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Persian teacher, Learn Farsi / Persian Fast with Pedram in Vilnius
 Vytauto g., Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lithuania

Private Farsi / Persian tutor in Vilnius

Teacher joined in Feb, 2022

My name is Pedram and I am a civil engineer. I am a university lecturer and I can speak English and Deutsch. I have more than 13 years of experience as a teacher in university. I was born in Iran and my native language is Persian. I can also teach Persian and Deutsch to kids.

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Teaching Farsi/Persian and Arabic through English
 Vilnius, Vilniaus apskritis, Lithuania

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Teacher joined in Nov, 2021

I am Akhtar, with more than 10 years of professional experience in different senior positions with various international NGOs. I hold B. An in language and literature and Master Degree in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, Philippines. I have mostly worked in operations, program management (Education, Food Security, Livelihood, Health, WASH, and ERM), and Office management. I was working with Action Contre La Faim (ACF) Afghanistan Office until the end of Feb 2021 as Ghor Deputy Field Coordinator (Deputy Office Manager). Under this position, I was managing all support functions (Administration, HR, Finance, Logistics, and Security) with a great contribution in the program implementation (reporting, concept development, and implementation). Before my assignment with AAH, I have worked in the positions of Ghor Zone Manager, and Deputy Zonal Manager with World Vision International Office in Ghor. Both positions were coming under operations, managing all office-related tasks, including projects, and with a significant contribution in the fundraising process through writing concept notes and proposals with program teams in the main office. I have also worked as Education Project Supervisor, M&E officer, and School Development Officer funded by USDA with World Vision International, and as Admin/Finance Officer with International Legal Foundation _ Afghanistan (ILF-A). Hence, I am familiar with the principles in management, operations, program, leadership, administration, HR management, financial management, monitoring, reporting, funds/grants raising, Project Management, supply chain, and gender. In addition to all these, one major part of responsibility was coordination and liaison with the Government of Afghanistan and other NGOs. I am well familiar with donors’ work context and rules (GAC, USDA, USAID, DFID, ECHO, EU, AHF, FAO, SIDA….). My language knowledge can also help me play better as I speak English, Arabic, Dari, and Pashtu. During my career with different organizations, I have received a number of professional training in different fields, which also added to my professional knowledge, so based on all these I can see myself meeting your all requirements for the position. Please review my resume for additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements. I am looking forward to hearing from you about an appointment to discuss how my experience and background meet your needs.

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Learn beyond your capabilities.
 Sauletekio al. 25

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Teacher joined in Dec, 2020

My name is Ali, and when I was 17 years old I left my home to study abroad in Malaysia. I have lived and studied there for 9 years. I have graduated in bachelors degree in Civil Engineering. Now you may wonder why I am interested in teaching languages? I am born in a family surrounded with teachers, so it always gave me confidence to be a teacher because I believe it’s in my blood. Meanwhile, I am gratefully a master student in Vilnius now. My perspective on life is “it’s not hard but it’s also the easiest thing to just simply give up, and that’s what human being should not do”. Anyways, I hope I’d reach your expectations.

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Learning Persian Language of Today Basically

Learn Farsi / Persian with private classes

Teacher joined in Aug, 2020

I have experience teaching Farsi language to several students. My teaching process is based on a book with help of audio and video files that I am sharing with my students step by step. Our sessions are happening in a very friendly atmosphere based on the conversation in Farsi language. I am talking about cultural points around every word. I am teaching official Farsi language and at the same time, I will teach spoken form of language too. We set the date for our next sessions based on the common agreement in class flexibly.

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