance their conversational skills in any language at their preferred place and time.

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Start learning French together

The most difficult part in learning a foreign language is the practice, which can be acquired only by conversing with a native speaker. For people willing to practice foreign languages, it is difficult to find a private language tutor who lives or works in their city. TUTOROO has been designed to provide a frictionless experience while connecting tutors to students, for private in-person language lessons.

French Students Reviews


"I've studied with a native tutor for two months because I'm traveling this week. These classes helped me a lot! I loved TUTOROO and am already recommending it to my friends."

- Mark Bariche


"I found the perfect tutor for me, I became able to speak in another language and enjoyed meeting new people from other cultures. I've improved my language skills, without traveling abroad. Thanks TUTOROO!"

Leila Zhing


"Speaking in another language is no longer difficult with the help of a teacher. Getting corrections for your mistakes helps you continue to improve in each lesson."

Andrew Guney

French FAQs

What are the Benefits of Learning French with a Private Tutor?

Investing time and resources in learning French with a private French tutor is always a great decision in order to master la langue de Molière. Although there are various French lessons to choose from, mostly online, platforms often don't give learners the utmost attention they need to learn French.

Thanks to private French lessons, learners have tailored learning fit for their learning needs. Here are the top benefits of taking private French lessons.

How Many Countries Employ French as an Official Language?

One of the most widely spoken languages in the world is the French language. It originated from France, as this is where the language derived its name. Getting to know how many countries speak French can boost your will to take French lessons.

Like Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, French is a romance language. From the Gallo-Romance dialect of Northern France, French replaced Latin in 1539 to be the official language of France. This declaration was made by François I.

About 29 countries in the world employ French as their official language, coming close behind English as the second most used official language in the world. Some countries that employ French either as a first language or have a large number of residents that speak French include:

Interestingly, in the European Union, French is the only spoken language in the Union's Court of Justice and it is also one of the working languages of the United Nations.

Is French Difficult to Learn?

French isn't difficult to learn. It is regarded as a category 1 language, making it similar to English and easier to learn than categories 3 and 4 hard or extremely hard languages. Also, you don't need a formal education to learn French. You can learn French online.

For native English learners, learning French shouldn't come off as difficult as both languages share the same alphabet. However, the only significant difference is the le c cédille (ç), and accent on French vowels.

With the right learning methods and a skilled private tutor, learning French is pretty easy. Your enthusiasm to learn the French language as well as motivation can outweigh whatever difficulty you encounter while learning French. One point to note when learning a new language is understanding what makes the language difficult. Once that is out of the way, you're on the path to mastering any language of your choice.

Does TUTOROO offer Hybrid French lessons?

TUTOROO offers French lessons online and physical French classes. Depending on your preference, you can combine both modes of learning to ensure you get the best learning experience.

For instance, if you're in Sydney and would rather take physical lessons, you can learn French online on our website. Hybrid lessons offer learners flexibility especially if their schedule is demanding.

What Popular French Proficiency Tests Can I Take?

French proficiency exams evaluate how well non-native French speakers are able to communicate in French in a real-life situation. Also, French proficiency tests measure a learner's French skills in writing, listening, speaking and reading. The proficiency tests are international standardized exams and are recognised worldwide.

If you wish to study in France, Canada or any country that speaks French, it's important you undergo french proficiency tests. For instance, hiring a French tutor in Brisbane can help you prepare for French proficiency tests in Brisbane with ease if you're resident there. At the end of the tests, the diplomas are proof of your French skills and can offer a chance to study in several french-speaking universities.

Additionally, a high percentage of educational institutions in French-speaking countries require that you pass the tests for postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. For workers, the demand to be fluent in French is growing in the corporate world, especially for jobs requiring the knowledge of French. You can use your certificate to show you're competent in applying for jobs that have French speaking and writing skills as a prerequisite.

