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L&C Teacher
 Hong Kong

Private Filipino tutor in Hong Kong

Teacher joined in Apr, 2024

I am a teacher in grade 3 here in our place, I teach 8 subjects mathematic, Filipino, AP, ESP, English, Science, MTB, and MaPEH. I am 5 years teacher turning 6yrs this coming October 10, 2024. I am applying as a tutor to have extra income. I have one daughter and it is the reason why I need this job. I am applying as a part-time tutor. I can teach in the evening here cause I have work every morning. I applied also because I love teaching kids and also I want to try if I have a chance to become a tutor here and hope for a successful result.

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Online Filipino Tutor
 Whampoa Garden, Tak Fung St, Hong Kong

Improve your Filipino with a native teacher

Teacher joined in Dec, 2023

Hi! I am Evangeline but you can call me Vangie. I have lived in Hong Kong for more than 10 years. My first language is Filipino or Tagalog and my second language is English. Learning Filipino or Tagalog is easy if one is diligent enough to study the language It can be learned easily by memorizing 5 to 10 words a day. It is much faster to learn by trying to converse every day with a native speaker. It is an advantage to learn another language especially if you want to visit the Philippines which is interesting to do.

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teacher joyce
 Hong Kong

Filipino course in Hong Kong near you

Teacher joined in Nov, 2023

I graduated Bachelor's in Elementary Education and took up a Master of Arts in Education majoring in Supervision and Administration. I am a licensed teacher in the Philippines, I taught primary students for 5 years, I love to teach english, science, and math and especially my native tongue which is Filipino. I can teach in person or online. my time management is very flexible and depends on my student's schedules. I am a hardworking person and at the same time, I am willing to learn more and seek growth.

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Filipino Tutor
 Hong Kong

Learn Filipino with private classes

Teacher joined in Oct, 2023

As a Filipino tutor, I am a native speaker with strong communication skills in Filipino. I possess extensive knowledge of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural context. With patience and empathy, I create a supportive environment for my students to learn at their own pace. I am resourceful and creative, using diverse teaching materials and methods to engage my students. I continuously seek growth and improvement, staying updated with new methodologies and actively incorporating feedback. Passionate and dedicated, I strive to foster a positive and effective learning experience for my students.

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Teacher Jha-Jha , Pinay Teacher

Private Filipino lessons in Hong Kong

Teacher joined in Sep, 2023

ONLINE LESSONS ONLY - Hello! You can call me Teacher Jha-Jha, I am a Licensed Professional Teacher, majoring in Filipino. I am currently connected at the Department of Education, and I've been teaching for 8 years with my specialization that is why I can teach you effectively and easily share all my expertise when it comes to the Filipino language, I know everything about it cause I'm a true-blooded Filipina. I am good at this craft. It is always fun and easy learning Filipino words, if they can do it, YOU can do it better.

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im genelyn you can call me gen im here to teach you 😊
 Yuen Long, Hong Kong

Improve your Filipino with a native tutor

Teacher joined in Aug, 2023

By the way, I teach the Filipino language to the kids that I take care of. It's easy to learn Filipino words if you choose me to teach you😊 I know how to handle any kind of student mostly teaching my mother tongue if you're a good listener in just a minute or an hour you already learn how to speak the Filipino language. You can meet me every Sunday if you want to meet me in person I'm happy to teach you and I like to teach my own language in a different country. I hope we can work together soon I'm here and willing to teach you anytime.

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I’m will to teach tagalog for those who are will to learn
 Hong Kong

Filipino teacher in Hong Kong near you

Teacher joined in Jun, 2023

I am a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals. If I can have a positive impact on their future, I feel I am doing my job well. I am an effective communicator, both in writing and verbally and I have a strong ability to plan and organize effectively. I cope very well with pressure and can adapt my style or teaching methods, when needed, to deliver consistent results.

 Tutor available for 1 more student

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Learn Filipino/Tagalog/English
 Hong Kong SAR China
 Yuen Long, People's Republic of China

Learn Filipino with a private course

Teacher joined in Sep, 2020

I'm John, currently unemployed right now due to the global pandemic. I've been doing some random online jobs/sidelines to earn for my living and happened to have come across this chance. I will be doing my best to teach you my native language if you would be dedicated to do it together with me. My teaching style would be different since it is more on a interactive type that is linked to the person's interest. So I will be learning about the person's background/interests at the same time while I am teaching you my native language.

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Learn With Salma
 Tsz Wan Shan (Central), Lion Rock Upper Village, 九龍 Kowloon, People's Republic of China

Private Filipino classes in Hong Kong

Teacher joined in Jan, 2020

In my high school times, I have a volunteer to teach Cantonese to primary students even tho I’m not fluent in Cantonese but that gave me a chance to know how to teach and make students be more attentive in the subject they like and don't like. Also during multicultural days, I would teach the locals about my tradition and culture by explaining and letting them try the foods as well.

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Prior to being an IT Professional, I have taught Computer basics to Primary school kids from Montessori schools as well as some teaching units for 4th-year Computer Engineering college students. Alongs
 Mong Kok, 九龍 Kowloon, People's Republic of China

Improve your Filipino with private lessons

Teacher joined in Apr, 2019

[ONLINE LESSONS ONLY] - Prior to being an IT Professional, I have taught Computer basics to Primary school kids from Montessori schools as well as some teaching units for 4th-year Computer Engineering college students. Alongside these, have also been a home-based math tutor for quite a number of years. In the church, I teach religion subjects for our seminary students ranging from 14 to 18 years of age.

 Tutor available for 2 more students

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