The organisation conducts the French proficiency tests in line with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) guidelines. French proficiency tests you can take include,

It helps to know that there are six levels of DELF AND DALF. They are,

Other french proficiency tests are,

How Soon Can I Become Fluent in French?

Becoming fluent in French not only depends on how skilled your French tutor is but also on your environment. For instance, if you stay in a place where French is the predominant language, you can grasp the language in a short period. With immersion, you can become fluent in French in about a year or less.

However, if you're learning French and you stay in a place where French isn't spoken, it may take you a longer period to become fluent in French. For instance, learners living in Melbourne may take a longer time becoming fluent in French if they aren't fully or partially immersed. Therefore, it becomes important that they get French tutors in Melbourne to speed up their fluency.

As a beginner, you can get fluent in French in a little above a year with partial French immersion. Partial French immersion involves you devoting your time to learning French with a French tutor at home.

To speed up your fluency in French using the partial immersion method, it's important that you use tools that pull you deeper into the French language. For instance, you can fill up your leisure time indulging in activities that involve French as much as you can. You can watch French movies, read French books and listen to the news in French.

How Many People in the World Speak French?

French is a popular language as about 300 million people all over the world speak French. According to the International Organisation of the Francophonie, in 2018, about 235 million people speak French daily.

The figure shows how much French has grown. As of 2005, only a little above 175 million people globally spoke French. Also, French native speakers are about 77 million globally allowing French learners to be fully or partially immersed while learning French with a French tutor.

Furthermore, the International Organisation of Francophonie estimates that by 2050, the number of French speakers will rise to 715 million with 85% of this figure coming from Africa. However, this estimate largely depends on schooling evolution and how much importance the French are given in education.

Can My TUTOROO Private Tutor Me for French Proficiency Tests like DELF and DALF?

Yes. TUTOROO private French tutors are experienced and certified with most of them being genuine native speakers. As a learner, you can work with your French tutor to arrange your sessions according to your schedule.

Having a native speaker teach you French for DELF and DALF not only ensures you pass the tests but also get high grades. Our tutors have previously taught students for french proficiency tests and are passionate about sharing their culture and knowledge with learners.

Owing to the nature of French proficiency tests, learners are tested based on writing, speaking, listening and reading, an online tutor may not cut it. Having a private French tutor allows learners to smash their goals while focusing on the four skills the tests are based on.

Can I Change My Tutor if I'm Not Satisfied With Their Competence or Style?

There are several French tutors on TUTOROO, each with a unique style and expertise. Typically, the TUTOROO team facilitates and coordinates the tutor recruitment process for learners to ensure they are paired with a tutor that matches their budget, needs and wants.

We provide students with a large database of tutors and give them the freedom to either accept or refuse our top selection. However, in the event you're not pleased with your tutors' style of teaching or competence, you can request another French tutor.

Why Should I Learn French?

Not only is French an easy language to learn, but it also makes learning other romance languages like Italian, Spanish and Portuguese easy. Also, aside from English, French is the only language that is taught globally. Here are five reasons you should learn French:

How Can I Become a French Tutor at TUTOROO?

Becoming a French tutor at TUTOROO isn't difficult. Typically, you don't need to have certifications or qualifications to become a private tutor in the city you live in, especially if you live overseas for several months or years. All you're required to have is the confidence and time to teach people conversations in your native language, although our team will verify your proficiency before onboarding you on our platform. Once you're all set, we will be able to share your TUTOROO profile and attract learners for your private classes.

This way, you will be able to earn a steady income while teaching a language you know and love. Our most successful tutors make as much as $8,000 monthly.

With TUTOROO, you can reach students interested in learning your mother tongue in person (physical classes) or online.

One unique benefit of being a tutor on TUTOROO is that your work schedule is flexible, and there's a steady flow of jobs as many students are signing up to learn French.

All you have to do is sign up here to get started! Our team typically responds within three working days to help you teach your mother tongue to others.